Radiant Genesis

Went to take the dog out for a walk yesterday morning and to my pleasant surprise there was this sitting first thing as I stepped out, a Monaco White 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe brightly radiating the morning sun.

This one is a 2.0T but it’s somewhat special, it has Genesis badges instead of Hyundai. The owner may have pulled a few strings to get these put on (or just bought them from Korea and put them on himself) but this is definitely the way to do it as the Genesis badges look classy.

Starting price for the 2.0T with manual transmission is just over $25,000, but there are plenty of options to change that. If you go to the Genesis Coupe page on Hyundai’s website, you’ll see that in addition to the 2.0T trim, there’s 2.0T R-Spec, 2.0T Premium, 3.8 R-Spec, 3.8 Grand Touring, and at the top of the line is the 3.8 Track for around $34,000 with a manual transmission (auto trans is a bit more).

The 3.8L Track version has a V6 with 348hp and if you go with the manual transmission, it has 6-speeds (8-speed for automatic). The 19" wheels are stopped by Brembo brakes and the car sits on a “track tuned suspension and strut brace with low-velocity control dampers” and has front camber adjustment. A limited-slip differential helps grip on and off the track as well.

And in addition to Monaco White, paint comes in Tsukuba Red, Becketts Black, Circuit Silver, Gran Premio Gray, & Shoreline Drive Blue, and each trim package has a different interior.

Gotta give it to Hyundai for making a car for enthusiasts but unfortunately, this car is probably going to be overshadowed by the introduction of the Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ. The biggest differences come in the trim package and horsepower output but even the base 2.0T has about 75 more horsepower than the FR-S. Time will tell if it catches on.

It would be great to see Hyundai add these trim packages to the Veloster in addition to the new Turbo version (which is available with stock matte paint). A 3.8L Track Veloster would be good competition for the GTI & other hot hatches.

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