That white Australian man over ther? He speaks Korean.

Customer had her car booked into our service department today. Supposed to arrive at 8.30am. Still had not showed by 11am, so I gave her a courtesy call. She says she is on her way in. Client arrived at 1.30pm. I go through the paperwork, and explain we won’t have the car ready now until the very end of the day, about 5pm. The customer then says “that’s ok. I’m picking it up in 2 weeks, I’m going overseas” Ummm…sorry, we won’t be storing your car giving you free parking. I tell her “I can’t do that, sorry. The car will be ready at the end of the day. I will need the car picked up either today, or tomorrow morning. The customer then starts talking to her two friends in Korean. The funny part of all of this? One of my technicians (who is not Korean, but has a Korean wife and is fluent) could understand them! He was in my office, waiting for some paperwork. He tells me "she is saying she has made up the complaint about her car, so she doesn’t have to pay for airport parking”. Oooohhhh big mistake. I gave her keys back, and wish her a nice day. Her face was absolutely priceless! Moral? Don’t take advantage and don’t tell secrets in a different language. You just never know who is listening!

“First Meetings” Series:  Jin/ Seokjin

Endless possibilities open up when you first meet somebody. Will they be a fleeting acquaintance, a cherished friend, a lover, someone who’s going to change your life? Regardless, they all begin with that first fateful meeting.

A fluff series of the BTS members meeting you for the first time. :) Enjoy ~ 

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         Jin leaned his forehead against the door frame and sighed with eyes closed. You nervously moved closer to the door.

           "________,“ he whispered. "Do you remember when we first met?”

           You nodded silently as if he could see you on the other side but as if he knew you were listening without having said a word, he went on to reminisce about the past. Even though a door was between you two, his words whisked you both back in time to how you had first met.



           "Mom, please. Stop setting me up. They’re always so awkward to go on!“ You groaned into the phone as you bustled around your kitchen, putting together your specialty – cereal.

           "Oh honey, you’re not getting any younger!” Your mom sighed. “And you’re so focused on work, you hardly have time to have a social life. You need a balance!”

           "Yeah, but I don’t think setting me up with your co-worker’s perfect son is going to make me any less of a workaholic.“ You rolled your eyes as you squeezed the phone between your shoulder and your ear to free up your other arm.

           "He’s going to take care of you! He’s an excellent cook and God knows, your cooking skills are nonexistent at this point. He’s really sweet, well educated, fun!”

           "How come this sounds like a commercial ploy, and you’re about to save ‘but side effects include diarrhea and imminent death’ for the end?“ You remarked with your signature wit. "There has to be some catch.”

           "What do you mean?“

           "Like what’s wrong with him?” You began slurping your cereal nonchalantly. “Like anybody near my age that’s still single and claims to be this perfect has to have something wrong with him.”

           You paused. “Is he ugly?”

           "_______!“ Your mom yelled. "For goodness sake, just give him a chance.”

           "But mom, everyone you’ve set me up on is either a child, an older fellow who’s dad’s age, or extremely arrogant. I’m just tired of being in these awkward situations!“

           "Honey, I promise. You’ll really like this boy. I’ve seen pictures of him on my co-worker’s desk. He’s super handsome.”

           You squinted your eyes skeptically. “I still don’t like this, at all. I’m refusing this one. If I’m meant to meet someone, it’ll happen without it being forced.”

           "But sweetie –“

           "No. Mom, I’m not going on this blind date. I have to get to work. I’ll talk to you later…but not about this anymore.” You curtly put your foot down regarding the situation, and all your mom could do was sigh for the hundredth time.

           "Alright then. Have a good day at work. Love you.“

           "Love you too mommy ~” You grinned, feeling accomplished at having deterred her attempt to find you a boyfriend.

           "Don’t forget we have the wedding to attend this weekend!“

           "I know, I know. I already have my dress picked out.”

           With that, you both mutually hung up and went about your business.

           It wasn’t like you didn’t want to find love or have a boyfriend, but you just enjoyed keeping busy and making a name for yourself. You put 110% into everything that you do at your job and you’re a firm believer that that effort will reward you in the long run. So far it had. You have your own beautiful studio apartment, a fantastic paying job, a great group of close friends. What more could you want?

           You were fairly organized and schedule oriented, but your mother complained that you had no assets for being a good wife. You would jokingly laugh and answer, “Well I guess my future boyfriend better have wife-like qualities cause I’m going to bring home the bacon!” Sadly, not much has changed since then. Since you were so busy, you prepared your quickly put-together sandwiches and salads before the work week. For dinner, you just merely ate out at the nearest fast food or diner or heat up your leftovers. While most of your friends enjoyed the night life, you looked forward to the comfort of your own bed after long hours of work.

           Jin, on the other hand, had been away at medical school during the years of his youth. It had only been recently that he moved back to the city and found a permanent job nearby to be closer to his family. He was friendly and sociable, but slightly awkward, which most people found to be endearing. Since he was essentially on his own since high school, he ended up teaching himself how to cook and prep meals. It was his form of escape from the stress of med school. He would learn a new recipe and add it to his repertoire. He’d bake and decorate them artistically. Focusing on designing and articulating different tastes together to please his palate relieved his mind from thinking about his patients, his medical terminology, and his upcoming tests and practicum. Cleaning, cooking, and video games were what he turned to when the pressure of becoming a doctor had grown too much. Now that he was practicing at a world renowned hospital, these actions just became part of his daily pleasures.

           His mother, being so close now, would fuss over him consistently about getting out and meeting people. He didn’t mind having her over. It made cooking a meal all the more fun, having someone to serve it to.

           "You’re putting your good looks to waste, Seokjin.“ she would scold. "You’re a doctor AND extremely handsome. You cook, clean, and you’re fun-loving. PLEASE GO MEET A GIRL.”

           "Mom….“ Seokjin smiled, amused. "I’ll meet her when I meet her.”

           "How about Tuesday at 6 o'clock then?“ His mom grinned.

           He shook his head. "No, no. You remember how my brother’s set ups worked out? Sorry, mom.”

           "Oh Jin. You’ll really like this girl. Promise. Give her a chance.“

           "Mom, you know I’m a little awkward. You always hype me up to others and I get uncomfortable trying to meet that standard.” he complained.

           "Hush. Just be yourself. I’m just speaking the truth.“

           "Let them get to know me for themselves. I sound intimidating on paper and the discrepancy with my personality confuses people.” He laughed.

           "Well you should be a little more serious son.“ His mom shook her head. "How could you be so carefree?”

           "Eh. I’ve seen too many patients at the hospital to take life way too seriously.“ he shrugged. "I’ve always been very playful.”

           She sighed, “I know. So it’s a no go for my co-worker’s daughter, huh?”

           "Sorry mom.“ Jin placed the plate in front of her. "I’d just like to meet someone naturally. I don’t like the pressure of having to impress someone or them having a perceived notion of me right from the beginning. I’m grateful you’re thinking of me though.”

           He kissed his mom’s cheek before taking his seat in front of her. “Now let’s eat!”

           His mom chuckled as she dug in, always astounded by how delicious his cooking was.

           "Oh. Don’t forget about the wedding this weekend. Don’t be late.“ she chimed as her son danced in his seat happily, as he usually did when his meal was a success.

           "Mhm.” he hummed.


           You flattened out the skirt of your pink dress neatly as you stepped out of your car.

           "Another wedding reception huh…“ you muttered to yourself.

           She was your family friend who ended up working at the same place as your mom, so you recognized a lot of her co-workers that babysat you growing up. They complimented you on your beautiful gown as you blushed and bowed gratefully, trying to find your mother in the crowd. When she wasn’t anywhere to be found, you sighed and went to go collect your placard with your designated table.

           "Table 12.” You hummed as you searched for the number, pulling up the hem of your dress so it didn’t drag on the floor. Grinning, you were happy to find it empty. You claimed the seat facing the dance floor so you didn’t have to crane your neck to watch later on.

           Looking around to see all of the preoccupied guests, you took out your phone, hoping to snag a selfie of your make-up and outfit before it got disheveled. When you had found this gown, you immediately fell in love with it. It was a vibrant pink with a satin fabric that hugged all the right places and trailed elegantly behind you. You adored the color and the style and knew you had to have it. When it fit you perfectly, you knew it was destiny.

           Smiling widely, you angled your hand up and turned your head, praying it would be a good picture. You went to check and frowned, deleting it right away. It looked way awkward. Obsessively, you continued to take pictures at different angles with various expressions but found none that could be deemed worthy.

           "You want me to take a picture for you?“ a sudden voice startled you.

           You turned and found an extremely handsome boy with big bright eyes sporting a fitting black suit. Immediately, a blush dusted over your cheeks at the notion that this beautiful being had caught you being vain.

           "I–it’s okay.” You stammered and hurriedly shoved your phone into your purse, embarrassed.

           Seokjin chuckled as he sat down beside you naturally. “Well then, don’t mind me.”

           He whipped his phone out and began to take pictures shamelessly. With a few takes, he grinned proudly as he went through his shots. Your eyes couldn’t help but wander to his screen to see the results and you were shocked to find that they all came out fantastic. As if sensing your awe, the boy glanced over at you and you hurriedly looked away, trying to play it cool.

           "Sorry about that. I don’t dress up often so I had to take a commemorative photo.“ he chuckled. "Hope you didn’t mind…”

           You shook your head. “Not at all. I mean, I was doing it too…”

           There was an awkward silence as you both tried to look anywhere but at the person next to you.

           "Did you get a good one? I’m sorry I interrupted you. I just was standing there for a bit and you looked frustrated.“ he scratched the back of his head.

           You immediately turned red. "Y-you could’ve said something sooner!”

           Seokjin realized he sounded creepy and hurriedly stammered. “Ah! No! Sorry! I - I just know you need the perfect concentration to get a good selfie so I didn’t want to interrupt!”

           You blushed and nodded in agreement. “I’m not very good at it though so I didn’t get anything good.”

           "I can help.“ he perked up quickly. "I don’t like to brag, but I’m pretty good at it.”

           You chuckled. “Yeah I noticed.”

           He smiled, “I’ll teach you my trick. Get your phone out.”

           Shyly, you did so and followed his instructions. Lightly, he moved your arm where it needed to be and gently poked your chin down slightly.

           "Now smile and click!“ he commanded and you did so. "Same angle, different pose. Click!”

           You laughed at his enthusiasm but continued to do as he said.

           "Now peace sign and click! Woo!“ he cheered, garnering the attention of people around you.

           But neither of you took notice. He was clapping and encouraging you on as if you were competing in a serious match, but it took your mind off of the fact that you were publicly taking vain pictures of yourself and just let yourself have fun with it. Your face muscles relaxed and your poses got sillier. Jin grinned widely as your arm finally got tired.

           "The last few when you were more natural probably came out the best.” he stated.

           You smiled and scanned through your gallery. Surprisingly, the pictures came out wonderful. So much so that you didn’t know which one you favored the most.

           "Thanks.“ You turned to the handsome boy beside you.

           "Not at all.” he chuckled. “I hope they open the buffet soon. I came here for the food.”

           You laughed heartily. “Someone dragged you here?”

           "Yeah, my mom works with the bride and asked me to be her +1.“

           "Yeah, same scenario. I mean I know the bride but it’s more because of our parent’s close relationship rather than our own.” You admitted.

           "Ahh sorry. I spoke too openly.“ he covered his mouth.

           "Nah. I’m here for free food too. It’s great not having to eat out or to heat something up.”

           He smiled, “I’m Seokjin by the way. Most people just call me Jin.”

           "_____.“ You introduced as you both shook hands politely.


           You both sat quietly as you watched the father-daughter dance and the first dance as a married couple. Each of you were deep in thought and in awe of the beautiful event when suddenly, the DJ jumped onto the middle of the dance floor, quickly changing the atmosphere.

           "Alright everyone! Before we open up the buffet, we want to get some dancing going!” the DJ announced. “Who’s ready to celebrate Mr. & Mrs. Jung??”

           "Wooo!“ Jin cheered and you couldn’t help but laugh at his carefree nature while you clapped along with everyone.

           "Everybody to the dance floor! Whoever’s happy about the bride and groom getting married get on the dance floor!”

           "That’s one way to convince people.“ You giggled at the DJ’s ploy.

           "Do you dance?” Jin looked at you inquisitively.

           "Ummm…not at all. Awkwardly if I may admit.“ You answered timidly.

           "Perfect.” he grinned as he stood up abruptly. “Me too. Let’s go dance!”

           "What?“ Your eyes widened.

           "Come on.” He grabbed your wrist and pulled you along. “If two people are awkwardly dancing, no one will criticize us.”

           You let yourself be dragged. You couldn’t figure out this man that was taking you to the dance floor. He intrigued you with his overflowing confidence. He wasn’t afraid about what other people thought and was simply happy being himself; something that you didn’t have the courage to do in front of others. You bit your lip as Jin moved his body to the music, wiggling his arms and torso side to side while bobbing his head. It was truly awkward, but he looked like he was truly having fun that you were jealous.

           "Oh what the heck.“ You muttered and jumped in to join him.

           Your body was completely stiff to say the least and it didn’t exactly move where you wanted it to. Most of the time, you didn’t even move to the beat but with your eyes on Jin and butterflies in your stomach, you just let yourself go. Surprisingly, no one laughed at you two; you actually got extremely loud cheers which encouraged Seokjin to present even sillier moves. You couldn’t keep up.

           After a few songs the dance floor dispersed back to their seats and the buffet opened.

           "12…please 12 please.” Jin mumbled as he clasped his hands together in prayer.

           "We’re in the middle so I don’t know about that.“ You laughed.

           "Anything’s possible!” he pouted as he stuffed a piece of bread in his mouth. “I should’ve eaten something beforehand.”

           "I know right?“ You grumbled as you also ripped off a piece of bread to hold you over.

           Suddenly, your mother walked over to greet you with her co-worker.

           "Mom!” Jin grinned warmly and you froze.

           "Well, well.“ His mother patted his shoulder. "We were going to introduce you two as a surprise later, but it seems you already got acquainted.”

           Your eyes widened as the situation dawned on you and you hurriedly glanced over at your own mother. “Mom!”

           "Don’t complain to me, honey.“ your mother shrugged. "We didn’t set this up.”

           "What?“ Jin blinked, confused.

           "Jin, this is the girl I was trying to set you up with. My co-worker’s daughter.”

           Jin looked at you, surprised, and you studied him again as well.

           "Told you he was handsome.“ Your mother giggled as you shot her a glare.

           Jin blushed as he smiled. "Well I’m glad I met her naturally then.”

           Both of your mothers laughed as they walked over to the buffet.

           It was your turn to blush at his statement as he faced you.

           "Let’s try this again.“ he exhaled. "I’m Dr. Kim Seok Jin. Jin for short. An overall awkward person… since birth. I like to dance even if I’m not too good at it, and I can sing pretty well too. I’m confident about my looks and I’m a bit childish. I like Super Mario quite obsessively. When I saw you, I immediately thought you reminded me of Princess Peach with your pink dress and knew that you were someone I could get along with.”

           You chuckled at his honest confession. “What was that for?”

           "Well my mom always over-exaggerates, and people get the wrong idea of me. So I want to be honest from the get-go.“ He explained.

           You smiled and patted down your skirt as you moved around to face him too. "Well Dr. Jin, I’m ______. I heard you can cook so I’m going to tell you right off the bat that I can’t cook to save my life. I can’t sing or dance, but I still do it anyway in the comfort of my own apartment. I have a good paying, stable job and I’m a complete workaholic. I’m awkward in general too, but I’m pretty sociable. I didn’t believe my mom when she said you were handsome, but I was terribly mistaken.”

           He graced you with his big grin which turned into an infectious laughter and soon you joined him at the ridiculousness of the situation. Had your parents planned everything out or was it simply fate and circumstance?


                                        [Back to the present]

           You smiled as you placed a hand against your door frame, feeling reassurance that Jin was just on the other side.

           "Still nervous?“ Jin’s muffled voice questioned you.

           "Not anymore. You?”

           "You’d think with the amount of weddings we had been too, we’d be less nervous about our own, huh?“ he laughed nervously.

           "Having doubts?” You asked teasingly.

           He grinned as he straightened up confidently. “Never.”

           "Me neither.“

           "See you down the aisle.” Jin pressed his hand against the door before walking away to get into position, leaving you with a wide grin on your face and butterflies in your stomach just as he did when you first met in this same exact wedding hall. 

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So the MV teaser has, like, 5 colors, red-orange, yellow, green, blue x2, and ingigo/violet, what would you say as to which member is what color?

RED is Moonbin

The red bottle has a moon logo on it.  Pretty self explanatory, yeah?


The orange bottle says 777.  Before ASTRO debuted, MJ often called himself Entry Number 777 as he rapped.

YELLOW is Sanha

The yellow bottle has a boat on it.  Why does a boat mean it’s Sanha?  Recently, Sanha has taken to calling himself 선장따나, which, when translated, means Captain Sanha.  Boats need captains, right?

GREEN is Jinjin

The bottle says “slow.”  I mean, it doesn’t get clearer than that.

BLUE is Eunwoo

The blue bottle has a car on it.  Fun fact, 차 in 차은우 (Eunwoo’s name in Korean) means “car.”

INDIGO is Rocky

The bottle has some (badly rendered) rocks drawn on it.  This one was easy to decipher.


Vivid plum and space violet are our official colors, so this one is a no brainer!



30 Days Of BIAS

Day 17: Funny Moments

The gifs speak for themselves. Jin is the funniest member of BTS! Not to mention the most childish. I wish I could put all his funny moments, but it’s just impossible. 

17/30 Days of Bias