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hey babo! I'm going to ewha this summer to do korean, and I was hoping you could recommend your favorite studying/chilling spots (cafes, parks, etc) in the sinchon/hongdae area. thank you and congrats on graduating :~) also just curious, what's the most delicious meal you've had in seoul?

In Sinchon:

  • Cafe de Comics is a manhwa cafe with cats roaming around. All the manhwa is in Korean, but since you’re studying the language it might appeal to you. (Good reading practice.) You can get tea, coffee, sodas, ramen, chips, honey bread, even fried rice and a few other simple meals to eat while you read. There’s one in Hongdae as well, but I prefer the Sinchon one personally.
  • Cafe Brary Air is a study cafe that’s airplane themed and it has lots of little cubicles for serious cramming, dead silent, perfect for midterms/finals if you really need a place to focus.
  • A to Z Cafe has some fun drink options, little pricey but they serve mini pretzels or snacks with your drink and the atmosphere is good and kind of quirky.
  • Cafe Ice Berry (not to be confused with the regular Ice Berry which is right next door) is really cheap but the drinks are so yummy. Mint oreo lattes, fancy strawberry milk, bingsoo cups that are perfect for 1-2 people in case you’re there studying alone but want a treat.

In Hongdae: 

  • Chloris Tea Room is very frilly and victorian-looking, fun options for teas and ades, just all around really pretty. The first floor is good for chatting with friends and the second floor is better for studying – a bit quieter with comfy armchairs. There’s one in Sinchon as well.
  • Cafe the Nora is very pretty, girly, good milkshakes, give you little lollipops with your drink, a little pricey but nice airy, open space, great for chilling or studying.
  • 상상마당 카페 awesome chic atmosphere, has waiters who take your order (a lot of them are rly cute), it’s pretty dark inside (*mood lighting*) and not recommended for studying but great for grabbing a coffee with friends and feeling fancy.
  • Cafe DropTop has great bingsoo and a nice, sort of posh, modern, clean atmosphere, kind of like a hotel.
  • Cafe Comma has floor to ceiling bookshelves (with ladders to climb to the top shelves and everything) so you can read while you enjoy your beverage or just soak up the cool, grand library-esque feel.

Hongdae has sooo many really great cafes though, I can’t even begin. If I were you, I’d just walk around, wander off the main street a bit and see what you find. Crepe cafes, ice cream parlors, famous bingsoo places. So, so, so many. I like to try a new one each time I go. Try the Sangsu area too which is right behind the NB2 side of Hongdae. It’s really famous for its small, unique cafes.

I’ve eaten so much good food in Seoul I don’t even know how to choose a single best meal.ㅜㅜ I’m sorry. I spent a solid twenty minutes thinking about this, trying to decide, but all it did was make me really really really hungry;;

Basic Travel Part 3

here are some helpful phrases to use when problems occur

Leave me alone. 혼자 내버려 둬요. (honja naebeoryeo dwuh-yo)

Don’t touch me! 만지지 마세요 (manjiji ma-say-yo!)

I’ll call the police. 경찰을 부를거에요 (gyeongchareul bureu keuh-ae-yo!)

Police! 경찰! (gyeongchal!)

Stop! Thief! 서라! 도둑이야! (seora! dodukiya!)

I need your help. 당신의 도움이 필요합니다. (dangshin-ui doumi pilyohamnida)

It’s an emergency. 응급 상황입니다. (eungkeup sanghwang-imnida)

I’m lost. 길을 잃었습니다. (gireul ireosseumnida)

I lost my bag. 가방을 잃었습니다. (gabang-eul ireosseumnida)

I lost my wallet. 지갑을 잃었습니다. (jikabeul ireosseumnida)

I’m sick. 아픕니다. (apeumnida) or Apa 아파 is good to

I’ve been injured. 상처를 입었습니다. (sangcheoreul ibeosseumnida)

I need a doctor. 의사가 필요합니다. (uisaga pilyohamnida)

Can I use your phone? 당신의 전화기를 사용해도 되겠습니까? (dangshin-ui jeonhwagireul sayonghaedo doegesseumnikka?)

Basics : Common Phrases to know when traveling to Korea

Most of you that follow me, follow for 3 reasons
1) YOU ARE AMAZING ^_^ (I love you)
2) Because of KPOP/Dramas
3) You are going to Korea

SO for the next few posts:: these are the basic basic common phrases that one should know when traveling to Korea. 

Hello. (formal안녕하세요. (ahn nyeong ha seh yo) : Most of you know this word. Use it to people you don’t know. someone older, elder, teachers, respectful and polite way to say hi

Hello. (informal) 안녕. (annyeong) : Say hi to your friends, little kids, or people of the same age if they let you. Wave at them ^_^

Hello? (on the phone여보세요. (yeoboseyo) Make sure you say it as like a question when you answer the phone. 

How are you? 어떻게 지내십니까? (Euh-tteo-ke ji-nae-shimni-kka?)

(I’m) Fine, thank you. 잘 지냅니다, 감사합니다. (Jal ji-nae(b)-ni-da, gam-sah-ham-nida) 

What is your name? 성함이 어떻게 되세요? (seonghami eotteoke doeseyo?) This is a very polite version

What’s your name? 이름이 뭐에요? (Ee-reum-ee Mo-ae-yo) 

My name is ______ . 제 이름은 ______입니다. (Jae Ee-reum-un ____ imnida)

I am _____. (my name is저는 _____입니다 (Juh-neun _____imnida)

Nice to meet you. 만나서 반갑습니다. (Man-na-seuh ban-gap-seub-nida)

Please. 부탁합니다. (Bu-tak-hap-nida): also saying “I ask of you”

Thank you. 감사합니다. (gamsahamnida)

You’re welcome. 천만입니다. (cheonmanimnida)

Yes. 예/네. (ye/ne)

No. 아니오. (anio)

Excuse me. (getting attention실례합니다. (shill(y)e hamnida)

I’m sorry. 죄송합니다. (joesonghamnida)

Goodbye. (to person leaving안녕히 가세요. (Ahn-nyung-hee gaseyo)

Goodbye (to person staying안녕히 계세요. (Ahn-nyung-hee gay-seyo)

Goodbye (informal안녕. (annyeong)


카페데코믹스 ( Cafe de Comics )

One of my favorite cafe finds in Sinchon. Cozy atmosphere, yummy coffee, sleepy kitties, and comic books as far as the eye can see. Chips, soda, ramen, and various other snacks can be purchased as well for something to munch on while you read.

Like a PC Bang, customers pay by the hour. 2 hours + either ramen or your beverage of choice comes to just 6,500원. No better way to spend a dreary, rainy day than cuddled up with a good (comic) book.

How to Get to SJ Lee Donghae's Grill5Taco?

The Grill5Taco business of the fish is obviously getting more and more popular so I thought it would be best to figure out how to get there. ^^

First of all, it is located in Chungdamdong and is fairly easy to reach. But it would require quite a bit of walk so goodluck! :)


1. Find your way to Apgujeong Rodeo Station (Exit 4). 

2. Turn left on the first street you’ll see. (선릉로160길)

3. Turn right as you reach the dead end of the street. (도산대로55길)

4. Don’t mind the first intersection shown in the picture below. Just go straight ahead.

5. On the second intersection though, turn left as you’re just a few steps away from Grill5Taco. 

6. This is how Grill5Taco looks like. Thanks to this blog!

IF YOU GUYS THINK THAT THE ROUTE IS NOT TOO SCENIC TO TAKE, then you may want to go straight ahead upon exiting Apgujeong Rodeo Station. You’re gonna walk along the main highway this time, and almost the same distance. 

Just walk and walk until the third street to turn left to:

Then you can just go straight ahead as that’s already the street where Grill5Taco is situated.

You may also reach that spot by getting off 일지아트홀.압구정동노인복지센터 Bus Station as seen in this picture:

I don’t really claim 100% accuracy in this, but if you’re in the area, maybe it’s good to try it. ^^

Now let me eat Tacos because this picture made me drool:

(picture not mine)


Manager Hyung