Stages of finding a new drama to watch...

Stage 1: The search.

Stage 2: When you find it & it’s subbed.

Stage 3: Calming down.

Stage 4: Watching.

ok so can we just talk about noblesse? please… and btw if you haven’t read it yet then you can read it for free online here: http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Noblesse

one minute these hot guys with unimaginable powers are trying to save the world from their enemies while still looking attractive as hell

and the next minute you see these same dorks like this where rai (the main character who has all the power in the world) doesn’t know how to operate a banana

has an obsession with ramen

to the point where he must have it during their long missions

and has a dork/crazy of servant (frankenstein)

along with rai’s friends decided to call themselves rk as in rai’s knights (even though they are the ones that need protecting)

well as long as rai is happy


U.S. Marine machine gunner Corporal Leonard Hayworth, 22 years old, weeps upon realizing that he and his men, who have taken heavy casualties, are out of ammunition. “His eyes swung searchingly along the edge of the ridge, then up into the rainy sky. Slow, heavy tears started down across his face.”

When it seemed that … machine-gunner Cpl Hayworth was shattered beyond all hope, a black-jawed, smiling old veteran crawled over … Sitting shoulder to shoulder with the younger man, he calmly told him how they were still holding the line … The grimy old veteran talked a feeble smile back upon the face of the corporal. Tears still streaked his face up under his helmet where the rain could not wash them away, but the Old Marine seemed not to notice. Korea, August 1950.“ (This Is War!)

Weeks after taking this picture, while still in Korea, David Douglas Duncan handed Hayworth a copy of the September 18, 1950, issue of LIFE in which the above photo appeared. “Hayworth looked at this huge picture of himself, in the biggest photo magazine in the world,” Duncan recalls. “He didn’t say anything. He just smiled. He looked like Errol Flynn, about 6-foot-3, a tall, handsome Marine. And no one’s saying anything, looking at this picture of him, crying, and an old sergeant behind him says, ‘We all cry sometimes.’ The next day, September 25th – the three-month anniversary of the start of the war – a sniper shot Corporal Hayworth between the eyes.”
Photo: David Douglas Duncan/LIFE

[140515][INFO] Commitment starring BIGBANG’s T.O.P & Kim Yoo Jung is now on Netflix!

Netflix users can now enjoy the Korean action flick which is available in HD along with English subtitles. The drama ‘Iris’ starring Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee and T.O.P is also available in the platform.

*NOTE: This can be found in the US Version of Netflix, the selection may vary per country.

How I feel at 3 am when I’m still watching shows...

It’s seriously wrong what a tiny smile from this guy does to my libido… 

Me, watching my shows when the OTP does something adorable...



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Struggles of being anti-social and attempting to attend a function...

Enter the room and assess the situation.

When you accidentally make eye contact with another person and attempt to act like a normal person would… 

Then realize that this just isn’t for you.