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Cheer Up Post #4761 - Taiyaki & Bungeoppang Edition

Fish-shaped cakes from Japan and South Korea.

Food Masterpost

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Vanilla Kisses

Genre: Fluffiest of fluffs

Rating: G

Word Count: 933

Note: Hello everyone. So Admin Thumper gave me a great idea to do a fluff one-shot/short story of Hansol when he was on the Topp Dogg Project and he started crying. We three admins feel so much pain watching it and we thought if we were in that situation we would have helped him in some way. So this is based off that with some variations. Please do enjoy! Gif is not mine, credit to owner. ~ Admin Hacker

It was a sad scene, almost pitiful. You couldn’t take your eyes off him. He wouldn’t walk away from the square in front of the ice cream shop. You couldn’t help but notice how much he was blushing and tearing up. You didn’t know what he was asking those girls but you could tell he was harmless. He seemed like he was terrified, scared. Those girls kept walking past, seeming disgusted or just completely ignoring his existence.

It wasn’t until he went and sat down on a bench, hiding beneath the shad of a tree to brush away his tears that you decided you couldn’t stand by and watch any longer. It was good timing; your manager had just told you to go on break. You stepped to the back of the shop and you grabbed a waffle cone, before adding two scoops of vanilla ice cream. You scattered some rainbow-colored sprinkles on top of it before you nodded happily to yourself. Holding the ice cream, you left the shop and you made your way to the bench that the adorable, black-haired man sat on. 

“Excuse me." 

He jumped at the sound of your voice and he looked at you with tears in his brown eyes. You felt your heart squeeze sympathetically and you bit your bottom lip. He was wearing a cute, black beanie and only one ear was bent out from beneath it. You could see it turn red when he stared at you for more than a minute without saying a word.

"Sorry to disturb you. But I made you this.” You said, breaking the silence.

He looked at the waffle cone as you handed it to him with a soft blush on your cheeks.

“Those girls were all bitches to walk past you like that. I’m not sure what you were asking them, but don’t let them get you down.” You tried to cheer him up.

He wiped away the last of his tears before a smile curled his thin lips. He started to blush even more as he took the waffle cone. “Thank you, um, ___?”

You were surprised that he knew your name until you looked down at your nametag and mentally slapped yourself. “It’s no problem. What were you trying to do?”

He cutely took a bite of the sprinkles and he licked his lips before he turned his attention back to you. “I’m from a group and I’m trying to do a mission. I have to take a selfie with a girl and give her our album. I was trying to do the mission but I was so scared and no one would stop to listen.”

You felt bad for him as you sat down beside him and adjusted your uniform. “What group?”

“Topp Dogg.” He answered as he licked off some of the vanilla.

“Oh, I’ve never heard of it before. What do you do in the group?”

“I sing and dance.” He stated proudly. “My name is Hansol by the way.”

He stuck his hand out and you took it with a smile. “It’s nice to meet you, Hansol. If you want, I can take the picture with you.”

His eyes widened with joy and he nodded. “I would appreciate it!”

You laughed a little. He was so cute. He reminded you of a puppy. He pulled out his cell phone and the album. He handed you the album before he turned on the camera. You leaned close to him. He held the ice cream up while you held up the CD. With a smile the picture was taken and you went to move your hand, accidentally causing him to brush his own cheek with the ice cream. You gasped in surprise and turned to look at him with wide eyes.

The ice cream was placed on his cheek like a kiss with tiny sprinkles hidden against it. Hansol laughed, loudly and high-pitched, kind of like a witch’s cackle, but it was cute and you found yourself laughing with him.

“I’m so sorry, I can get you a napkin.”

He shook his head and he put his phone away before he used his finger to wipe the food off. He licked his finger clean and continued to do this until there was nothing left on his cheek. You chewed your bottom lip nervously as he glanced at you.

“The ice cream is delicious. It would be a shame to waste it on a napkin.” He smiled. “Also, sprinkles and waffle cones are my favorite.”

You were relieved that he seemed to have cheered up a lot since you first came over. You and Hansol stood up off the bench as he took a bite from his waffle cone.

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me.”

“It’s really no problem. Who knows, I might just become a fan of yours.” You teased.

He laughed as a blush covered his pale cheeks.

“So, you work in that ice cream shop, right?”

You nodded.

“I’ll have to visit.”

You nodded again. “Yeah. And bring your members next time.”

“Okay, I will.”

You glanced down at your watch and you gasped. “Oops, looks like I need to get back. I’ll see you later, Hansol. Ah, and please don’t cry anymore.”

He gave you a puzzled look. “Why?”

You blushed. “I like it better when you smile.“

He stared at you in surprise, speechless. You turned away quickly and rushed back inside the ice cream shop, clutching the album to your chest, hoping that you’d be able to see his smile sometime soon. 

아침 식사 = breakfast

팬케이크 = pancakes

워플 = waffles

비스킷 = biscuit

그래이비 = gravy

스크램블드에그 = scrambled eggs

토스트 = toast

프렌치 토스트 = french toast

아침 소시지 = breakfast sausage

베이컨 = bacon

오믈렛 = omelet

브렉퍼스트 부리토 = breakfast burrito

시리얼 = cereal

페이스트리 = pastry

토스터 페이스트리 = toaster pastry

시나몬롤 = cinnamon roll

멍키 브레드 = monkey bread

머핀 = muffin

영국식 머핀 = english muffin

베이글 = bagel

오트밀 = oatmeal

크로와상/크루아상 = croissant

요구르트 = yogurt

도넛 = doughnut

해시 브라운즈 = hash browns

메이플 시럽 = maple syrup

크림치즈 = cream cheese

커피 = coffee

= tea

우유 = milk

오렌지주스 = orange juice

사진: 엔제리너스 커피숍의 메이플 초코 브레드 (Angel-in-Us Coffee Shop’s Maple Choco Bread)