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More Miles Morales Headcanon

Listen I’m writing these headcanons so SOMEONE (not me bc my dayjob and part time job is making me HELLA busy) can write a fanfic. PLEAS I BEG U TUMBL.  (or at least tag or reblog with more shit)

  • So Miles’ roomate is Ganke Lee right? A Korean American?
  • Miles as Spidey slurping on yakult during patrol
  • Miles eating a Samanco Ice Cream Sandwich
  • The ajumma and ajushi noticing that theis new Spiderman enjoying Korean food sometimes
  • So whenever this new Spidey swings by Koreatown he gets like various Korean food. 
  • So much so that Miles and Ganke can make a weekly budae jjigae in their dorm room
  • Tho technically hotplates are not allowed, whoops. 
  • It’s fine, they hide it somehow
  • Gwen sometimes joins in. She can’t really handle the spice but she likes it.
  • Peni LOVES IT
  • Anyway I haven’t even started on Miles’ own background
  • He speaks English, Spanish, rudimentary Korean (thanks Ganke, and various ajjuma and ajushis)
  • He rescues someone in his neighborhood as Spidey, and when the person thanks him, he replies en Espanol 
  • This new Spidey also can speak AAVE without making it sound cringey
  • Brooklyn is CONVINCED that this new Spidey is a POC
  • Unsure about his heritage though, his Spanish is fluent but with an Anglo accent he also speaks really bad Korean (he’s trying, though, they noticed). 
  • Needless to say a lot of people are happy and excited
  • And now he has more food than he knows what to do with them
  • As a result Miles Morales, Visions Academy Student becomes kind of popular because he always has food. 
  • You hungry? Morales from class B has food. He always does.
  • Though it can be a bit of a lottery. One day it’s Nongshim Ramyeon, the next day somehow it’s Goat Curry. The next it’s rice and pigeon peas??
  • Miles is too nice to  charge for it
  • The legend goes if you’re stressed and breaking down somehow Morales will know and give you food.
  • He even made peace with the security guard because somehow he has that guy’s favourite food even late at night
  • “Morales where do you get all this stuff?” the security guard sometimes asks
  • Miles laughs nervously and say he has his sources. 
  • He still tags and does graffiti
  • Only now he’s doing that in various unlikely places bc Spidey powers
  • His subjects also expanded bc of the people he met and the sights he’s seen.
  • His graffiti playlist consists of Uncle Aaron’s old playlist (snff)
  • Brooklyn Pigeons are wary of him at first but they get used to him. 
  • He’s severely tempted to swing over to New York, sneak in to watch Hamilton bc he can but he resists the temptation. (Yes Lin Manuel Miranda exists in this dimension too shut up)
  • Anyway Miles Morales, SPIDERMAN. <3<3<3<3
  • (This does not include the one time he and Ganke went to Jersey and met the new Ms. Marvel, it was an awesome team up, he also has a new friend now.)

Please write some fanfic out of these headcanons.



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T/N: Utopai is a play on words of “Utopia” and “Pai”.


The Seoul Trip : The Beginning

Day 1

So,…to begin with, 16 hours on a plane (with a 3 hour layover in Dubai) is not as fun as one might have first thought - there’s only so many travel escalators you can ride before it isn’t fun anymore!
However, despite all my preconceived misconceptions about them, in-flight meals really aren’t that bad! And being able to play an endless amount of rounds of Tetris and Connect definitely helps to pass the time. But, needless to say, the minute we began the descent into Incheon airport, any tiredness that had began to pull at our bodies, in response to the 24+ hours of being awake, immediately vanished upon looking out of the window and seeing our home for the next almost 3 weeks: Seoul!
There are no words to describe the feeling of seeing the reality of a dream you’d been dreaming for 3+ years. Yet, the second we sat on the KTX to make our way to our airb’n’b, and we began to see the landscape of South Korea fly past us outside, we ended up sitting in near silence in our astonishment that we’d actually just flown half way across the world to temporary live a life that had always seemed so out of reach. Stepping off of the metro and emerging from Hyochang park station onto the street was even more overwhelming.

Now, if you ever find yourself making the dream trip to South Korea, and you find you get anxiety about not knowing where to go, how to get places, how to speak to people, etc, etc… DONT
‘Cause let me tell you, we were stood pondering our screenshot of google maps looking like your standard confused foreigners at the exit to the station for all of 3 minutes, before a woman (and her adorable dog) approached us, and asked in English (bless her soul) if we needed help getting somewhere! From there it took us around 10 minutes of walking before we rocked up at our officetel, completely haggard and with our clothes sticking to us where we’d been wearing them for so long. Then, almost immediately, we had to venture to the nearest convenience store to grab water and food, which despite our initial shyness was a walk in the park with how tired we were. And even though we hadn’t even begun to think about the language barrier in those kind of situations, the cashier looked just as done for the day as we were, and therefore purchasing our water and ramyeon went by with a simple ‘kamsamnida’, before we made our way back to our little home away from home, only just making it through the door before collapsing.

Day 2

The Exploring begins! Or rather, Jet-lag got us, and we only managed to leave the house at around 3:30pm xD
However, once we were dressed presentably and had woken up enough to deduce that we needed to eat food at least once a day to not starve, we rode down from our 18th floor apartment, and made our way to Samgakji station in the direct of Itaewon, by suggestion of a friend. All I’m going to say; two Caucasian, blonde, foreigners, stand out a little in the residential neighborhood - although, in no-way was it in a bad sense!
For anyone wondering what the Seoul metro is like, I’d consider it similar in efficiency to the London tube - it’s definitely a lot cleaner and much less cramped (so far!). We’d already bought our T-money cards the day before (in true koreaboo fashion they have Line© friends on them) so buzzing in and out of the metro was/is almost too easy, and when we emerged already completely overwhelmed in Itaewon we couldn’t wait to see what would greet us. Let me tell you now, it was the greatest feeling to see it with my own eyes, and have confirmed that it was everything i’d thought and dreamed it would be.

Although it was raining, the coloured roads and the enthusiastic business promotions shone as brightly as if the sun was shining, and the smells of gochujang, bbq, and pizza made our mouths water with every restaurant we passed. Despite Ju’s enthusiasm to find food immediately, after she put me on chief duty to find a place to eat, we ended up walking round for a while (2 hours!*), taking in the sight of each street and surveying the area; pretty much immersing ourselves in being here, before we ended up deciding to venture into a ‘foreign food store’ on the search for some teabags - which any British person will know, is an essential part of living, especially in the case of Ju, who, fyi, makes the best cup of tea in the world!
After grabbing the essentials, it was finally an acceptable time to eat, since we’d arrived at Itaewon between mealtimes, and so we headed towards what looked like a full on ‘foodie street’, and proceeded to do the traditional foreigner thing of heading into the first obviously Korean restaurant we saw. 

For all of you suffering from Wanderlust, but too scared to make the trip to Korea - or even to anywhere that speaks a different language - top tip number 1 would be; a language barrier is only a barrier when you see it as one.
Now, I’m not going to say I wasn’t scared shitless upon entering a restaurant in a foreign country for the first time, because lets be honest, I was crapping myself, but all you have to remember is businesses are just glad to have business (it keeps people fed and with roofs over their heads). So, the second I climb the stairs to the 1st floor restaurant and I catch the eye of the waitresses sat chatting in the corner of the empty room, I’m immediately ready to turn back. However, the second they see two people with hunger in their eyes, and who were obviously foreign, they waste no time in gesturing us in and after we greeted one another and asked for a table, they showed us politely in, providing us with water and menus immediately.
Given that we were hungry, it didn’t take us long to order a serving of bibimbap and Kimchi stew, and within 10 minutes? it was steaming away in front of us, accompanied by a couple of side dishes and a kind smile. Now, i don’t know about anyone else, but from the first minute i learned about the incredible taste of Korean food, i immediately began experimenting with recipes and ingredients in an attempt to create the same taste back in England…However, none of my culinary escapades had ever prepared me for the taste of genuine Korean kimchi stew. It was the BEST first meal I could have hoped for! Afterwards we had to sit for around 20 minutes just to digest the food - although it also gave us time to take in the view of the aesthetic green roofs and the beautiful decor of Itaewon.
Of course, as it was our first meal, we then had to go through the awkwardness of trying to call for the bill, which after looking up the translation so that my faulty memory filled with various Korean phrases didn’t offend anyone, simply involved politely gesturing to a waitress who showed me to the counter, before we were thanking the employees and were on our way. (Top Tip number 2: I’d like to remind anyone who plans on visiting South Korea and gets as overwhelmed as I do, that when you hand over money at the till (or just when you’re handling things in general), get that goddamn spare hand on your forearm! Manners Maketh Man, people!)
Other than visiting the convenience store once again to grab some foods for the evening, including the essentials (banana milk, HELLO! O.O), and watching dramas, music shows, and ‘Return of superman’  (*and edit a video) for the rest of the evening to try and scrap jet-lag for good, that’s pretty much all for our journey so far.

 We have so much planned for this journey, but we also want to use it as a chance to experience properly living in the country, so there will be times when it seems like we’re cramming everything into one day, and times when it will appear as though we’ve done absolute nothing, but to be honest, that sounds like the perfect plan to us! 
So, for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little (jokes) summary of our past 48 hours, and I’ll catch you up with more of our adventure in Seoul in the next blog post! ^^
If you have any questions about anything to do with travelling to Seoul and being here in itself; communication, booking things, culture, experience, ANYTHING, just hit up our ask box, and we’ll be more than glad to give you as much of an answer as we are able! :) 

Ciao! ;)

- Admin Mo x -

*Ju’s notes

Grief and Healing

I have been thinking about Jonghyun and the other members a lot, it’s hard not to over this last month. Some things are more clear in my mind now as the grief is lessening.

SHINee in my last 8 years of knowing them has always been a symbol of love and hope for me. Without them I would never have reconnected to my Korean roots, and made trip back to the place of my birth to find my birth family. While living in Korea once again as a stranger and basically a foreigner (even though  legally I am still a Korean citizen) I came to see things and hear things I did not like, somethings making me angry while others I felt so disappointed in.

The need for perfection, constant judgement of physical appearance, and of social and educational status is so much more in Korea then in the U.S.( I mean really on a different level) it was disheartening to talk with students about these issues because they don’t feel there is any other way. 

Jonghyun is someone I had come to admire because his of openness to talk about these subjects, to learn what others thought, to reach out to have dialogue about things that were politically and socially sensitive. Honestly, it really took a lot of guts for him to do this. 

But something that I didn’t catch during all this time was his ability to communicate love and support so well. His ability to tell others they did well, they are working hard is shown over and over….why didn’t this register in my brain before?  

Jonghyun was someone who was blessed with a gift to communicate his feeling and his thoughts. He wasn’t afraid to be honest either. He did this with the members (telling Key “bummie is working hard” while he was doing his instagram live) by writing songs that touched our hearts, by giving encouraging words on blue night, asking us “is this the reality you wanted” and also by being the one who spoke so well in most of their group talks. In a lot of ways, he was the “mom” of the group.

He gave us all what we needed. He also needed it back. And though it’s too late to give this back to him. It’s definitely not too late to pass that forward to others. 

This is what I will take with me. This will be his legacy for me. I will remember to be caring and supportive not just by actions but to verbally express this to my family, my friends, neighbors, and complete strangers. I often want to say something nice and I hold back, but words do matter and moving forward I will try my best to be like Jonghyun and express those positive things more until it becomes a part of me. This will be my healing.


Yuryeong falling for Go Jiseok when he’s not looking


Jang Manwol. Former bandit leader, innkeeper-turned-president of Hotel del Luna, a place for ghosts, during a 1300 year tenure. Fierce and unapologetic, but there’s a reason the moon is upheld as an epitome of beauty and a gentle kindness many people can’t see. She nursed a great grudge thanks to her first love, but managed to overcome the usual fate for spirits like her and fell in love again, all while staying true to herself. Any moment of helplessness was only a sign that she, like everyone else, was a human with limitations

And she finally died happy.

This drama is far from perfect, but thank you for giving us a female lead we were all rooting for <3


I know it’s been a while since I got back from Seoul and promised you I’d share some pics from my trip! One of my favorite things about Seoul is that almost all of the ad campaigns use K-actors and actresses and K-pop stars instead of models. So, every high end campaign has someone I know and love, AND every cheesy stock photo or government ad ALSO uses our favorite celebrities! Obviously I ran around like an idiot fangirl taking pictures of every single ad I saw ;-) Sorry about the glare and faded color on some of them. Enjoy!


I bought tons of stuff on my trip but the best thing I took home was this free cardboard tea holder featuring Park Seo Joon (he was literally in 90 percent of the ads I saw).



I just booked the tickets to South Korea 🇰🇷. I’ve been wanting to go there since forever and it’s finally coming true 😭😭 this summer I’ll go to Seoul with my friends for two weeks! I’m so happy!!!! Aaah I can’t even contain my happiness. Sooo excited. Gotta brush up on my korean now so I can fit in even just a little bit :0 if any of you know good places/cafes I need to visit, please tell me! I want to make the most of this trip!

920506 happy birthday byun baekhyun~

you are the brightest light in my sky. you are more brilliant than any star at night and radiate more warmth into my life on any given day. every day you inspire me to be a better person and a better me. each year, i continue to watch you grow and my heart can only grow along with you in order to be big enough to hold all the love i have for you. i hope you can look back on your year with joy and happiness without holding any regrets and i hope you can look towards the future with promises of even more laughter and sunshine to warm your days. may your life be always full of blessings because you are the greatest blessing in mine.

i love you ♡