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facts for baby roha

it recently came to my attention that astro’s fanbase is growing by a lot lately and there are tons of new aroha that might not know about some cute facts !!

(thanks @snibnoom + @jinwoosmile !!) 

  • ASTRO’s company fantagio is primarily an actors based company
  • AROHA not only means AstRO Hearts All fans, but also ‘love’ in Maori
  • Before fans were called ‘AROHA’ (aka before debut), ASTRO asked for fans to send in suggestions for fanclub names in the fancafe, and ASTRO chose their favorite and announced it at their debut showcase. 
    • in other words AROHA was a name suggested by a fan that ASTRO loved and picked !
  • In the second episode of their first reality show, ASTRO OK! Ready, Moonbin and Eunwoo introduced their duo as “비누” (pronounced bi-nu), which means soap in Korean, and is a combination of “bin” in moon bin and the “oo” sound in eunwoo.
  • Sanha was still wearing braces during the beginning of their promotions (and is the only idol to ever debut with braces)
  • ASTRO won the ‘Super Rookie Award’ on Weekly Idol’s first Rookie Special episode, which also featured 4ten and KNK
  • During spring up era, sometimes jinjin had a section of bangs that were dyed different colors to match their stage outfits for hide and seeks
  • Rocky choreographed Morning Call (Spring Up), Fireworks (Summer Vibes), and Your Love (Autumn Story) 
  • Rocky has also made some choreography for Fantagio’s other groups, 5urprise and Hello Venus
  • All of the members except for MJ currently attend/graduated from Hanlim Mutli Arts High School
  • Jinjin entered Hanlim with the highest score among first years with his house dancing
  • Rocky was on Korea’s Got Talent in 2011, and one of the judges said to him, “In the future, I am sure we will meet again in the music industry”
  • Rocky’s hometown, Jinju, is a 3.5 hour drive to Seoul, and Rocky’s parents drove him back and forth so Rocky could go to school in Jinju and idol training with Fantagio in Seoul for years before Rocky moved to Seoul (with his mom and younger brother) 
  • MJ auditioned for JYP and along with Donghyuk (iKon) won 1st place and got a 1 year scholarship to Seoul National University 
  • MJ only trained at fantagio for about a year 
  • Jinjin and Yugyeom (GOT7) used to be in the same dance crew
  • ASTRO didn’t think they were going to debut with a fresh, youthful concept, and were extremely nervous about it
  • Eric Nam said he chose to ask Jinjin to rap in his ‘Can’t Help Myself’ promotions because he saw potential in Jinjin
  • The company that is credited with choreographing ASTRO’s title songs is DQ Agency Dance Team, who also appeared in ASTRO’s web drama ‘To Be Continued’ as the back up dancers for Rocky and Moonbin’s versions of ‘Go Back’
  • Rocky was once listed in soompi’s article ‘7 choreographers dominating kpop’ along with choreographers like the guy who choreographed bts’s fire and blackpink’s choreographer
  • ASTRO held 3 concerts titled ‘ThankxAroha’ in August 2016, tickets for the concerts sold out in under 30 seconds
  • ASTRO held 2 concerts in Japan in October 2016. Originally there was only 1 concert, but after the 1,300 seats sold out and more than 8,000 other people wanted tickets, fantagio added a second concert. 
  • ASTRO held 1 concert in Indonesia in October 2016. 
  • ASTRO were originally scheduled to perform in Thailand in October 2016 as well, but the concert was rescheduled to February 2017. 
  • ASTRO’s 1st ASTRO AROHA Festival sold out immediately, prompting fantagio to add a second performance that same day. 
  • ASTRO have their own official line play characters and have held fan meetings in the app before
  • Eunwoo was once on Law of the Jungle. When Eunwoo was away, ASTRO held a vapp broadcast with a printed cardboard cut out of Eunwoo. 
  • actual klance: mutual support & understanding, sharing bonding moments, working as a team, accepting each others weaknesses and discovering strengths
  • fandom klance: pining, jealousy, spitting in each others faces & then having sex, dirty thoughts channeled through voltron bond, realtionship so full of drama it would put a korean soap to shame

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So I just recently got into Astro and my friend is literally always tagging post with me with "binu" and I was wondering if you could explain the ship to me. I ALSO LOVE YOUR BLOG👌👌👌

Oh my friend, I don’t think you realize what you are getting yourself into. I can go on about binu for AGES. First things first, the ship name binu was created by binu themselves. It is a joke because binu is the word for soap in Korean and it sounds like their names together. Bin and Eunwoo are like super super close to each other, and at the very least are best friends. But here are just some of reasons why I think binu is hella in love:

1. Bin said that Woo is is more beautiful than any human or animal in existence.

2. Woo has a lot of personal schedules and he always says that he misses being away from Bin during them and he said that once after doing personal schedules, he got home really late and Bin was already asleep, so he sat and watched Bin sleep for awhile.  Oh and did I mention that after Woo said that, Jinjin LEGITIMATELY said “In love- You were in love”

3. Whenever Woo pays excessive amounts of attention to other people, you can usually see Bin getting annoyed in the background. It’s kind of hilarious.

4. They are almost always together? Like they are glued to the hip. And talk about each other all the time.

5. Woo said that Bin likes to bite the people he likes and that he is always Bin’s victim. And that Bin likes to tickle him (which we have seen on multiple occasions).

6. Woo said the first thing he does when he wakes up is check on Bin.

7. Unnecessary touching during live stages. Like just watch them closely cause they will slyly grab at each other. Specifically, Bin likes to pat Woo’s butt.

And if none of that convinces you, then here are some great pics that might:

Anyways, I am huge trash for binu


in 3 months time my best friend Meja is coming to California and spending




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May I have more 2p! Japan, Russia and Italy boyfriend headcannons? Pleeeaaaaassssseeee?

I’ll give you ten each friend!! sorry if I say anything I’ve already mentioned


  • okay so kuro really likes tickling people and then bolting away
    - don’t trust him when he approaches you smirking
  • he will slink up behind you if you’re talking to someone and slide a hand around your waist
    - by now you probably flinch away in fear of being tickled and he’ll let out a breath of a laugh
  • he and zao watch korean soap operas together but he will be so embarrassed if you catch him
    -zao will just casually invite you in
  • he has a secret food stash under his bed that only you will be allowed to know about
  • if you like to take photos, trust him to edit them and make them really good
  • probably helps luci and lutz out with mechanical things and they all take off their shirts in hopes someone cute will walk in ;))
  • he and the other two axis members are a little standoffish with each other at times but are still best friends
    - one of those times are when you’re involved, he will become so protective
  • the other people he’s friends with/knows are aware of how jealous he gets and flirt with you just so he gets mad
  • you can rant to him about anything or just tell him useless facts
    - he’ll act kinda disinterested but he’s definitely listening
  • he has this little photo album of pictures he’s taken, and you’re in most of them. he would die if you found it


  • if you ask him nicely he will teach you Russian
  • he likes to listen to light singing, so if you’re good he might ask you to while he reads
  • kinda forgets the things he says can be hurtful since he’s blunt, and immediately feels bad even if it’s the truth
  • there’s never a time he isn’t at least a little hungry
  • he will eat most anything you make
  • he will instinctively put an arm around you if he feels you’re in danger
  • he has this thing about walking under bridges and wont let you go alone
  • he knows like everything (from books) so if you tell him a fact he’ll be like “yeah I know” and it’s probably your lifelong dream to say something he doesn’t know
  • is kinda bad about leaving his shoes in doorways but somehow will always catch you if you trip
  • he really doesn’t care for birthday presents but he likes pins/buttons, so get him some
  • Luciano likes to have sass-offs that no one instigates
    - you can smack his ass and he’ll stop its really weird don’t ask
  • he secretly loves potted plants?? buy him tiny cacti and he will be so grateful
  • he is one of those guys that keeps a condom in his wallet, but it’s been there since like ‘03??
  • he also has one of those fold out photo things that cute grandmas have in their wallets
  • likes to brush other people’s hair; it calms him
  • he needs his eyebrows done but he can’t do it himself so if you know how pls do it for him
  • he likes romcoms but will never admit it
    -if you put one on he will silently be liked !!
  • he also likes tubbed ice creams and is not ashamed to clean one out with you
  • he gets more personal the later it gets and will answer more questions about himself
  • if you get matching couples clothes he would wear them (albeit stubbornly)
The signs as things my 50 y/o Chinese dad has done:
  • Aries: Spent an entire weekend marathoning Korean soap operas
  • Taurus: Started boiling a pot of soup, left it to simmer, went to bed and forgot about it, caused a kitchen fire and burnt through his wife’s favorite soup pan
  • Gemini: Got so drunk at his own wedding reception that he passed out and they had to call an ambulance
  • Cancer: Was so hungover after said wedding that he tried to shove a dumpling up his nose 
  • Leo: Made a selfie stick by tying his phone onto an actual stick with a blade of grass (evidence)
  • Virgo: Forgot his glasses at the local swimming pool, then went up to 2 pre-pubescent Indian kids and yelled at them that it was time to leave thinking they were my brother & I (we are Chinese and were teenagers at the time)
  • Libra: Tried to take a shortcut into Universal Studios Hollywood car park, only for the man at the barrier to ask for our IDs and work permits - it turned out that it was the entrance for legitimate film cast and crew only
  • Scorpio: Accidentally sent an email to his boss signed off as “sorry for the incontinence” instead of “sorry for the inconvenience”
  • Sagittarius: Went to my school’s parents’ evening and unknowingly mixed up his name tag with my mum’s so he was wearing a badge that said “Mrs S. Lee” whilst talking to my headmistress/teachers
  • Capricorn: Cried whilst watching Pixar’s Cars
  • Aquarius: Gesticulated so wildly whilst trying to haggle at a market that he knocked over a rack of sunglasses
  • Pisces: Fell asleep whilst watching Harry Potter. On the family desktop later that day, the google search history included, word for word, “why did lord vormor want to kill harry”

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Mordern day 2p China and 2p Japan headcannons

  • they live together and it’s such a problem
  • zao is always burning incense and one day to get for his matches and he’ s like “kuRO WHAT THE FUCK”
  • they always eat takeout because kuro only makes things for himself and zao can only make toast and one super complicated Chinese dish
  • they bond by watching Korean soap operas
  • if someone is on THEIR side of the couch there will be a fight
  • they spar with each other but most times it just gets personal and someone ends up hurt
  • kuro does tattoos and always mockingly threatens zao he’s gonna ink him when he’s asleep/passed out
  • there is absolutely no way in hell kuro will be seen before 8AM so zao takes that opportunity to fuck around
  • lutz comes over a lot with Luciano (usually unwillingly) and zao stays in his room until Luciano is gone
    - they have an unspoken rivalry
    - kuro uses this opportunity to make sure they end up in the same room
  • zao is into kpop and he gets kuro into it too, so sometimes they just kinda do freestyle karaoke in the kitchen at 1am when they’re both drunk
  • kuro can’t skateboard for shit and zao always makes fun of him for it
  • they go to cons together, sometimes they do duet cosplays
  • one rare occasions that kuro is up before 10AM, they will watch anime together in the kitchen
  • zao always sits on everything and kuro usually pushes him off the counter
  • zao loves traditions and they both have to go to this one Japanese restaurant once a month on the 23rd for free sushi
  • kuro probably needs glasses and zao always mistakes them for his fake ones because he lives in 2009 (I am such a hypocrite)
  • kuro has photos in his album that he keeps from zao’s scene phase
  • sometimes they accidentally wear the other’s clothes and people always point it out and then they fight for eight minutes (read: kuro is yelling and zao is screeching)
  • zao wants a dog but kuro wants a cat so they settle on a bird which is the biggest mistake and instantly give it to matt
    - matt saved a baby rat from a rainstorm and he gives it to them
  • the two protect and raise it like it’s a human being
  • they love that rat more than themselves
  • they argue over what to name it and eventually settle on letting allen name it because he never names anything normally
  • he names it “run-down walgreens”
  • he’s nicknamed R.D.W. by kuro but zao always says his full name
  • they (zao) teach him tricks
    -zao gets him a techdeck and matt is regretting his decision
  • their rent is always overdue
  • honestly kuro kinda wakes up with zao in his bed/room sometimes and it used to make him really angry but he’s just used to it now
  • *kuro opens eyes to see zao sitting on his dresser or the foot of his bed playing his ds*
    “do you have a clefairy”
  • they’re just really weird roomates but friends nonetheless
Klaine one-shot - “Put It All In Writing” (Rated NC17)

Blaine loses Kurt, but is anyone really lost if you remember them? (3577 words)

This is another re-write. I didn’t know how to rate this, so I made it NC17 for the subject matter and for some of the imagery. Warning for heavy angst, character death, anxiety, generic talk of injuries (limb loss), non-graphic thoughts of suicide. Another one with a bittersweet-ish happy ending depending upon your interpretation.

Read on AO3.

Phantom pain.

It’s a ridiculous name for what Blaine’s going through. The term phantom pain makes it sound more like he gained a demonic spirit when in reality he lost a limb. 

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"Playing it Cool" Sentence Starters
  • "We were deeply, passionately, madly in love...for one glorious night."
  • "I'm sorry, you think 'Terminator' is more romantic than 'Ghost?'"
  • "God, I love running through the airport scenes."
  • "Don't touch me with your sticky, disgusting, reptile hands!"
  • "I just don't see myself ever feeling the same way about you."
  • "If I have to hear one more four talk about her vegan pet, my sperm are going to start eating each other."
  • "Do you want to do a social experiment?"
  • "Do, um, the blowjob, the tongue-in-the-cheek thing."
  • "We fuck sometimes...for research."
  • "Happiness and marriage don't coexist."
  • "Love is what keeps fucking you long after the sex has dried up."
  • "Love is a real thing! I was watching this Korean soap opera last night..."
  • "Whenever you say it's nothing, it is never nothing."
  • "They sprinkle cute little monkey photos all over the place like rufies, and then they date rape your checkbook. Bastards."
  • "Oh, I see...the stereotypical self-loathing Good Samaritan."
  • "No, no, if I were stalking you, you'd never see me. I'm very good at it."
  • "I can pretty much guarantee that if we hang out, you're gonna walk away completely unimpressed."
  • "Men and women can't be friends. We are squids and squirrels."
  • "You're just setting boundaries so you can push them."
  • "Are you even masturbating properly?"
  • "People are petty, emotional whores."
  • "You're gonna ruin this, because you're a soulless love hater."
  • "You're lucky I'm wearing underwear."
  • "Love is like your 401k, it matches your investment."
  • "Why don't you tell the story about the time you got drunk and tried to finger me?"
  • "Look, if this thing between us, if it's nothing...if it's just an infatuation, maybe sex will cure it?"
  • "Your boyfriend? Wait, wait, you gonna tell him about us?"
  • "I didn't know you were gonna lose it and start acting needy."
  • "Well, I guess this is me waving the white flag."
  • "I love you. I should have told you. I thought you knew."
  • "I want to put my face in a waffle iron."
  • "Uh, maybe you're pitying yourself a little too much here."
  • "I got pinkeye from a charity dunk tank for you!"
  • "The sex is better with me. I know, I have first hand experience."
  • "I don't hate you. I nothing you."
  • "We're both disasters, neither of us deserve love!"
  • "I'm willing to regret you for the rest of my life."
Inanimate Insanity Culture Headcanons (Alphabetical Order)

(No Mepple peeps. I just need to say that their robots)
Apple: Swedish/Caucasian (White)
Baseball: Polish
Balloon: Polynesian/African
Bomb: African American
Bow: Canadian
Cheesy: British, yet American
Cherries: Russian
Dough: Cuban
Fan: Asian Islander
Knife: Spanish
Lightbulb: Caucasian
Marshmallow: French Canadian
Microphone: Indian
Nickel: German/African
OJ: Czech Republican
Paintbrush: African American
Paper: Italian/Spanish/Japanese
Pepper: Ethiopian
Salt: Korean/Asian
Soap: South Pacific Islander
Suitcase: Australian
Taco: British/Mexican
Test Tube: Zabian
Tissues: Australian/Japanese
Toilet: Iranian
Trophy: Cuban/French
Yin-Yang: Chinese

I worked on this like, 30 minutes and I’m pretty tired,, :’>
Anyway I hope you like it! :3

2P!China Boyfriend Headcanons

⦁ im sorry i don’t know whats happening deh is blasting in my ear and i can’t se e
⦁ anyway
⦁ so you’re dating th eman himself
⦁ mr. zao wang
⦁ w0w
⦁ memester 2.0
⦁ zao is a masTER cuddler (as previously mentioned)
⦁ he will not let go for the world
⦁ i also feel like he secretly has shoved an intire bag of cone backflow incense up his ass at one point
⦁ his room is just a haze of incense smoke, like, you can smell it from outside
⦁ “zao you have a problem”
“at least is smells good tho”
⦁ he’s so supportive of all your decisions
⦁ he’s cheering you on in the sidelines for whatever you’re doing
⦁ he’s a martial artist but he’s so good at slipping on nothing
⦁ he’ll like be trying to impress you with some sick kick flip or something on a skateboard and fly backwards
-luckily he usually uses his gymnast abilities to backflip and land onto his hand or something
⦁ “i meant to do that”
“if you hadn’t’ve said that i would’ve believed you”
“fuc K”
⦁ he will cook for you, but only one dish
⦁ its all he knows
⦁ “what’s in it?”
*loud sweating*
⦁ i cant decide if i like him better with shorter or longer hair, but his hair grows really fast so he alternates
- he also probably has a bit dyed all the time
⦁ “,,,zao,,”
“,,you wanna match?”
“,,, yes,,”
⦁ he tans really easily and looks like a completely different person
“where is my boyfriend”
“i dont even know anymore”
⦁ he always wears hats and puts them on you
⦁ i used to hc him as sort of a fuckboi (personality and clothing), but i am 100% sure he is a virgin and is all bark
- like if you put your hand on his leg when you’re laughing or something he would turn 50 Shades of Maroon ™
⦁ he totally never wears sleeves tho
- it’s because he gets hot really easily, but only when his arms are covered??
⦁ he always gives you a pen or a marker or something because he likes to be drawn on
⦁ “it’s like having tattoos but you can start over if you fuck up”
“it also doesn’t really cost much”
⦁ he watches korean soap operas like its his religion
⦁ he’s also a bitch baby like he will cry over the Titanic
⦁ he loves memes
⦁ ^thats how he flirts
⦁ like february is the worst month to date him
⦁ he’ll send you those valentine card memes
⦁ he’s into traditions like his 1P! and lives off of his sentiment
- he kinda hoards anythign you give him ever
⦁ he used to be one of the “rawr XD” kids in his teen years and he despises that fact about himself
- bring it up all the time for maximum entertainment
⦁ he will laugh at like anything
⦁ he’s got a contagious laugh too
⦁ he will wink at you so much but he sucks so it’s never sexy, just really cute
⦁ he secretly likes panda express
⦁ likes to take you on dates at the most inconvenient hours
⦁ 1-5AM, usually
⦁ he is such a scaredy-cat, but he likes the thrill of fear, so you guys might be going to a lot of haunted houses or abandoned buildings
⦁ ^ he also paranoys (is that a word??) himself by doing that
⦁ he probably accidentally bought a bong once because he thought it was a glassblown vase
- allen laughed at him for eighteen years
- he then did the same thing and matt has never laughed so hard
- please protect zao from any further embarrassment and shop with him
⦁ i feel like he accidentally gets arrested all the time for no reason and will be calling you crying and pleading to bail him out
⦁ he has so much love to give but he isn’t exactly the most experienced in relationships, so he will be so nervous with PDA but do it anyway
⦁ he will launch himself at you if you enter the room as a greeting and swing you around
⦁ he gets up at like 6AM every morning but he stays in his room until like 12 so everyone is like “zao sleeps forever” and the first time you come over you’re super confused because you wake up at like *whatever time you wake up* and he’s probably already awake like “hey i made some tea do you want any”
⦁ he is either all over the place or the chillest human being in the world
- he will have such a change in mood so quickly you’ll be like ??? are you okay??
- he is, he’s just chilled out now
⦁ he loves TV shows but he NEVER finishes them it’s so aggrivating
⦁ he’s probably apart of the motorcycle gang ™ but usually walks or skates places
⦁ anyway i hope these are satisfying for oyu
⦁ bc u will be satisfied
⦁ especially if ur dating zao wang ;)))))))))))


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Any brotp Markle headcanons? :D

so many

  • Whenever she can’t get subtitles working she makes him come over to translate her Korean soaps and at first it was the worst form of torture but now Farkle’s really invested and comes over whether she’s got the subtitles or not
  • Real friends don’t judge each other. They judge other people together’
  • Best way to summarize them lmao
  • Despite their ‘divorce’ when he started dating Izzy, they joke about her being Mrs. Minkus literally all the time
  • He’s picked her drunk ass up from a party at 3 in the morning way too many times. It gets to a point where his father is surprised when Maya isn’t there on Saturday mornings
  • Farkle’s parents bought him a freaking sports car when he passed his drivers test and Maya’s like “I’m never paying for transportation again!” and makes him drive her everywhere
  • E v e r y w h e r e
  • She’s always constantly torn between the thoughts of “I don’t want Farkle to think I only hang out with him because he’s rich” and “Bitch I’m broke buy me stuff”
  • Emergency starbucks runs all throughout high school
  • Like she’d fake notes to get him out of class and he’s like “what’s wrong” and she’s like “what’s wrong is that there currently isn’t a chai tea latte in my hands lets fix it” and he’s like “I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF A PRESENTATION THAT’S WORTH 15 PERCENT OF MY GRADE” but he sneaks out of school and takes her anyway lmao
  • Honestly 90% of the time you can find them leaning against walls trying to look cool while wearing their fucking matching round mirrored sunglasses and sipping their starbucks I hate these losers
  • She tried so hard to get into sci-fi for his (and Riley’s) sake but she falls asleep every time. Even Chris Pines face couldn’t save her
  • Although online she acts like she loved the newer Star Wars movie and posts jokes about it to be cool even tho she literally didn’t even see it and Farkle’s just like “you are the fakest fake bitch I have ever met”
  • Maya’s the type of person where ‘You’re so cute, I adore you, you’re my favorite person’ comes out as ‘I hate you so much, you are a piece of dirty trash and I want to punch your disgusting face’ but Farkle learned to translate her language very well over the years lmao
  • Maya started a rumor around the school that Farkle’s a massive pothead and now everyone tries to buy weed from him
  • He retaliated by starting a rumor that she’s not a real blonde
  • So she told everyone he doesn’t have a bellybutton
  • So then he told everyone that the movie ‘Teeth’ was inspired by her
  • This went back and forth for a while
  • Lol they’re the type of friends who can just chill together in complete silence for hours and it’s good
  • One of them will wake up in the middle of the night, text a horrible pun to the other, and go back to sleep and ignore the angry reply
  • Barely have a concept of personal space
  • She’ll walk in on him and Riley getting dressed and just talk like normal and he’s like “MAYA LEAVE THIS ISN’T FOR YOU” lmao
  • Sometimes if Maya strikes while Farkle’s in a weird mood they team up to be Reckless Young Adults™ and tbh it happens too often Riley will probably develop an ulcer soon
  • One time Maya threw a rager party at Farkle’s house and forgot to tell him lol
  • He woke up to loud music and people hooking up in his bathtub this poor boy
  • He found her to yell at her and she was just like “whoops” and then had the nerve to not give him the AUX cord dammit Maya no one wants to hookup listening to Five Seconds of Summer
  • Even when they’re grown ass adults and both married if Maya learns any detail at all about Farkle and Riley’s ~private lives~ she screams loudly and then will bring it up with him in conversation to laugh at how uncomfortable he gets
  • Because he does get way too uncomfortable omfg she doesn’t even use specifics she’ll just throw out a casual “Proud of you, champ!” and he’s bright red and screaming at her to shut up
  • M e m e W a r s
  • One time Maya was pissed at him for some little thing but it was his birthday so she bought him. Just. So many turtleneck sweaters and a copy of ‘Dracula’ and he almost had her removed from the premises
  • They’re both on a semi professional bowling team but NO ONE CAN EVER KNOW
  • One time Farkle’s standing in the hallway having a casual conversation with a teacher about a project and Maya comes up and starts tugging on his sleeve and he’s like what?? But before he can comprehend what she’s doing she’s got his arms and just literally pulls his button up off his body and slips it on so now he’s just standing there in the tshirt he had under it and she’s buttoning up
  • And he’s trying so hard not to laugh but he’s so confused he’s like “Can I help you?” and she just shrugs and says “I was cold” and walks away and he’s like???? So was I?????
  • And the teacher is cracking the fuck up at this whole exchange and Farkle has this incredulous look on his face but he just turns back to the teacher and is like “So anyway,” which made the teach laugh harder lol
  • He never got that shirt back
  • She’s front row (with Riley obvs) for all of his performances/debates/whatever and drinks a lot of coffee before hand so she’s sure she won’t fall asleep
  • Near the end of sophomore year he ends up on the Track Team because one of her pranks went horribly wrong and if he explained that she’d get suspended so now Farkle Minkus is *technically* a jock lmao
  • They have some weird inside joke/war involving marshmallows and literally no one but them understands it but occasionally one of them will just find a bag of marshmallows in their locker/drawer/backpack/what have you and get SO PISSED OFF it’s so funny
  • Deep conversations at 3 in the morning
  • Sometimes he falls asleep while they’re hanging out and she’s like “Aww my pet loser is cute I’m gonna stroke his hair but he can never know” and other times he’ll fall asleep and she’s like “FINALLY now I can draw photorealistic pictures of dicks on his face and post the pics online!!!”
  • One time they were fighting about something and Maya left the room and came back with a chair and climbed on that so she could make eye contact with him while she was yelling at him lmao
  • Omfg Riley’s always been tall so Maya and Farkle were the teeny tiny ones it was their thing and when he hit his first growth spurt she felt so betrayed
  • By the time he officially stopped growing he’s like 6′6 which is a full foot and a half taller than Maya and she’s so angry about it
  • One time they got bored and actually tried to sneak into an R rated movie by having her climb on his shoulders and hide under a trench coat
  • They were both over 17 too they literally didn’t need to sneak in they just wanted to see if they could do it
  • She steals his glasses all the time and runs around yelling spells from Harry Potter
  • She never actually cared too much about his families money until she found out all their blankets are made from literally the most expensive fabric in the world (vucana) and that’s so ridiculous to her and so if she’s ever loosing an argument she’ll say something like “why don’t you cry into your rare sheep blankets” only more clever sounding than that it’s 2 am cut me a break  and then he fucking gave her one for her birthday one year and she’ll go on and on about how it’s so stupid that it’s so expensive but and it’s unnecessary and Farkle’s a rich loser who can’t appreciate that but in reality she’ll never get over how soft that shit is she will never sleep anywhere without that blanket again holy shit
  • One time Farkle and Lucas got in a fist fight and Lucas was expecting the girls to side with him but they were #TeamFarkle all the way and Maya didn’t talk to Lucas for like 3 weeks on behalf of Farkle’s black eye
  • Once he and Riley have kids and eventual grandkids and so on Maya 100% always refers to them as The Minkii and when Riley and Farkle move out of an apartment to a big house with a lot of surrounding land she took one look at it and said something to the affect of “Such beautiful fields where the wild Minkii can roam free” and Farkle almost choked from laughing
  • One time Farkle had to save Maya because her hair caught on fire and to this day no one can figure out how she even managed that
  • They both have a secret, closeted passion for Macklemore
  • One time they were alone and sang ‘Helpless’ from Hamilton together and they did the whole thing then stared at each other for a moment and finally Farkle was like “That was the most adorable thing we’ve ever done and it was so disgusting thank God no one is around” and Maya’s like “I know I wanna puke what’s wrong with us!!!”
  • In third grade Maya beat up a 5th grade boy on Farkle’s behalf and that was the day he realized she actually liked him and wasn’t just putting up with him for Riley
  • So a million years later when they witnessed his daughter Tessa punch a kid on behalf of her daughter Violet, and then saw Violet realize that Tessa actually liked her and didn’t just hang out with her because their parents lumped them together, Maya and Farkle literally almost cried
  • Who are we kidding they did cry
  • They cried a lot
  • One time Maya and Riley sent him on a tampon run and texted him the whole time and it was one of their funnier conversations and Maya posted the screenshots online and titled them “Farkle Minkus Discovers The Patriarchy” and it blew up to the point that it briefly became a meme and talk show hosts made jokes about it
  • They take High School Musical very seriously
  • She has 1 tattoo and she almost chickened out of getting it Farkle literally had to bribe her to go through with it because YOU CANT TELL RILEY YOU’RE GONNA GET MATCHING TATTOOS THAN COP OUT AFTER RILEY ALREADY GETS HERS DONE M A Y A
  • For a while in middle school/early high school Farkle wouldn’t tell Maya about any problems he was having ever because he thought she wouldn’t take him seriously and she was downright horrified when she found that out omfg
  • And she mostly only found out about it because Riley locked them in her room for like 3 hours lmao
  • When they team up to snark and annoy teachers together, magic happens
  • The girls have a surplus of embarrassing pet names for Farkle dating back to when they met but Maya and Farkle are having a serious moment she usually goes for “Farkly” cause it makes him laugh
  • Lmao she lets him and only him get away with calling her ‘Sweetheart’. One time Lucas tried it and promptly almost lost his hand
  • Okay so we all know that Maya’s going to be an amazing and successful artist because she’s so talented but I feel like at some point Farkle would help her career by being that guy that pays an outrageous amount of money for one of her paintings and then tells all the smarmy rich people he can that it’s from an up-and-coming artist and brag about how much money he spent because that’s basically rich peoples version of a dick contest so then they’re all rushing to buy her paintings and she’s making way more money than she expected and suddenly she’s one of the hottest painters in the art world and she doesn’t even know that Farkle is the one who bought the first painting but she suspects
  • She saw the recent study that said people with Rh negative blood are probably aliens and sent it to him as a joke like ‘have we found our explanation’ but he got SO UPSET BECAUSE HE ACTUALLY IS RH NEGATIVE AND SHE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW
  • So that caused another minor identity crisis lmao
  • Every time she sees a math joke even she sends it to him even if she doesn’t understand it
  • He tutors her a lot
  • At Maya’s wedding she had Riley as her Maid of Honor and then Farkle as her Best Person instead of another bridesmaid it was cute
  • One time everyone in the Matthews Clan was doing something but Cory finished work early so he was expecting to come home to an empty apartment but instead he found Maya and Farkle laying on the couch, watching Netflix and eating the leftover dinner he had been dreaming of eating all day omfg
  • Farkle still has that NYC skyline sketch she did framed in his room
  • You know how sometimes Maya narrates what’s happening ina goofy voice??? Farkle eventually gets in on that too they have a lot of fun with it
  • The boy could just breathe and Maya will yell “You emo hipster trash!” like she needs him to know that she’s judging him every second of every day
  • Every time he tries to wear a beanie she steals it and says something to the affect of “it looks cuter on me”
  • Every time he posts a selfie the first comment is Maya Hart: ‘You ain’t cute.’
  • Every time she posts a selfie the first comment is Farkle Minkus: ‘Yikes.’
  • Why do they always instinctually know when the other is posting selfies??? One of life’s great mysteries
  • Okay once Shawn gets more involved and anything he gets to know Farkle and thinks he’s a swell kid but sometimes he’ll be coming home after a long flight for work and he just wants to sleep and instead he walks into his apartment to see Farkle in the kitchen building a freaking nuclear reactor for all he knows as Maya’s trying to cook and actually only succeeding in burning stuff and he’s just. So tired.
  • And then whatever Farkle’s trying to do fails miserably and explodes and Shawn just looks at Maya and is like “You bring this Spawn into my house,”
  • lmao
  • Oh my God every time the group is caught by parents taking a thousand pictures before a dance Maya always insists on taking a prom pose pic with Farkle but she always wants to be in the boys spot lmao they really sell it
  • Maya taught Farkle how to skateboard after the Great Crash of ‘08 because he was too scared to get back on a bike afterwards
  • They both are 900% the type of people to put sunglasses on before making a bad joke/pun
  • They somehow usually manage to do it in unison too omfg stop them
  • Farkle’s a sound cloud asshole Maya is so enraged by it
  • There’s like a drawer and a half in Farkle’s room filled with both Riley and Maya’s clothes and he’s got quite a few items laying around their houses too
  • If the group watches horror movies there’s a 97% that at least once in the film, Maya will get to scared and jump to hide behind Farkle’s shoulder. Cory caught a candid photo of it once lmao
  • Basically both Maya and Farkle are perfect mixes of asshole and dorky and they adore each other no matter what MY CHILDREN
April Fools Episode: 2P!Edition

What would the 2p April Fools episode be like?

((I assume you mean what would they wear and what was their embarrassing photo? Sorry, you sent this in like mid-last year and I haven’t ventured to the bottom of my asks in so long :,)) they’re really the ones I need to do first, but also the place I stockpile the ones I save for later lmao))

Okay, so, of course it would be Flavio (clad only in bubble wrap) that somehow obtained photos of everyone, right? He would send them costumes he made and tell everyone to meet in the middle of a popular park. Here’s how it goes.

Luciano shows up as soon as he gets the photo of him putting hairspray in his hair. It is literally the least embarrassing photo anyone could have, but he prides himself in “not” using hairspray. He sits on the ground under a boring and ignored playground contraption in thigh high neon green stripper boots, fishnets, and a neon green bikini. He is also wearing poorly applied make up.

Lutz wanted to wear his costume: a very yellow cocktail dress with an unnecessary amount of sequins. He didn’t fit into the shoes, but thought the outfit was funny. Lutz didn’t really look at his picture, a photo of him naked in the kitchen with his hand in a jar of peanut butter, but went to the park just because: Luciano also used him as a human shield, but that only attracted more attention.

Gilen, unlike Lutz, cared very much. He was super angry that someone got a photo of him under his baby blanket, not embarrassed. He went to the park in a sexy pink gladiator costume just to square up with Flavio.

Kuro wasn’t sure about this. Sure, he was fucking pissed someone caught him watching Korean soaps with Zao, but he definitely did NOT want to be seen in public in a sexy Hatsune Miku cosplay. He did not go.

Andres (Spain, surprise) helped Flavio arrange the event (in trade for alcohol) and made sure the photos would be released if they didn’t show up. Somehow lost all of said photos, causing a group-wide disrupt, but they were really just on his kitchen counter where he forgot them. He was wearing khakis.

Allen went with Lutz (willingly) and also helped to shield Luciano (unwillingly). His photo was of him eating yogurt on the island illuminated by fridge light at four AM (also naked). He wore a hot pink mini dress, a Kylie Jenner wig, and see-through platform shoes.

Oliver screamed when he saw the photo of him holding a glass of orange juice with a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth. He surely would not have friends if they knew about that!! As soon as he read the letter and saw his photo, he put on his black eyeliner and trudged out of the door in his punk-rocker outfit. He looked terrible.

Francois sighed as soon as he saw his photo, then sent a snapchat of it to Matt. He looked in the box to see nothing but another box with a circle cut out on the side before going back to bed. He did not go.

Viktor nearly fainted; how could someone have known he likes watching UFC matches?! He’s a pacifist! He has a rep! He quickly shuffled to open the other box, only to find a women’s ballet uniform in there. This was going to be a long day.

Zao cried (literally) when he saw the picture of him eating Chinese take-out. WHY HAD HIS LIFE FALLEN INTO SHAMBLES!? A single cinematic tear rolled down his cheek as he sat himself next to a blackout Oliver on a bench. Oliver stifled a giggle at the sight of his Yo Gabba Gabba costume. Zao only stared on, too empty to react.

Matt did not want to go, but he also did not want people to see him in a frilly pink apron making waffles at 10PM. He thought it was pointless to wear that same apron to the park and figured if everyone were to see it regardless, might as well be the way where they can’t get a look from behind,,,,

In the end, since Andres forgot the photos (and that gave Luciano enough time to inform Kuro, who did not go, to sneak into Andres’ place and steal them back. A poor choice of person to keep private photographs) and Flavio had to go to the emergency room, April Fools was cancelled and the authorities were notified.

anonymous asked:

I would like to share my experience with the reylo discord chat. When I first joined I was super exited I'll get to interact with other reylos, but when I introduced myself to other memebers I was ignored like I haven't even just typed "hello guys, nice to meet you". They just continued talking about some korean soap opera. I know this might seem petty and over sensitive of me, but that kind of behavior just drives people away... as a mod I thought you should be informed.

Hi! I am so sorry to hear about your experience…I frequently lurk without saying things and I’ve never seen people be rude, but I also understand that sometimes the chat moves fast and people miss notes when they’re deeply engrossed in a discussion. Additionally, when there aren’t many people on (during the odd hours when people are working or sleeping) occasionally the conversation skews off-topic with the stragglers, so while I have no idea why they didn’t respond, I don’t believe they were being purposefully rude. Still, your feelings are valid, and I endeavor to make this little swath of the Reylo community as welcoming as possible.

I haven’t been online much in the last few months, but since I’ve been back I’ve been trying to be more active in the chat, and people have also lately been extra friendly to newcomers….so, if you’re willing to give it another chance, please try again! We’ve had a huge influx of new members (because people shared my previous!), so you’ll be able to just slide right into the conversation with little issue. Honestly, just throw your opinion into a conversation and I promise it will be well-received. :)

I’ll also will be trying to revive the chat parties, which was how so many people connected when we first opened the chat, so please stay tuned! Reach out to me directly (your anonymity is safe, I promise) if you’d like to talk or so I can keep an eye out for you in the chat. Hope to see you there!