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”its sad when i have to come on a blog i have not used in 2 years just to share my opinion anonymously, i am not bashing your popular opinion and i can TOTALLY UNDERSTAND where these lyrics could be misinterpreted

I still support Kidoh, Iron, Supreme Boi and ROCKBOTTOM as a whole.

I will continue to buy their music and support them on their adventures.

And I know 98% of you are already saying “oh my gosh she is such a retard she is so ignorant.”

Believe what you want, believe what you will. Opinions are like assholes everyone has one. And I don’t think your opinion or my opinion should be “right”. 

In case you haven’t been around in this mess, basically, there is a song by IRON on his new album featuring Kidoh and it talks about some sensitive topics. 

I want to talk about the lyrics a little bit, in a calm collective manner. I first want to start off by saying, I’m not bashing you who have another opinion other than mine, I can see your point and where your opinion stems from, but I have reasons for my own beliefs, so if you would please, just hear me out before you get all up on me. 

The lyrics start off with “I heard you say, “boy just rape me.””
This is the line that everyone has been freaking out over. However, I want to try to show my reasoning as to why this song ISN’T about rape. 

The song was meant to show a “twisted bdsm love story”. 

The main shoot down to this point is that the lyrics “cross the line of BDSM and Rape.”

Definition of Rape: unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will usually of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent—compare sexual assault, statutory rape.

Definition of BDSM: Bondage and discipline consist of using physical or psychological restraints, domination and submission involve an exchange of power and control, and sadism and masochism refer to taking pleasure in others’ or one’s own pain or humiliation.

Consensual nonconsent is a kink and a roleplay part of BDSM. People partake in it. I myself had partaken in it. 

“Consensual non-consent, also called meta-consent and blanket consent, is a mutual agreement to be able to act as if consent has been waived.”

This in my mind automatically rules out “I heard YOU say, ‘Boy just rape me’” as a statement of rape. It’s a statement of meta-consent. 

Which sets up for the rest of the song, which goes into:
“Let me tell you in advance, ain’t no lover
Engrave it in your mind, I’m yo fuckin’ owner
I’m a conqueror, you obey”

This is a NORMAL BDSM activity. Another point the opposing side makes is that it can’t be a twisted “BDSM love story” because he says “Ain’t no lover.” However, in reality, in BDSM relationships, in the bed you aren’t a lover. You are a dominant and submissive, and pet and an owner. “Making love” isn’t a term that is relevant in this situation.

“Pick up the phone, it’s your man’s number
Of course, my hand is clutching your hair tightly
and your ragged breathing means you dirty ho
I treat you like a sinner, stop being close to tears
I want you to feel it, to beg and feel shame
Your teary gaze, I enjoy this pleasure”

Pain and pleasure are hand in hand when it comes to BDSM. Hair pulling, slapping, roughness. People get pleasure out of pain. Been there done that. It’s normal for BDSM.

“Gon’ be yo trauma, think of me every night”

This is the only line in the whole song I think should have been thought through. Trauma was NOT a good word to use because it only makes it seem like the song is about something it isn’t.  Poor choice of wording for sure in this line. 

Again, I see where people are coming from with the rape concept, but coming from someone who is now a legal adult and has been in 4 different BDSM-centered relationships. This song just doesn’t make sense to be called a song about rape. 

I feel better after getting that out. You can send all the hate you want to this account. I won’t see it. I log off and I will never return. It’s ridiculous I can’t share my opinion publicly without a severe amount of backlash. I AM NOT ATTACKING ANYONE WHO HAS A DIFFERENT OPINION. I simply wanted to state why I am choosing to continue to support them. You can have whatever opinion you wish to have, that is your deal and not mine. 

Be kind to one another, be humble and sweet. 
I hope you all have a wonderful day/night. 

-Anon xoxo

EDIT *** ONLY FOR SUPPORTERS *** : I want to thank all of you who have been giving this post positive support. I knew that somewhere in all of this mess, there were still supporters. Despite the extreme backlash. I will encourage you, the supporters of Kidoh, Iron, Supreme Boi and Rockbottom as a whole to take the time to open your Instagram (if you have one) and send a positive DM to all of them. I feel as though they could use the cheering spirits. Though we are put down and forced to be rather quiet about the situation as a whole because we are immediately deemed “trash” for supporting them, sending positive spirits through a private DM is enough to show you still care to all of them. They’re human beings. They see the backlash and they see what’s being said. I have seen people on the opposing side telling them to literally kill themselves and other people on the opposing side getting pissed off at those people because that’s just wrong to say. I feel as though our boys need as much love as they can get from us right now. And with that I’ll leave this post, now. I just had to check on it from my other account to see how it was doing and I was genuinely shocked by the amount of positive support it has gained. Though it’s nothing in comparison to the other viewpoint, it show us as a whole, as a group of fans that hope is not lost for these boys. And with this, things come and go. Within a year, something else will have been released that is “too offensive” and this will be considered backwash. Let’s face it, that’s how the system works. It’s fucked. All of us, we know and we see how fucked it is. I being a genuine K-Pop stan can even admit that the system is fucked. The whole entire Korean Entertainment industry with the exception of TV dramas is fucked. Anyway, New fans come, old fans leave. This is not the end for Hyosang, Hunchul, Donghyuk and ROCKBOTTOM.  Just a bump in the road. People like to blow things out of proportion with, “their career is over.” Most of you probably know what went down with Blacknut during SMTM4 and everyone was so ragey and appalled then. But his career isn’t over. I’ll admit it’s not in a better place really than before he went on SMTM4 but, his career isn’t “over.” And that song was worse than this Iron song. It’ll all blow over. Keep supporting, in a few weeks, months. This will have blown. People will no longer find it worh their time to leave hateful comments. Things will return to normal, I promise. As long as they don’t do anything else too shady but, knowing them they’ll take extreme precautions. No music will be released for a while. Ikje may return, if Ikje returns within the timespan, more than likely he’ll release music while the others are working behind the scenes. I know it seems like faith has been lost here, but it hasn’t. Just like them, it’s our time to work behind the scenes and when it all blows over, we can once again come out of our shells and return to normal. 

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(Trans) Track Information for Jaejoong’s 2nd album, No.X


1. Good Morning Night (Lyrics by Jaejoong)

2. Drawer

3. Love You More

4. Love You To Death  (Lyrics by Jaejoong)

5. Good Luck  (Lyrics and co-composed by Jaejoong)

6. Blame  (Lyrics and co-composed by Jaejoong)

7. Welcome to my wild world

8. Breathing  (Lyrics by Jaejoong)

9. All that Glitters  (Lyrics by Jaejoong)

10. Meeting again will meet again but.. (Lyrics by Jaejoong)

11. You know what?  (Lyrics by Jaejoong)

12. Run Away  (Lyrics by Jaejoong)

(trans: crystalmoon64)

Links to order Jaejoong’s 2nd album^^: (click)

So tired of the bullshit

I don’t know why in the black community that if you something that is considered different then something is wrong with you. You’re weird, you want to be white. I once had a girl in my class who I was friends with tell me that because I was black that I should be listening to Lil Wayne and not Linkin Park. And just recently I had a girl say to me “Do I want to Korean or Black?” because I listen to Kpop and thought that I didn’t know what I was talking about when it comes to POC issues and the light skin vs. dark skin debate. It confuses me and angers me that in the black community you’re seen as an outsider because of your different interests. And if I didn’t use slang I was called a white girl by girls who I used to consider as friends but I only see them as acquaintances when I see them now. 

I’m proud to be a weird black girl. I’m proud that my musical taste ranges from Utada Hikaru to BTS to Linkin Park and to finish it off with 90s R&B. I prefer to listen to Korean Pop music and J-Rock over Beyonce and that’s okay, but I’m not going to insult someone who prefers Beyonce over BTS. If you like Beyonce and Nicki then go right ahead and listen to them who am I to question your blackness or even insult you because your interests and likes are different than mine. 

I don’t see why liking different things end up making you a black sheep.That somehow liking things from different cultures somehow means that my blackness has to come into question.  I hate that I have to defend myself at every turn because I’m black and I should listen to this genre of music or watch this tv show. I didn’t know that because I am black that I can’t like things from other cultures or watch what I want to watch and listen to what I want to listen to. 

I’m just so damn tired of people treating me like shit because of what I enjoy.