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name: jackie

a four letter word: java
a boy’s name: jack
an occupation: judge
something you can wear: jeans
a food: jajangmyun (is romanization cheating? - jam donuts are also a thing)
something you find in a bathroom: jewelry 
a place: jamsil station
a reason for being too late: jumped by wolves? idk
something you shout: JUST DO IT
a movie title: jumanji 
something you drink: juice
a type of car: jaguar

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THANKS FOR SUGGESTING GUYS. The kids design are complete!
From left to right, Zen’s, Jumin’s, Saeyoung’s, Saeran’s, Jaehee’s and Yoosung’s. 

Only Saeyoung’s and Saeran’s child has their official name, Ha-neul and Ha-yun. I’m still deciding for the other. Feels free to suggest Korean name~

The Choi’s are the oldest while the other are younger than them and Yoosung’s daughter the youngest. I have reasons why their design and gender like this~ Will give full info sometime. :3c


Okay since someone said there are no Rika or V children. As I wrote on my previous post before, this AU is still roughly planned. I’m still trying to think on how to make V and Rika have their happy ending. There WILL or MIGHT be Rika and V children or Rika x V children- It is a parallel world AU so anything is possible. (Please read my AU explanation thread)


Jumin’s daughter name is Mi-joo han and Zen’s son is Jin-sun. Yoosung’s will be Chae-rin. Only Jaehee’s son is unnamed. I will quick color them once I have some free time.

thighs, thighs and thighs

you thirsty people like these for sum reason. especially you @jinxkook enjoy.

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bless his thighs

it all started with a simple question. 

“y/n. what is your favourite thing about me?” 

 you gave it a few days thought because what didn’t you love about him. but after the first two days you narrowed it down to his physical traits. his arms, veins, abs or thighs. 

his arms were built and you loved how they’d effortlessly lift you up and spin you around. 

 his veins. god, his veins. they made him look like a sex god and it drove you crazy. 

 his abs. you’d be lying if you said you didn’t like running your fingers down the short dips on his stomach. 

 his thighs. they were hard as fuck. and we’re just so muscular you loved thinking about them whenever you could. which was probably once every 15 seconds. 

so after making up your mind up, you walked up to him, put on your flirty smile and leaned into his ear, “your thighs are my favourite thing about you.” 

 in a flash he’d taken a seat on the closer chair and pulled you in between his legs. 

his hands pulled your pyjama shorts down your legs and grabbed your hips to sit you down on his thigh. “ride my thigh baby, i want to see your panties and my sweats to get soaked with your sweet sweet juices.” he encouraged, moving your hips before you took control and began grinding down on his muscular thigh. 

your hands gripped his shoulder in an attempt to balance yourself as you began to grind yourself down on him. your voice produced breathy moans and sweet cries of pleasure that were like music to his ears and you found it hard to concentrate as he whispered dirty words into your ear, which only brought you closer to the edge. 

 “holy fuck, kookie. you have no idea how much i love your thighs.” you moaned, biting down on your lips as you threw your head back when suddenly his thigh clenched beneath you, causing you jerk your hips forwards at the new friction. 

“oh god, please do that aga- oH FUCK.” 

he continued flexing his thigh until eventually it was too much for you to handle and your orgasm washed over you, dripping down from your clit and soaking through your panties and the fabric of his jeans in the process. you came down from your high before resting your head on his shoulder, kissing his material covering his skin lightly before you looked back up at him. 

“so my thighs are your favourite things about me?” 

you nod your head, “yup.” 

“well then i gotta try harder to make this dick your favourite thing.” he says, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder as he stood up and walked to your bedroom, ready to show you how amazing the jungcock really was.

The signs current Seventeen bias wrecker

Aries: Jeon Wonwoo
Taurus: 전원우
Gemini: Wonwoo
Cancer: 원우
Leo: Jeon Wonwoo
Virgo: Wonwoo
Libra: 전원우
Scorpio: Wonwoo
Sagittarius: 전원우
Capricorn: W o n w o o
Aquarius: 👏🏼Jeon👏🏼Wonwoo👏🏼
Pisces: 원우


jennie kim

53/?? bias mbs: wlw blackpink for anon - jennie


send us a bias and we’ll make you a moodboard

CLC scored the best-selling K-pop song in America this week as their track debuts at No. 4 on World Digital Song Sales, rising above BIGBANG (at No. 5 with “Fxxk It”), Chanyeol and Punch (at No. 6 with “Stay With Me”), BTS (No. 7 is “Blood Sweat & Tears”), and V and Jin (No. 8 with “It’s Definitely You”). Meanwhile, the Crystyle EP debuts at a respectable No. 6 on World Albums, this time landing behind the latest releases from Seohyun, BIGBANG and BTS. It’s also their first appearance on the chart after five Korean releases to their name. (x)

“See you in 600 years!” - the Ryder twins last selfie on Earth. 

With all the N7 day hype, i wanted to draw a quick concept art for my Ryder twins - Sun and Moon. 

Sun, the female half of the twins, is quick-witted, military trained, ready for anything. She is excited about the mission, and can’t wait to leave. Moon, on the other hand, is a science nerd, and he’s quiet and doesn’t like changes, so he’s only going because she is going. 

I am sssoo excited!!!! i can’t wait to find out more about ME:A.

For all those new ToppKlass out there who just wanna know the basic outlines of Topp Dogg… Enjoy~ (tag urselves I’m P-Goon)

Control freak but means well
Will not let you beat up his friends bc he wants to do it himself

Jenissi (former)-
Never sleeps
Lives on coffee
Old af
Kinda drunk
SoundCloud enthusiast
His dog hates him
Hot af
Won’t take his shirt off
Wants to be a chef but can’t cook noodles
Once made a banana pasta
Called it Brnrnr prstr

Can do the Robot
Prettier than you
Best dressed
Better than you

A legit camel (Nakta means camel in Korean)
Real name is Yooncheol
Loves frogs
Really awkward
Probably has killed a man

Gohn (former)-
Voice of an angel
Bruno Mars
Large hands
Loud af but also awkward af
Low key made out with Yano
Very passionate about everything he does
Joined the military

Kidoh (former)-
Potty mouth
Really cute
Bffs with Jin from BTS
Loves Poland
Questionable life choices

Seogoong (former)-
An actual angel
Has the meats
Really cute bottom teeth
Likes jumping on beds
Picks people up a lot

Bipolar little fuck
His laugh tho
Cuter than you
Art freak
Likes mannequins
His dog
Loves B-Joo and nobody else


An actual baby
Swears a lot
Smells bad

Can’t decide on a fucking hair style
Can’t sing
Spits fire tho
Rap god
Speaks pretty good English
Second youngest
Gets pranked a lot
Conceded little shit

So pretty
But also dumb as fuck
Dance prodigy
Likes minions
Aesthetic but not as aesthetic as Hojoon
Barely knows how to read

An actual sweetheart
His smile can cure cancer
Sings lullabies
Sneaky little fuck
Has cute ears
Ashamed of everyone