korean mexican fusion


Anita and Renee enjoyed dinner this evening (as well as an aged bottle of Pinot Noir) at a new harbourside restaurant called Taboo - Renee was excited to visit Taboo because she had heard very good things about the restaurant’s groundbreaking Mexican-Korean fusion dishes, and being in the catering business she likes to keep up with what’s trending on the Bridgeport food scene. She and Anita agree the food at Taboo was wonderful (especially the kimchi burritos!) and their sloe-eyed waiter absolutely gorgeous as well as being very friendly. Now they have travelled by taxi to a trendy bar on the other side of town to enjoy a postprandial aperitif (or two or three or twenty-four!), because the meal and the wine and the waiter and each other’s company has put them in a buoyant and carefree mood, and they are in no hurry to go home.