korean mexican fusion

Sapporo Premium Beer by Sapporo Breweries Ltd.

Japan’s craft brewing scene is just starting to grow and only a few breweries have distributed to the United States. For most Americans, Japanese beer is all light lagers from large macro brewers. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Case in point: Sapporo on draft. I had this one at Korean/Mexican/American fusion restaurant Chi’lantro here in Austin (try the kimchi fries!). This beer reminds me of a really good German-style pilsner. It’s a light beer no doubt but still has flavor. The malt is semi-sweet and bready and there’s a good amount of yeast and hops to go with that to create a good balance. Something like this is a perfect example of a beer that’s much better on tap than from a bottle/can.    

Converse High (One Shot/Scenario/Request)

Summary: There are two things he doesn’t get; why everyone thinks she’s so great and her choice of shoes. 

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There are many things Min Yoongi doesn’t understand about high school. For one, who decides who the cool kids are? Who picked their school lunch menu? Since when does grilled cheese validate as remotely healthy? Because the hardened pieces of bread glued together by American flavored cheese are frankly horrifying.

Also why was his music technology class only one semester?

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So I was thinking about lewis’ ethnicity and how most people are pretty set on Latino. However there’s the problem of his family’s restaurant, its called pepper paradiso, which is Italian, not Spanish for paradise. They specialize in spicy food, which is kinda unusual for Italian food, its not really known for being super spicy. Then I started thinking about this restaurant near me called Red Hot Kitchen, that specializes in spicy foods and is a Mexican/Korean FUSION place. And its freaking amazing.

So what if lewis’ familys place is an Italian/mexican fusion place. Like that sounds like it could be really good. Use flavors normally found in Mexican food on pastas and stuff.