korean male


50 Favorite Korean Males: TOP/CHOI SEUNG HYUN (singer/actor)

I will admit that when I first saw TOP I wasn’t initially attracted to him. Don’t get me wrong he was cute, but he didn’t appeal to me. My sister on the other hand loved him from the beginning. After seeing TOP more often he started to grow on me. He is a very unique character. On the outside he is very serious but who would have thought he would have weird and wacky side. That is one of the reasons why I have a new found appreciation for him.


50 Favorite Korean Males: MICKY/PARK YOOCHUN (actor/singer)

Yoochun to me is just one of the best idol/actors that I have seen. Every drama I’ve watched of his have been really good and there are still some I have to see. I love that he can be really serious, but then turn around and act cute and goofy. I really love to hear him sing too. He isn’t very bad on the eyes either.


50 Favorite Korean Males: G-DRAGON/KWON JI YONG (singer)

Talk about talent! Not only is G-Dragon a great singer, but he can write really good songs. He is a great leader to his group and he seems to be very humble with everything he does. He doesn’t show off and is very shy when he isn’t on stage. I love that he can be wild and crazy while he performs but once you sit him down for an interview he becomes reserved. That is one of the things that attracted me to him.