korean japanese restaurant

And they're ivy league students...

I used to work at a Japanese/Korean restaurant right next to an ivy league university. 2 stories.

1) This girl was gluten-free so she asked if we had rice noodles and I told her no, our store doesn’t use rice noodles in any of our dishes. she proceeds to look condescending looking through the entire menu scoffing “you’re telling me out of all this there are no dishes with rice noodles”, when I tell her no, she doesn’t believe me, gives me attitude, and when I’m walking away she has the audacity to insult me like it’s my fault she couldn’t have walked 10 more feet to the Vietnamese restaurant next door for their pho. For those of you who don’t know, rice noodles are a lot more popular/abundant in southeast Asian foods, they’re rarely used in Japanese/Korean dishes.

2) This girl on a date with a guy, she’s vegetarian. she tells me this so i point out our vegetarian options and leave. when i come back she says she wants to order the vegetable udon, which i didn’t point out to her bc it’s made with fish stock. I spend 2 minutes explaining why our vegetable udon is not vegetarian until I realize she doesn’t know what “stock” or “broth” means because she thinks you just put noodles in boiling water with some vegetables. Her date joins me in explaining that THE SOUP. IS NOT VEGETARIAN, but she doesn’t get it in the end so she just picks another dish while THEY BOTH glare at me and leave a shit tip like I was the one to ruin their date.

I ended up not getting into this damn school, but these experiences made me feel a lot better about that fact.



styled by chefs Mia & JA

Had an awesome time doing this shoot because of the challenge in production design for the new look for the popular korean-japanese restaurant here in Manila. The client wanted a dark & moody treatment while still showing the beauty of their dishes. I’m glad they also liked my idea of having the bamboo cast some shadows to create that early morning or late afternoon effect on the dishes.