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And they're ivy league students...

I used to work at a Japanese/Korean restaurant right next to an ivy league university. 2 stories.

1) This girl was gluten-free so she asked if we had rice noodles and I told her no, our store doesn’t use rice noodles in any of our dishes. she proceeds to look condescending looking through the entire menu scoffing “you’re telling me out of all this there are no dishes with rice noodles”, when I tell her no, she doesn’t believe me, gives me attitude, and when I’m walking away she has the audacity to insult me like it’s my fault she couldn’t have walked 10 more feet to the Vietnamese restaurant next door for their pho. For those of you who don’t know, rice noodles are a lot more popular/abundant in southeast Asian foods, they’re rarely used in Japanese/Korean dishes.

2) This girl on a date with a guy, she’s vegetarian. she tells me this so i point out our vegetarian options and leave. when i come back she says she wants to order the vegetable udon, which i didn’t point out to her bc it’s made with fish stock. I spend 2 minutes explaining why our vegetable udon is not vegetarian until I realize she doesn’t know what “stock” or “broth” means because she thinks you just put noodles in boiling water with some vegetables. Her date joins me in explaining that THE SOUP. IS NOT VEGETARIAN, but she doesn’t get it in the end so she just picks another dish while THEY BOTH glare at me and leave a shit tip like I was the one to ruin their date.

I ended up not getting into this damn school, but these experiences made me feel a lot better about that fact.


Anonymous said: Hello^^ I was just wondering if you’ll continue “Pinup Boy” from Michinoku Atami. No rushing or anything. I just really like it and I wanted to confirm that it didn’t get dropped. I love your work~ 😊😊

Hello! Pinup Boy was only 2 chapters so it’s been completed! I feel like I get this ask a lot lmao. But no worries, that couple shows up in other chapters in the Midnight Love Alliance universe!

(taken from a chapter I’m currently working on)

Anonymous said: I know that some people’s pet peeve is scanlating using ebooks found wherever, but please keep in mind some of us solo scanlators buy the books and use found ebook raws simply to save time.

I… wasn’t talking about you then?😭😭 That reblog was about scanlators who don’t buy what they work on but still tell others to buy them. You said you buy them, so that’s awesome! Keep doing you, let us support the mangakas any way we can 💕

Anonymous said: I understand that you won’t translate the manga of your future list of projects. Did you find any groups that took them?

No one has contacted me to use my raws, but I’m sure there are groups that will pick them up! 

Anonymous said: Hi! This is completely unrelated to translations and you don’t need to answer but did you know there’s this makeup brand called TooFaced and they came out with this peach line and their new palette is called just peachy? I thought i’d mention it because of your cute name!!

GIRL. (or boy or however you self-identify)
DON’T START THIS HERE YOU DON’T WANT TO START MY MAKEUP RANTS HERE. OF COURSE I KNOW ABOUT IT!!!!!! The moment they announced it I was ON IT. I’m sad because I bought their previous Sweet Peach palette for Nitsu but I should’ve waited for this JustPeachy one 😩 I haven’t bought it and idk if I will bc I don’t wear eyeshadow, and I’m more skincare > makeup so I’m saving up for some new essences and creams instead 😭 Thank you for this message though I got so excited!!!! 

reikicchi said: Nothing related to scanlation, I just wanted to say that I like your kakao icon XDD ♥

Thank you!!! Though I feel bad, I only chose apeach because he fits my justpeachy vibe, my favorite character is actually muzi!!!

HE’S A PICKLED RADISH IN A BUNNY COSTUME. Try and tell me that’s not cute I dare you. I’m going back to Korea next year so u kno I’ll be stopping by the kakao friends store and stocking up on some muzi merch 😭😭

Anonymous said: Hi Tea-San, 1. Did Crackster get finished translating I didn’t know if it was dropped or still ongoing either way I understand I just recently discovered this title? So good! 2. Isn’t really a question, but how did you come up with the adorable name? Love your translation keep up the good work! じゃあね

1) The translations for Crack Star has been completed, the releases are up to the anon and they will be private releases on her site! I DEFF get a lot of asks about this lmao. Oh man did you guys read the spinoff series with the idol brother?? I’m so psyched for the next chapter  👀
2) Story time! My online username has been icedtea since the beginning of time like since the og club penguin days lmao. It’s from Sugar Honey Iced Tea… My best friend was sugar honey and I was iced tea. If you know what it means I’m sorry ok if it makes you feel better it was my friend’s idea and not mine. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it. And for the justpeachy part, I think this was when I was doing my internship and also worked part time? Yall og followers know when I’m talking about. It was like 10pm on a tuesday after my part time job and I’m giving my best friend a ride back and- here, let me just copy paste my response from another ask: My friends came to visit at my part time job (I worked at a Korean/Japanese restaurant and could sneak them some free food) and one of them lives close to me so I’m giving her a ride back, she says she’s craving a snapple iced tea so we stop by a store and this dumbass buys the diet lemon iced tea which who tf gets, come on step your game up. Well, on our drive back, she takes a sip and says, “this is disgusting, do you want it? I should’ve gotten the peach”. And bam. What a great and touching story, right? Aren’t you glad I told you? Though honestly… diet lemon iced tea? get out of my house… My go to iced tea flavor will always and forever be peach. Though guess who’s allergic to peaches 😂😂😂 OH! SPEAKING OF!!! LOOK AT WHAT I SAW THE OTHER DAY

Anonymous said: May I ask why you are closing down? Thanks for all the hard work you have done!
Anonymous said: Hey I was just wondering why you were closing down by the end of the year??
Anonymous said: “Code: will be the last justpeachy scanlation, it’ll be released as a volume once I’m done with all my other projects” What do you mean??? You’re closing down??? NOOOOOO T_T I LOVE YOU I DON’T WANT YOU TO GOOOOO
Anonymous said: Hi !! Thanks so much as usual for translating Batsu Game <3 . As i saw from your ‘About’ , you will be closing down by end of the year. Can i know the reasons for it and will u drop those project that were on hiatus ?? Appreciate if you can reply me thankss <3

Yes, I’ll be finishing up the projects I currently have listed (Batsu Game, Koiyume Lover, Ai ni Dekinai Koi wa Iya, Code) before I close down so no worries. If Family Affair comes back, I’m not sure if I’ll be down to work on it, I’ll have to see what my rl situation is like. The main reason I’m closing down is that I’m over this whole thing 😅 I barely read yaoi anymore, I’ve watched the groups I was in and grew up with disappear, there’s a lot more readers now which is good! But that brings more of the toxic stuff and even though I don’t read the comments on reader sites anymore, it’s a little depressing seeing that side of things 😂 This ‘scanlation group’ was just me doing my thing, but because I’m lazy and have no skill, I asked friends/strangers for help. So it’s not like I have group members to worry about. And they’re in other groups or have their own groups anyway. I guess scanlating just isn’t fun for me anymore so 

🍑 Peachy Updates 🍑 

  • Koiyume Lover ch 5 is completed, just waiting to be released (I’m wondering if I should do what I originally planned and wait to release the rest of the chapters all at once? Or release one by one…)
  • Rift extras currently being typesetted
  • Finished translating chapter 2 and 3 of No Color Baby for Sentimientoyaoi (shit’s wild 👀)
  • The new Michinoku Atami has been cleaned, waiting for me to finish translating, then will be sent off for some font magic
  • Lmao I haven’t touched Ai ni Dekinai Koi wa Iya and I prob won’t for a while 
  • Code: has been cleaned, I’ll eventually start translating it
  • Is this it? I feel like I’ve been a lot more productive…
  • Oh, it’s bc I’m helping kr proof this one series and proofing takes a lot more work than translating…
  • And also bc I did half of what I listed today lmaooo
  • I have a friend coming to visit this weekend so no work will be done bc we’re about to hit up all you can eat sushi and study for exams
  • Homecoming is next weekend so no work will be done bc I’ll be out of commission. Hopefully not puking.
  • The weekend after that I’m spending in the city for a friend’s birthday so I definitely will be out of commission and will definitely be puking.

Some angst is coming your way

 Floria - Tomohisa Sako (Natsume Yuujinchou Roku OP) 

Not So Magical Prom Night

Group/Member: BTS/Taehyung

Words: 933

Genre/Warnings: fluff

Summary: Taehyung and y/n’s prom doesn’t exactly go as it’s supposed to

Request: @juliesandro

A/N: So this is based off of my prom experience. I didn’t even want to go, but two of my friends, my mom, and my memaw all said “you have to go or you’re gonna regret it”. I regret going and I doubt I would have had any negative consequences of not going but oh well. Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

“Okay, one more picture!” Your photographer cousin insists, although you had already taken at least 50. You quickly put on your smile and lean closer to Taehyung, hoping that the picture will be done quickly. “And done.”

“Oh, thank god!” You mutter, glad to finally relax your facial muscles. You turn to your boyfriend. “I don’t know how you’re able to do that on a regular basis.”

“You get used to it after a few times.” He rubs your back as you walk back to your family.

“Okay, have fun, don’t get in too much trouble, and come home as soon as it’s over.” Your mom reminds you. “Oh, do you need money for dinner?”

“Don’t worry, Ms. Y/L/N, I’ll be paying for her.” He smiles at your mom before grabbing your hand. “You ready to go?”

“God, yes.” You say, thankful that your mom has yet to embarrass you, but wanting to leave before she gets the chance to. “Bye, Mom!” You wave as Taehyung pulls you towards his car. “So where are we going?” You ask after the both of you are settled in your seats.

“To your favorite restaurant.” He says vaguely, but you know exactly where he’s talking about.

“Naru?” You think about the Japanese-Korean restaurant. (a/n: actual restaurant in my hometown where my friends and I went for our pre-prom dinner)

“Uh-huh~” He hums, pulling out of the parking lot. “It’s never busy, so I thought it would be a nice place to go.” He pulls your hand up to his mouth and presses a kiss to your knuckles as a smile sticks itself to your face. That smile drops as you pull into the nearly full parking lot of the restaurant. “So much for it not being busy.” He mutters as he parks the car.

Although the restaurant is very full, a situation that you have never seen in your years of going to the restaurant, the two of you are seated and have your orders taken very quickly. The downside? Everyone in the restaurant keeps staring at the two of you because of how dressed up you are. “I mean, they do know that it’s prom night, they don’t need to stare at us like we’re freaks.” You say after your food is brought out to you.

“They’re staring because you are the most beautiful person in here and everyone either wants to be you or date you. Unlucky for them, lucky for me.” Taehyung says, taking a bite of his food as you feel your face begin to heat up.

“Stop it.” You mumble, shoving food in your mouth to cover how flustered you are.

Once you finish your meal, you drive to the country club where the dance is being held. When you’re inside, you see one half of the main room is full of people dancing, the other half full of people just standing or sitting around and mingling, and a small room off to the side has a refreshments table with a chocolate fountain as the main piece. The two of you walk around, saying hi to your friends as you see them as you wait for a slow song to play so the two of you can dance. However, that doesn’t seem to happen. After an hour and a half of sitting around and listening to Uptown Funk play for the 6th time, you begin to realize your school probably isn’t going to play a slow song in order to keep things “appropriate” at the dance, considering they censored the word damn in Uptown Funk. You look over and see Taehyung slightly bouncing his leg, something he does when he’s either agitated, bored, restless, or a mixture of any or all of the above. You reach over and place your hand in his, causing him to turn his head towards you. “You wanna duck out of here?”

“Are you sure? I know you were looking forward to this.”

You shrug. “It’s kind of boring.” You look around at the amount of people, none of which seem to be having the time of their life, before looking back at him. “We could go see that new Disney movie instead.”

He smiles at you. “Let’s go.” He pulls you up and leads you towards the exit.

Along the way, you run into one of your friends. “Hey, y/f/n.” You stop to talk to them. “Tae and I are heading out to see a movie, you wanna come with?”

They shrug. “I’ll have to talk to my girlfriend and see what she wants to do. We may or may not meet you there.” You nod and say bye before walking out to Taehyung’s car.

The two of you approach the ticket counter, Taehyung already pulling out his wallet. “Uh, don’t the two of y’all have somewhere else to be?” The worker says jokingly.

“It was kind of boring. We’d rather come watch a movie.” The worker laughs. After the two of you get your tickets and some snacks, you enter the theater and find to not very much surprise that you have the theater to yourselves. You pick the best seats, right in the center of both the screen and the theater itself. As you get settled, you feel your phone buzz. You pull it out and start giggling.

“What is it?” Taehyung inquire, shoving a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

“Y/F/N just texted me. They said they wished they took us up on their offer because the DJ is having technical difficulties so they’re without music until a new laptop arrives.”

“Oh, poor them.” Taehyung says with not very much feeling before taking a sip of his drink.



styled by chefs Mia & JA

Had an awesome time doing this shoot because of the challenge in production design for the new look for the popular korean-japanese restaurant here in Manila. The client wanted a dark & moody treatment while still showing the beauty of their dishes. I’m glad they also liked my idea of having the bamboo cast some shadows to create that early morning or late afternoon effect on the dishes.