Victuuri Week Day 2: Historical Drama AU (۶* ‘ꆚ’)۶”

in which Viktor is a yangban who falls in love with this extremely cute and intelligent scholar ~

Korean History 1/infinite

A leading global power with well developed commerce and widespread influence through the mainstream wave of Kpop and Kdrama, the Republic of South Korea has humble beginnings in a rich history spanning over 5,000 years of culture and development. Today, let’s begin a “crash course” of Korean history starting from the very beginning!~

[The Birth of a Nation]
What we call the modern day “Republic of South Korea” first began on the Korean Peninsula known as the state of Gojoseon (고조선) which lasted from approximately 2333-108BC. Forged from fighting, the newly established nation was founded on the principles of “Hongik Ingan” meaning “to change the world beautifully through love and service instead of violence and war”. The nation founded by the warrior Dangun Wanggeom (단군 왕검) following clashes with other nomadic tribes. Fortified and newly established, the king wished to instill a national spirit of devotion to the welfare of mankind reflected by the observations of Chinese historians who stated that “the country is rather large but not arrogant about itself; its army is rather strong but does not invade another country”.

*disclaimer: I’m trying to compile lots of information into small tidbits (unless you guys want more “^^). Please keep in mind I am not a history expert, but I’m doing as much research as I can to relay more accurate facts. I’m trying to add something “new” to this blog so I hope you guys like it! Hope this helps!


Jang Geum (장금) was supposedly the first female Royal Physician in Korean history. She has been mentioned more than seven times in the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, appearing for the first time when Jang Geum took care of King Jung Jong’s pregnant second queen. In 1524, the Annals noted that “Dae Jang Geum was better than any other medical women in the Palace. As a result, she was permitted to look after the King”, becoming the first female doctor of a Korean king. The last entry that mentioned Jang Geum was on October 29, 1544, 17 days before the death of King Jung Jong. 

RED HOT: Three badass Marines light their smokes off a 50 caliber machine gun barrel that got red hot while firing at Red troops in central Korea. They are, left to right: Cpl. Charles E. Fritchman of China Lake, California, Pfc. James E. Hickman of Fort Worth, Texas, and Sgt. Donald MacGillivray, Chicago, Illinois. Ashland, Ohio, Times-Gazette. Monday Evening, May 7, 1951.