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I’ve been reading some fics and...

I’ve noticed some common mistakes with the uses of -ah and -yah at the end of names, so here’s a quick tip! (I’m Korean so this is just some basic knowledge.)

When you use (name)-Ah or (name)-Yah, its similar to saying “Hey, (Name)”. It calls attention to the person you are addressing.

You don’t add it every time their name is mentioned like you would use (name)-san or (name)-kun in Japanese.

Ex: Jimin-ah, did you eat yet?

Wrong ex: Jimin-ah ate lots of food.

Another mistake that I see commonly is the confusion of when to use ah and yah.

When a character’s name ends in a vowel, you use Yah

Ex: Yoongi-yah, Hobi-yah

When a character’s name ends in a consonant, you use Ah 

Ex: Namjoon-ah, Seokjin-ah

Last thing is that using ah and yah is informal language. You wouldn’t use it on someone older than you unless your age is considerably close.

Since Jungkook is 5 years younger than Seokjin, he wouldn’t call him “Seokjin-ah” he would call him “Seokjin-hyung”

Hope that made sense! happy writings~~!


allurekorea instagram update
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Topik II 후기

I got level 6 and reached my goal of getting +90 on listening and reading.

So glad I’m done with it. My writing is surprisingly high, I didn’t have time to proofread anything (which my dyslexic brain needs to do multiple times in any language), and didn’t give the first 2 questions a second thought, my essay was 150~characters too short. Also I’m never bothering with this again unless they come up with a computer based version.

I don’t think it says that much, but I feel like, you can be mediocre at Korean and get level 6 but you can’t be good and not get at least level 4~5? With language tests they might make the error of overestimating your skills, but they can only underestimate you so much. In a weird way it kind of helps with my imposter syndrome. 

It’s a bit annoying that their writing exam is so non representative, since my writing does need to improve, but being able to write more or less exactly 700 character essays isn’t a skill I want to acquire. I guess I should start up my naver blog again?

RFA find out MC is learning Korean


• he found out because he saw a basic Korean language book in MC’s bag
• he giggled to himself finding it cute she was learning a different language
• he was also a little upset
• he didn’t want MC to feel like she has to learn a whole new language for him
• plus he already knows a fair amount of English from when he studied hard in high school
• when he confronted MC she was a bit shocked
• she wanted to get good at the language so she can communicate better with his friends
• plus he speaks Korean when he isn’t talking to her so she thought he felt more comfortable speaking Korean
• Yoosung said if she was going to learn Korean he wanted to help her
• whenever he studied for his classes she’d study Korean next to him
• they’d help each other if they had any questions
• Yoosung grew to love study time and made even more time for it


• MC was having a lunch break while Jaehee attended to the few people in the cafe
• it’s a slow day so MC thought she could use the relaxing atmospher to her advantage
• Jaehee noticed she forgot to even grab her lunch and MC was already deep in thought on her computer
• she went up to MC handing her the lunch she bought
• Jaehee saw what looked to be a tutorial and tilted her head in a curious gaze
• MC noticed Jaehee’s presence and tried to hide the screen
• soon MC was confessing what she was doing
• she wanted to make Jaehee proud
• Jaehee smiled reassuring MC she was already proud of her
• Jaehee was fairly fluent in English so she saw no need
• however she enjoyed being MC’s motivation
• she searched online for the best materials on learning Korean
• if her MC was learning the language for her, she wanted to make sure it wasn’t too much of a struggle


• he came home from a quick morning run
• he overheard MC pronouncing basic Korean vowels
• he was curious as to what she was doing
• he never heard her attempt the language yet it seemed good enough to pass
• he saw MC with headphones on and writing down the vowels as she said them
• he put his hands on her shoulder and she jumped throwing the headphones off
• he asked what she was up to
• she confessed saying she knows Zen isn’t the best at English
• she wanted to meet somewhere in the middle to make it easier
• he sighed and looked at her adoringly
• in the inside he was devastated
• she already seemed to know more Korean than he did English
• he began to study English as he worked out
• he’d make her say simple things (spoon, blanket, bathroom, etc.)
• he loved when she speaked Korean
• he’s so proud she’s learning a new language just for him
• he’d also surprise her dropping new words every once in awhile
• often the wrong way
• “I’m the handsomest species in the Earth”


• he’s already fluent in English
• on a very rare occurrence he may pronounce something wrong
• he knew Korean, English, French, German, and Spanish.
• he found it confusing when he heard MC cooing at Elizabeth in broken Korean
• seeing her pout every time she mispronounced a word
• when he asked what she was doing her face got red
• she didn’t want to speak any Korean infront of him until she was fluent enough
• she just wanted to learn his given language
• sometimes Jumin would get stress and vent in Korean to MC
• the poor thing had no idea what he was saying but she wanted to help him feel better so badly
• he didn’t want her to go through the trouble for him so he opposed at first
• after enough going back and forth he gave in
• he even said he would hire someone to give her lessons
• as much as she opposed he said it was the only condition
• after a month Jumin decided to start being testy with her
• he’d often chime in some Korean to the conversation
• once her knowledge had been reached he’d revert back to English for her
• he wanted to make sure she was achieving her goals happily and easily


• this boy is fluent in all major languages
• even fluent in languages MC has never even heard of
• she wanted to learn Korean to communicate better with those around her
• mostly to impress Saeyoung
• she would scream random Korean words throughout the day
• Saeyoung would scream back the english translation
• he thought they were playing a game
• once she started saying more complicated words for the language that’s when he grew curious
• he was a genius but she questioned it after he JUST realized she was teaching herself Korean
• he made a fun little app for MC to learn Korean easier and better
• made it to correlate with her personality and her way of learning
• he even flipped the yelling game around and would yell random English words and she had to shout back the Korean translation
• before MC new enough Korean he’d often trick her into calling Yoosung different names
• Saeyoung took every opportunity to mess with that boy

Only doing these five cause it’s late and I’m sick and in pain so I couldn’t bring myself to include V and Saeran so maybe later in the day

anonymous asked:

Hi, I love your blog and I really want to learn korean but I dont know how to get started! Any tips?

Thank you ^^

1.  Learn the alphabet (Hangul) 

 Highly highly recommend the Popping Korean app. It goes through the sounds and even how your mouth should look, as well as explaining how the characters are put together. 

Pronunciation is an ongoing thing, trying to be perfect at the start can leave you frustrated. Also, try your absolute best to not use romanization. 

Lots of writing (or typing). The best way to get use to writing system is to write as much as you can even if you’re not 100% on the meaning. At the same time try read what you’ve written aloud. 

2. Basic Conversations. 

At this point, it can be fun to learn a few key phrases/words. If you were a fan of Popping Korean there is a follow-up Popping Korean Conversation that goes through basic sentences. Egg Bun Korean also teaches basic words/sentences like you would use when messaging someone. Start making notes, test yourself, this is the best way to retain information. 

3. Formal Studies

Now it’s best to start on more ‘formal’ study if you’re serious about learning. At this point, it’s good to get a resource to learn from. 

If you’re a visual learning and wanting to focus on listening Quick Korean is a good resource. There are a number of textbooks to choose from, choose one that appeals to you (avoid ones with romanization!) If you’re worried about cost/shipping there are a number of pdfs floating around the internet. Or you could check out TTMIK (Talk to Me in Korean) which is popular with new self-study learners.

There isn’t one correct way of starting. Rather I think determination is key. 

Good luck with your Korean learning journey!!~~

The blog has been up since June and through rapid growth it recently hit this beautiful number 

But having started university I find myself having less time for it, and my graphics skills aren’t exactly the best, so… 

I am looking for someone who

  • Wants to be a part of helping the Korean learning community 
  • Has some experience with creating original graphics 
  • Can work with and without instructions 
  • Will work for free (I don’t get paid either)  
  • Doesn’t necessarily speak or have an interest in Korean, but it helps 

MOST IMPORTANTLY someone who feels like they want to be associated with Korean from Dummies and wants to have a good time with me. 

You’ll of course get experience, exposure, and if you’re studying Korean yourself you’ll get one on one time with me. If you have anything else in mind I’m open to negotiations (but I have no money T.T)  

 If that’s you or you have questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me

small problem

my mom has only two interests: kdramas and biblical end-times prophecy analysis

Things you can send to Astro

As mentioned in this post, on September 23rd, at 9PM KST, Astro will be having their second fancafe meeting! To participate in the meeting, you should be leveled up. :)

Also, you can just tweet these things at Astro if you would like! If you have anything you want me to add/change, send an ask my way~

I have double checked everything and asked some native Korean speakers on assisting me translate these things. (No Google Translate used, I swear!)

Here are some things you can send them~

수고하세요! - Keep up the good work!

안녕하세요 오빠!~ - Hi Oppa!~

나는 진우를 사랑해요! - I love Jinwoo!

나는 문빈은 사랑해요! - I love Moonbin!

나는 은우를 사랑해요! - I love Eunwoo!

나는 산하를 사랑해요! - I love Sanha!

나는 명준은 사랑해요! - I love Myungjun!

나는 민혁은 사랑해요! - I love Minhyuk!

어떻게 지내세요? - How are you doing/getting along?

저는 미국에 살아요. - I’m from America.

사랑해요 아스트로는!

언제 미국에 와요? - When are you coming to America?

이상형이 누구예요? - Who’s your ideal type?

저는 당신의 이상형이 궁금해요? - What’s your ideal type? (I wonder what   your  ideal type is?)

너는 어디 가고싶니? - Where would you like to visit one day?

다른 언어 알니? - Do you speak any other languages?

당신이 좋아하는 색깔은 무엇인가요? - What’s your favorite color?

제일 좋아하는 비디오 게임이 뭐예요? - What’s your favorite video game?

저는 정말로 한국을 방문하고 싶습니다 ಥ_ಥ - I really want to visit Korea ಥ_ಥ

같이 생활하는 멤버 중 누가 가장 재미있나요? - Who’s the funniest member in the dorms?

어떤 음식 제일 좋아하세요? - What’s your favorite food?

당신은 미국에 방문할 계획이 있으신가요? 만약 그렇다면, 어디를 방문하고 싶으신가요? - Do you plan on coming to America? If so, where?

누구의 키가 제일 큰가요? - Who is the tallest?

누구의 키가 가장 작은가요? - Who is the shortest?

어떤 멤버가 제일 재미있어요? - Which member is the funniest?

계속 열심히 활동해주세요! - Keep working hard!

빠른 시일 내에 미국을 방문해 주셨으면 좋겠어요~ - Come to America soon~

만약 당신이 여자라면, 어떤 멤버와 데이트 하고 싶나요? - Which member would you want to date if you were a girl?

Hi everyone!! I’m super excited and happy to see most of the fandom headcanoning Keith as Korean, especially as a Korean when there is little to no representation in modern media. 

But, I can’t hep but feel uncomfortable when I realize that most of these headcanons or names are based off of stereotypes or just random googling about Korean culture. Often times, it just feels like Korean Keith is there just to show that you guys headcanon him as “not white.” 

All these fics lack anything other than a “I’m Korean.” Like where is his history? Lance is given a giant family with his Latino headcanons but with Keith? It’s just “I’m insert ethnicity here.” People have Lance break out into random Spanish, but they literally do nothing with Keith and Korean. Or if they do, it’s just “사랑해.”

“He’s an orphan, that’s canon and confirmed. How could he learn Korean?” That would be super cool to go in depth with!! There are plenty of api kids who don’t know their native tongue, and are often ostracized from these places where they should belong, but they can’t exactly go anywhere else because they aren’t white.

There is so much to work with when it comes to Korean Keith, but there isn’t as much thought given to his Korean hc as much as Lance.

Overall, I guess I wanted to say that Korean Keith is Kewl™ , but I’m disappointed in the lack of depth in this headcanon. Nothing about his ethnicity is implemented into anything other than his skin. I’m just asking, as a Korean fan, for a more accurate or sincere representation. 

EXO’s Reaction to you Being a Bar Attendent

Request: Hi, I came across your blog and your reactions look amazing, would it be possible if you could do an Exo reaction where they find out I’m a bar attendant in a hotel ☺️ weird I know but it’s my job at the moment. Thank you! Lots of love from the uk 💕

It is no longer 3am it is 5pm… and yes I did sleep. Weird side note, writing Chinese is difficult and Korean greetings are hard to remember, then Spanish has a ton of irregulars. English is a mess too tbh But if anyone knows Spanish or Korean and wants to help me practice a bit I would be ever thankful! I already have a friend from China and Chinese is her first language so she’s helping me… ANYWAY none of these gifs are mine- Admin Rose


Chen: Don’t go to work today! Just stay in and cuddle me!

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D.O: I’ll start packing your lunches for you from now on! You should eat well for work!

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Lay: It’s safe right? No one messes with you right?

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Kris: I don’t like it jagi it makes it too easy for guys to hit on you!

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Luhan: But isn’t that dangerous? Guys are drinking around you!

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Tao: Tell me if anyone messes with you at work jagi! I’ll handle them!

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Suho: Why are you working there? I’ll buy everything for you!

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Chanyeol: Ah jagi you’re such a hard worker.

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Baekhyun: I’ll come visit you sometime, that way all your co-workers know you’re mine!

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Kai: Should I start picking you up from work from now on? 

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Sehun: You’re working too hard! Just pay attention to me from now on, okay?

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Xiumin: Why are you working so hard? I can pay for stuff!

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