korean gp '13

Korean GP 2013 team radio between Romain and Ayao
  • [Lap 44] Romain Grosjean: Let me by Kimi.
  • Ayao Komatsu: OK Romain you are just racing him.
  • RG: [Distorted] …killing my front tyres.
  • [Lap 46] AK: Your deg is much better than Kimi’s.
  • RG: Yes but I am stuck behind Kimi. I cannot do anything in sector two.
  • AK: If we want to do anything you need to overtake him.
  • [Lap 50] AK: Romain you are quicker than Kimi, eight laps to go, you can overtake him, you will overtake him, OK?
  • RG: No I cannot I lose all downforce.
  • Eric Boullier: Romain keep racing like it is.