korean drama recommended

Kdrama Recommendations

High School Dramas:

•Sassy Go Go/Cheer Up
•Who Are You: School 2015
•Angry Mom
•School 2013
•Solomon’s Perjury
•Moorim School
•Hi! School - Love On
•Shut Up Flower Boy Band
•School 2017
Historical Dramas:

•Scholar Who Walks the Night
•Love in the Moonlight
•Joseon Gunman
•Gu Family Book
•Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
•Empress Ki
•Mirror of the Witch
•Seven Day Queen
•Arang and the Magistrate
•Warrior Baek Dong Soo
•The Princess’ Man
•Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People
Action/Suspense Dramas:

•Time Between Dog and Wolf
•The K2
•City Hunter
•Bad Guys
•Two Weeks
•Bridal Mask
•Cruel City
Psychological (?) Dramas:

•Hello Monster/ I Remember You
•Kill Me Heal Me
•Gap Dong
•It’s Okay, That’s Love
•Remember - War of the Son
•Doctor Frost
•Stranger: Secret Forest
Romantic Comedy Dramas:

•My Love From the Star
•Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
•The Lover
•Legend of the Blue Sea
•Queen In Hyun’s Man
•Introverted Boss
•Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
•Fight for My Way
Romance Dramas:

•W - Two Worlds
•Descendants of the Sun
•Queen In Hyun’s Man
•Innocent Man
•Missing You
•Uncontrollably Fond
•Page Turner
•I Hear Your Thoughts
•Secret Garden
•Doctor Stranger
•High Society
•Cheese in the Trap
•Tomorrow With You
•Can You Hear My Heart?
•Reunited Worlds
•May Queen


“You planned this from the start, didn’t you? You wanted to get back at me for playing dumb… That’s why you were nagging me. Fine, I remember everything. I was lying. I remember the resort, the wine, what we did on the beach! I remember it all.”

I finally got my shit together and managed to write a korean drama recommendation list. Under the cut below, I added a description of the dramas along with a short comment on what I thought about it. If you like my recommendation list, please like and/or reblog. it means a lot ♡

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Korean Drama Recommendations/Fangirling:

So! A friend of mine on FB asked me late last night for Korean drama recommendations. She’s never watched kdramas before, so without intending to I just vomited up brief feels, synopses, and titles for her from which to choose. These titles were only the ones that immediately came to mind off the top of my head. Seeing as how I assume some of you adorable follower-humans might enjoy kdramas too, I thought I’d share. Most likely you diehards (pun not intended) out there have already seen these, but here’s some dramas to throw in your face anyway! Since it’s my thing, I’m going to go by genre; so all will have romance as either a main plot line or as a subplot. Brace yourself for the d'awws!


If you’re in the mood for a serious, beautiful, powerhouse of a drama with adult themes (ie adultery but not really…long story), dreams and money, sacrificing your true self for security to forsake happiness, and of COURSE sex and pianos, then you need to watch Secret Love Affair. It is hot and intense and has an open ended interpretation for a finale that will leave you stunned and happy.

I mean, damn, guys…come on just LOOK at this sexiness!

Plus it’s just a damn good drama all around. So watch it.


If you’re looking for something that walks the line between comedy and paranormal, you NEED to see The Master’s Sun. Its heroine is an hilariously adorable girl who can see ghosts, and the hero is a skeptic who, when the female lead touches, makes poltergeists disappear. It’s probably one of the best dramas that incorporates creepy horror with perfect comedy!


If you’re looking for something a bit different, you HAVE to watch Arang and the Magistrate. Same concept as The Master’s Sun, except the female lead is dead and a ghost, the setting is ancient Korea, and there’s gods, goddesses, action, magic, and evil political dudes. Plus the male lead is hilariously apathetic, and the female lead is a badass who kicks ass as a dead girl! It’s funny and dark and heartfelt and will leave you with all of the heart eyes! Plus it has the cutest ending that ever cuted itself.


If you’re looking for something strictly comedy and a bit silly, with moments of seriousness and more cute than you could shake a stick at, you need King of High School. Take an 18 year old high school guy and make him pose as his older brother as a prestigious CEO in a company that a dowdy, 30 year old over-looked heroine works at and you talk about some of the CUTEST comedy you’ve ever witnessed in your freakin’ life!


If you’re looking for something hella melodramatic and intense, go with Secret Love. Heroine is engaged to a guy who gets involved in a hit-and-run that kills a girl, and the heroine takes the fall for her fiance. Turns out the victim was the pregnant girlfriend of the male lead. The drama explores the idea of falling in love with someone, even as you hate them. Suffice to say, IT IS INTENSE, and a bit nuts of a drama, but it will leaving you feeling all of your emotions and then some.


If you want some time travel in your drama diet, go with Queen In Hyun’s Man. Hero is an ancient Korean scholar who finds himself traveling to the future, where he meets the female lead, an aspiring actress who lands the role of the Queen from our hero’s time period. Comedy, cuteness, angst, and adorableness ensues. And smexy kisses. OH MY GOD THE SMEXY KISSES!


Keeping in the same vain as the historical theme, Sungkyunkwan Scandal is adorable and perfect! Set in ancient Korea, in order to protect her family our female lead disguises herself as a boy to get into a university of sorts that only permits men. Cue “male lead finds himself attracted to a boy despite him not being gay” theme and much hilarious ensues. Ignoring the gay panic is a must, but if you can it’s so entertaining and will leave you so damn amused!


And, last but not least, keeping with the gay-panic theme, Coffee Prince. Coffee Prince is probably one of the best kdramas ever, and it’s basically the same premise as Sungkyunkwan Scandal; female lead lands a job in an all-male working environment to support her family. The only real difference is that in Coffee Prince, our heroine opens and closes the drama as a very tom boyish, masculine girl. She’s never subscribed to gender roles, so it makes her character far more interesting. There’s angst and cute and smexy kisses and great characters and everything you could ever want in a drama!

K Drama 2017

Can someone expplain why all the good Kdramas of 2017 are dropping like hot cakes NOW?

While you were sleeping:

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Mad Dog

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Witch’s Court

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Avenger’s Social club

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The Package : (I am really loving this one)

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Black (I’m still so-so about this, it’s not that exciting)

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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: weightligting fairy kim bok joo is highly underappreciated. it’s unbelievable that it doesnt even lie in the top 20 and got ratings below average. it is such a wholesome drama and and stands out than the usual dramas. weight lifting fairy breaks so many kdrama stereotypes and is unique in its own way. you dont get dramas that focus on mental illnesses and take a serious, healthy way to approach it. why did a show that presents about  friendship, healthy romantic relationship, family love and support, personal hardships, get rated so low? weightlifting fairy showed me that there ARE or will be people who love you for the way you are. it’s so important to surround yourself with people who constantly love and support you and still knock you down when you’re in the wrong path. i’ve bonded with this drama so much and love it with all my heart.  i’m not fine with weightlifting fairy getting such low ratings. 


I was about to write a review on the same day as it ended, but I wasn’t ready to let this drama go so I put it off. This drama is SBS’ Suspicious Partner, or its alternative title Love in Trouble. A prosecutor and his new intern are still learning to get along. Enter the murderer who will only cause more trouble for both of them.


  • Cast/Characters: ★★
  • Cinematography: ★
  • Feels: ★  
  • Plot: ★★
  • OST: ½
  • Did I watch without skipping/spoiling myself?:  

Total: 9.5/10

Favorite Lines:

“We didn’t do anything wrong. They were wrong for betraying us.”- No Ji Wook

“All of us have lost someone. Some lost a family member. Some lost a friend. Some lost a lover. Whether the person was kind or evil, there is no one who didn’t lose someone, in their course of life. Therefore, life is cruel.”- No Ji Wook 

Will I recommend? Yaaas. I really really liked the beginning of this drama. I was hesitant because I usually never watch on-going dramas but the first episode hooked me up. Somewhere in the middle, you could tell that they did things for it to be interesting but still it was a tiny bit boring. But they definitely got it back towards the end. I loved the last episode so much because it was so calm and perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending!

The production team really did an amazing job and I have no plan of spoiling. I love dramas with strong female leads and equally amazing male lead! Nam Ji Hyun deserved her role and she did an amazing job as always. Basically, everyone did an amazing job and kudos to them! Watch it and fall in love with Ji Wook’s charms! I personally prefer Ji Wook as a prosecutor. Hihi.