“You are my only queen.” 

4 Model Turned Actors Who Made Waves on the Runway

Lee Jong Suk

He started out as a model at a young age of 15 and was the youngest to debut at the Seoul Fashion Week. During his successful high fashion career, he stepped into acting in 2010 and shot to fame through School 2013 with real life BFF Kim Woo Bin. Paid almost $1 million for his appearance in W, Lee Jong Suk is now one of Korea’s top actors.

Watch Lee Jong Suk as a comic character who comes to life in W

Kim Young Kwang

This 187cm tall actor started his modelling career after his then CEO brought him to a family restaurant for a meal to persuade him to model. Unknowingly, he entered the industry and became one of the most sought after models with a portfolio including Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. He also became the first Asian model for Dior Homme’s show in 2008. He made his official acting debut in Worlds Within in the same year. 

Watch Kim Young Kwang as an unexpected step father in Sweet Stranger and Me

Lee Soo Hyuk

Known for his unconventional chic image, Lee Soo Hyuk was an iconic model for Korea’s local brands and were on the covers of big fashion magazines including GQ and Elle. He was also recognised as a rising new face during the 2013 F/W London and Paris Fashion Week. Lee Soo Hyuk made his official acting debut in 2011 with White Christmas alongside other model turned actors.

Watch Lee Soo Hyuk as a successful tennis player in Lucky Romance

Song Jae Rim

Starting out as runway model for local fashion designers, Song Jae Rim moved onto magazine spreads like Marie Claire and finally made the big leap into acting in 2009. He started gaining popularity after his virtual marriage with Kim So Eun on We Got Married and eventually reunited with her in his recent drama, Our Gab Soon. 

Watch Song Jae Rim in his first lead role on Our Gab Soon

“you were right. the throne makes you scared and lonely”

This show emotionally wrecked me. I can’t even think rationally, I panicked about Wang So changes so much right after episode ended but I came back to my senses and kind of understand Wang So now, basically, it’s what I always do, sooner or later :D

I rewatched some scenes and thought about everything one more time and here are my thoughts

First of all, I think it’s obvious that Wang So is stressed and tired as heck, he’s torn apart between a genuine desire to be with Soo and his king’s duties. His position implies that he have to make harsh decisions which Hae Soo can’t understand and accept. I noticed only after rewatch that when Wang So returns to his chamber he’s so devastated after his fight with Hae Soo that he barely recognizes Yeon Hwa. His struggles and burdens start to affect him physically, he can’t stand that he hurt Hae Soo so much. 

Wang So clearly understands that throne is slowly becoming an invisible barrier between him and people he loves, they started to misunderstand, fear and leave him, General Park was first and he realized that. I think, this moment triggered So fear of losing everyone else, especially Hae Soo, now it’s his biggest nightmare, it drives him crazy. If she won’t understand and accept him, who will? If she leaves, what will be the point of his existence? Those are roots of their current misunderstandings, I suppose. As we can remember from 9th episode, when So feels that he might lose Soo, he becomes desperate and makes bad decisions.

Another reason of coldness, in my opinion, is Wang So’s guilt. He thinks that he betrayed Hae Soo when he married Yeon Hwa, hates that he is helpless and can’t do anything because it and he can’t let her free like he did when after his first marriage. Do you remember how upset he was and was ready to give up on her, though this marriage meant nothing but protection of this little girl? This time everything is different and extremely serious.

Moreover, just imagine how painful for Wang So to be trapped in the palace when he loves freedom so much, how hard for him to live with thoughts that happiness was so near but he couldn’t reach it. The woman he loves is loving him back but he can’t see her when he wants, he can’t marry her, can give her what she deserves. 

I’m not going to talk about his cruelty because it’s not ooc for sure and I wrote about it here

Wang So is a cornered wolf now, and what wolves do when they are in the trap, right, they attack; that what he’s doing now. It feels like his soul is agonizing and he makes last attempts to keep everything as it was before but he can’t. He loses everything what was so hard to achieve, he’s is a hostage again, just like in Khitan, he is losing hope and he understands that there is no way out of this situation. All his phycological problems, mental scars, insecurities reached its peak and he’s about to explode. 

This toxic environment kills both Hae Soo and Wang So. And in the end, Soo will escape when So will stay to spend rest of his life desolated, abandoned and lonely.

let me just cry because everything is unfair

it’s a real tragedy

p.s sorry for mistakes, feel free to correct me

This is so much less satisfying than slamming the receiver down repeatedly after someone pisses you off then hangs up on you… I miss the days where you could do that. Slam the phone, that is.  <— Yes, I’m that old. LOL 


All this talk about Soo’s scar has me wondering that if things were different and Wook was king, would Wook also be as steadfast as So?

Judging by episode 19 preview, I cannot believe So would give up Hae Soo based on her intention to marry Wook a billion years ago.

Maybe Wook tells So that the reason he became So’s adversary was because of Soo’s warning which is what happened in the c-drama. Hae Soo was the catalyst for all that happened, even Yo realized it before he died.

Honestly, I’m just finding it hard to believe that So, after all his pledge of love and loyalty and the fact that Soo is his soulmate of his wolf heart, would actually let her go.

These final two episodes are either going to make or break me, really.


If you wanna hurt and cry and die .. well just watch this :’(


Gong Hyo Jin In Jealousy Incarnate EP 8

In K-drama Jealousy Incarnate episode 8, Gong Hyo Jin is holding the Color Block Handle Bag(5color)+chain Strap from Atelier Park and wearing the Sj16105red Lady Ball Slingback from Salondeju

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