korean dogs


“Grandpa It is I hansung. I’m doing well in Hwarang House. At first, you forced me to come here. But I like it here now. I learned from a dear friend.. that a hard land can become a path. I learned that when you leave your footsteps together, a rough land can become a path. I’m writing you a letter because.. I want you to know.. that I will receive my own punishment from now on.. Danse did nothing wrong. I do not know about the bone-rank system, but Danse is just my brother. He’s someone who is always on my side. Someone I can trust more than anyone. 

Grandfather, I made a friend among the Hwarangs; Who said he will walk with me. I will live freely. I will not think about family names and power. I will live as a Hwarang.”

RAVI (@rravii0215):

새로운 식구가 생겼어요
이름 : 엉덩이 (a.k.a BADA$$)
#크림프렌치불독 #엉덩이 #2개월

There’s a new member of my family
Name: Ongdongie (a.k.a BADA$$)
#CreamFrenchBulldog #Ongdongie #2Months

T/N: Ongdongie translates as Butt

RAVI (@AceRavi):

작업실에서 키워요~껌 씹는 엉덩이가 궁금하시다면 인스타 스토리 ㄱㄱㄱ

I’m raising him in my work room~If you’re curious about Ongdongie chewing gum, check my Instagram storyㄱㄱㄱ