korean dazed

That Sounds A Lot Better - Lee Daehwi Requested Scenario


Summary: in which you are still offended because your brother like friend, Kang Daniel, did a very bad English accent, when suddenly heavenly Daehwi comes down from heaven with a perfect accented English, even more perfect when he confesses with it

Genre: fluff

Message?: i live for Daehwi’s english


“Wait!” Seongwoo exclaimed as I sat in a circle with Lee Woojin, Bae Jinyoung, Daehwi, Seongwoo and Seonho, “your not from Korea?!”

I laughed, “no English is my first language.”

Little Woojin gasped, “say something in English.”

I chuckled slightly before speaking in my mother language, “hey guys, what’s up. My name’s Y/N nice to meet you.”

Woojin looked at me impressed.

“Oh! And Daniel is just offensive with that accent!” I exclaimed, “Harry Pote.”

I imitated Daniel until he came over, laughing, “what’s this about.”

“Your bad English accent,” I said, “it’s just offensive!”

“What about mine?” Daehwi asked from behind me in perfect accented English.

I gasped, “what the fuck?!”

He laughed at my expression.

“You know Englih?!” I exclaimed, confusing all the little ones who don’t speak English.

Daehwi laughed, nodding, “I lived in America for 6 years.”

“Oh my god,” I said, “I never knew this. Daniel! Did you know that Daehwi can speak English?!”

Daniel laughed, nodded, “didn’t everyone.”

I scratched the back of my head awkwardly, chuckling, “yeah..?”

Daniel laughed, scuffing up my hair as he walked past.

I pouted, sorting out my hair. I looked over at Daehwi who was staring at me as I played with my hair.

“You alright?” I asked in English.

“Just great,” he replied in Korean, looking slightly dazed.

Seonho laughed, “Daehwi looks hypnotised.”

Daehwi laughed too, looking at Seonho with a loving expression.

“Guys!” Jonghyun exclaimed, getting everyones attention, “break is over, practise needs to start again.”

“That’s my queue to leave,” I said, standing up.

“No!” Daehwi pouted cutely, grabbing my hand.

“Why not?! I’m hungry!” I pouted.

Daehwi laughed as he got up.

“I’ll get you food after practise, yeah?” he said, “please just stay!”

I laughed, “okay Daehwi!”

He smiled as Daniel slung an arm around my shoulders.

“You stealing away my sister, Daehwi?” Daniel asked, trying to look threatening but just making me and Daehwi laugh.

“Yah! I’m not even your sister!” I exclaimed, slapping his chest.

“You are my baby sister,” Daniel said, cooing at me as I tried to swipe him away.

Daehwi laughed.

“Come on you pre-pubescent men,” Seongwoo said, walking past us, “or women.”

I nodded at him, smirking as I sat down by the mirror.

“3.. 2.. 1!” Seongwoo shouted before clapping the slate.

“Practise starts now!” Jonghyun shouted, “places!”

Through the whole practise, the person in the centre started winking, motioning to me or trying to speak English, making me need to pee with laughter and forget about my hunger.

“And practise is officially over!” Jonghyun shouted as everyone clapped and I jumped up.

Daehwi walked over to me and did finger guns while laughing, “food?”

I nodded laughing as I gently pushed him towards the door, making him shout.

“Couple goals!” Daniel shouted after us in English.

“Your English is shit!” I shouted back, making Daehwi laugh.

“How’s mine?” he asked in English as we walked towards the canteen.

“It’s actually really good! I’m so surprised!” I exclaimed.

“Did you really not know?” he asked, laughing.

I shook my head, laughing.

“Do you think I sound better in English than Korean?” he asked, switching between the two languages.

I hummed, “probably English. Your American accent is really cool.”

He smiled, getting both his food and mine.

“Thank you!” I said as he sat it down in front of me, “I was about to say ‘I will enjoy it’ but it sounds weird in English.”

Daehwi laughed as he tour apart his chopsticks.

“Hey, why don’t we go on a walk after eating?” Daehwi asked.

I nodded, “I feel like I’ve never really spoken to you 1 to 1.”

He nodded, “I mean since we met theres been about 96 boys always running around.”

I laughed, “that’s very true.”

“Speaking of,” Daehwi muttered as we watched Jonghyun, Daniel and Seongwoo walk into the canteen.

“Hello!” Seongwoo shouted, waving over-dramatically.

I laughed, waving back, “hello Seongwoo.”

They got their food and sat down around us, making me and Daehwi give each other a look.

“Guys, we’re going on a walk,” I said, standing up.

“Where?” Seongwoo asked, “why?”

Daehwi laughed, “hyung! Why do you need to know?”

I laughed as me and Daehwi cleaned up before heading out.

“We probably shouldn’t do this,” I said as I shivered, “what if you get recognised?”

“Ah, it’s not that bad,” he said, giving me his jacket.

“Thank you!” I said, slipping it on.

We walked in silence for the rest of the way.

“Umm.. Y/N,” Daehwi started, “I need to tell you- or ask you something but I was wondering… should I do it in Korean or English?”

I laughed, “English! It sounds great!”

He laughed, “you’ve chosen the hardest one. Well, I guess, what I wanted to say- or ask, well—”

“Daehwi what is it?” I asked, stopping and looking him in the eyes.

“Y/N, I- I…”


“Daehwi!” I exclaimed, stopping him, “what are you trying to say?!”

He sighed, reverting back to Korean, “I’m trying to tell you I like you a lot. And I’m trying to ask you to be my girlfriend.”

I grinned the biggest grin I ever have, Daehwi looking the most handsome he ever had as I said, “now. English.”

He smiled, shaking his head but continuing, “I like you a lot Y/N. Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Well,” I said, trailing off, “yes. And that sounded a lot better the second time. Well third.”

Daehwi laughed, “I’m so relieved. And I’ll try English from now on. Just for you.”