korean cosmetic brand

Korean brand cosmetics are so tiring tbh. I understand that the products come from Korea and there are a lot of pale people in Korea but it irks me to think that if they expanded their company to the U.S. that they wouldn’t have a larger selection of BB cream, CC cream, and foundation shades. 

“Pale should be the norm. It is the standard of beauty in Asia” Which is tragic to know that that is true, but it never crosses their fucking mind that maybe people don’t want to look stupid wearing a BB cream that is at least 3 shades lighter than their skin tone. People don’t just become paler after one use of the product. Like tan asians apparently don’t exist so when they come to the store I work at and ask for a makeover, I’m using the darkest shade they have, WHICH IS NOT EVEN AT LEAST TAN, and I have to convince them that they look good after I’m done. 

Like if you’re gonna expand your company to a place that is MORE diverse in skin tones, then have them available for your consumers and employees to use so your customers will be happy and I don’t look stupid saying I’m a makeup artist but I couldn’t even pick the correct shade of foundation for your skin.