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This week seems to be full of surprises, I’m probably gonna write a full article about it on sunday but in the meantime, I thought about something that I think is really important to clarify or at least just say. 

So to all the people who ever said to me that Korean Music (K-pop) is just a bunch of boysband or girlsband for teenage girls, that their music are meaningless, that Korean Music is an ugly industry who didn’t deserve to be known because they treat their artists as sheeps, that they just use what is trending worldwise to make it Korean and claim it as their own, that none of them are real artists, and so on. Well to those people I just want to highly suggest them to :

- Watch and Listen to all of the BTS discography, Listen to them talking about Generation gap, about depression, about friendship, about dreams and youth.
- Go further and try to explain to me what is going on right now with Wings
- Listen to Agust’D mixtape, especially The Last and read the lyrics.
- Listen to Rap Monster mixtape
- Listen to BIGBANG discography from the beginning, including G-Dragon, TaeYang and T.O.P
- Try to catch the flow from Epik High
- Listen to HA:TFELT mini-album : Me ? Because it is way to underrated
- Try to read and understand the Lyrics of every single songs before judging
- Listen to Why So Lonely from the Wonder Girls or Letting Go from DAY6 or  Chanyeol and Chen’s If we love again when you’re on a heartbreak because you’re the one who broke up.
- Just listen to DAY6 and WonderGirls in general 
- Listen to Promise from EXO if you ever doubt about their application in their own music
- Get to learn martial art as quick as Mark Tuan
- Get to work 360 days a year just to makes your fan happy
- Try to always smile and be happy like Jackson Wang
- Listen to Mad City from NCT127 and remember that one of them is 18years old and the other is 20 and that they both wrote the lyrics
- Listen to Hitchhiker or BeatBurger if you think this is just commercial music
- Open your eyes and appreciate the aesthetic and the REALLY important design works behind it, (EXO’s brand and movie clip if you need an exemple)
- Stop referring Korean Boysband as Korean One Direction!!!!
- Cheer you up with Jimin Park’s Try when you’re down and you want sweetness
- Watch Taemin or Ten dance performance
- Challenge yourself as Hyoyeon 
- Get to know Amber J. Liu and see how amazing and important she is for the music industry, and for the world in general
- Listen to Borders
- Appreciate Luna’s singing talent
- Watch and learn how artist like HyunA try to change things in Korea while including every genders in her MV. 
- Get to known smaller group such as Geeks or Elo 
- Listen to DEAN ! i mean seriously…
- Listen to FT Island last album especially Take me now.
- DO NOT JUDGE FANDOM, because there is nothing in being able to label yourself as Army, Exo-L, Shawols, Primadonna, Aff(x)tion, 4NIA, VIP etc..to be ashamed of because Fandom as not just a bunch of crazy fans, it’s also a huge family all over the world with HUGE power in their hands.

- …

So yeah, it’s probably uncompleted, I suggest to every kpop fan to complete it if they want. But just remember :

fucking love Korean music,
fucking love Kpop and no one, NO ONE, is gonna take that away from me.

#international fangirl and proud

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Hahaha as a matter of fact, I do, and it’s all fimyuan ‘s fault ! It’d be of all the characters in everyday life situation, with a happy chill out vibe. Also, dancing, just because. And it’d be to this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4IUWLMPuC8 (thank you Fim) which makes no sense since it’s from a Korean boysband, not a Japanese one, but anyway ! When Fim sent me this song and it became my head canon for the ending, we joked together that the happy chorus would be our Future Fish. Like, Percy and Annabeth fall in Tartarus and suddenly “3-6-5 neoui apeseo” happy singing hahaha. Free! Eternal summer’s fans will understand what I mean ;p Also weirdly enough the lyrics match quite well ?