korean boygroup

when to listen to korean boy groups:
  • BTS: when you wanna kill someone.
  • GOT7: when you wanna feel f r e s h af.
  • BIGBANG: when you wanna throw a party no one understands.
  • SEVENTEEN: when you want something catchy and refreshing.
  • SHINEE: when you wanna throw an electro party.
  • BLOCK B: when you wanna bring out the weirdest sides of yourself.
  • EXO: when you wanna feel hella sexy.
  • IKON: when you wanna punch someone in the face.
  • 24K: when you wanna get pumped up to 100%
  • WINNER: when you wanna cleanse your soul with perfectly combined voices from heaven.
  • MONSTA X: when you wanna get pumped up to 150%
  • B1A4: when you wanna cure youself from all evil.
★ Jimin laugh appreciation post ★

Our little mochi’s laugh is what of the multiple thing that give me smile, so here à little appreciation post ! ♡

➤ That eye smile ♥

➤ What makes you laugh that much ? ♥

➤ Meme’s face ♥

➤ He’s so sweet ♥

➤ Where are you going ? ♥

➤ Jimin with glasses ♥ 

➤ Jimin giggling ♥

➤ Last but not least ♥

✩ Protect this angel ✩

Unpopular opinion: idols having pale skin in photos DOES NOT ALWAYS equal whitewashing

Wow I don’t know how many times I have posted about this issue but please read till the end

As I have said before, us Asians value pale skin so much you don’t understand the efforts we make to keep our skin that way. We basically /worship/ pale skin.

And what does being idols mean? It means that they are meant to be IDOLIZED and worshipped, so they have to have certain qualities the company deems fit to be an idol. If their skin is “imperfect” (dark, blemishes, etc. you get the idea) but they have potentials like singing or dancing, the company would take them to dermatologists to get their skin checked and have treatments to make sure their skin is up to standards. This happens more often to girlgroups, idk how it is for male idols though.

HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean that boys can’t have pale skin. I recently read a translated article about male idols EXTREMELY PALE SKIN. There were EXO’s Suho, BTS’ Suga and SHINee’s Key on the list. I still remember there were a gif Suho showing his pale stomach, a picture that shows how much paler Suga is compared to other members, and another picture shows that Key had to have his skin toned down by makeup because he is too pale. (You can find this translated article on peachisoda; if you’re too lazy to Google, I would happily find the article myself and send you the link.)

Also, when idols are stressed, exhausted, overworked or not taking of care of themselves properly, their skin starts to worsen (pimples, dark circles, etc.), which is where make-up artists come in. And boyyyyy, ain’t them makeup artists for idols know how to work ittttt. You can search on YouTube Korean beauty bloggers (I only know Pony but every Asian girl knows her name lmao) and have a general idea how DEVELOPED the cosmetics industry in Korea is. They can make a normal girl with what you would call “a typical Asian’s skin” into a goddess with really pale skin.

If you are calling for people to stop whitewashing idols’ skin, you are basically also coming after: a whole country and its people’s deep-rooted belief, the idol industry, the Korean cosmetics industry; not just the masternims that you are criticising so much on this website.

also note that I 100% support the post that helps you differentiate between whitewashed and un-whitewashed photos but I can’t seem to find it 🤔🤔🤔. Some photos are easy to notice the signs but some others not as much.

[Twitter/Facebook Update] Rocky 150915

“여러분 바쁘더라도
꼭 저녁은 챙겨 드세요~~!!
밥심이 있어야 힘을내죠^^
저도 이제 밥먹으러 갑니다
왜냐하면 열심히 연습해야 되니까요 ㅎㅎ
그럼 빠빠이 뽀빠이

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Hey! Just wondering what the best thing you manifested using the loa :)


So I read The Secret in October 2015 and literally a month later, on November 2015 I find out that one of my favorite bands SHINee (if you’re not a kpop fan then it’s a Korean boygroup, a really good one :D) is coming to Europe, which is a big deal, since the last time they came to Europe was in 2011 and it wasn’t even a concert or anything. I spent 6 years thinking that I’d have to go to Korea to see them live, which might never happen, since the tickets are soooooooooo expensive and it takes a miracle to get one, because concerts are mostly sold out in few minutes. But then I find out that I’ve been given the best opportunity ever, because they are coming to Kpop Concert in Prague, along with another Kpop band I love, which is Red Velvet. And everything is absolutely perfect, because:

a) they are coming to Europe

b) they are coming to Czech Republic, and I live in Poland, so it’s basically few hours by car trip

c) the concert is only for fans from 4 countries - Poland, Czech, Hungary and Slovakia

d) the ticket is completely for free!

e) you win 2 tickets at once - one for you and one for someone you want to go with

the catch is that I have to win the ticket in the lottery, which is always really stressful, right? But I think ‘’nah, this is it! that’s my moment!’’

So Friday comes, I log onto the website, I write down my name, last name, address and I send it to the contest, praying for the best. They are supposed to inform the winners starting at 4pm on Saturday.

So in The Secret they wrote about their money checks, on which you write the amount of money you want to manifest, right? So I decide to follow this advice and I print myself a fake concert ticket, I write down the date, the best seat, etc. and I hold this ticket imagining myself already being on that concert. I try to make it as real as possible, meaning I visualize myself jumping to the song, seeing the band, feeling the sweat on my skin, squinting my eyes from the light from the scene. And feeling absolutely delighted and grateful as if I was already there. I do this trick few times, maybe 3 times, and then I let it go, which means I do my best not to think about it, I hang out with my friends, I do my chores, etc. 

So Saturday comes, 4pm on the clock….and nothing. I receive no email. There is one popular Polish SHINee’s fanclub on facebook, which I follow, and I only watch other fans posting comments that they won tickets and how happy they are. I bite my lip in worry, but I do not lose hope. I grab my fake ticket and imagine how wonderful it would feel if I was one of them. ‘’There is still time, right?’’ I think. ‘’Besides, it is done. The ticket is already mine. It is done.’’

So Sunday comes and nothing. My sister applied as well but she receives an email to inform her that she didn’t get the ticket. I don’t receive even that email! So I begin to feel a bit discouraged, but then bam! A thought pops into my head - ‘’let’s check if someone on tumblr writes about it!’’

I didn’t check tags here before, so I write Kpop concert in Praha tag and I scroll through the posts. There was only one post from a girl from Hungary, who SOMEHOW, NO ONE KNOWS HOW, WON 4 TICKETS. She doesn’t know how, she’s extra shocked, but super happy. I see this post and without thinking twice I send her a message, asking if she could give me one or two tickets, if she’s not planning on taking 3 people with her. She says ‘’I already asked my friends, but I don’t know if they’re coming. If their parents won’t allow, then I will give you the tickets. I will let you know tomorrow.’’

So Monday comes and duuuude, I’ve never been this nervous. I literally alternate between starving and binging, because I am so nervous and she’s not replying.

It’s 1pm - nothing. 2pm - nothing. 4pm - nothing.

It’s 8pm and I lose all my hope and then I log on facebook and there’s a message from her - with two tickets to download

Dude, I have tears in my eyes by just remembering this moment. I cried so hard you can’t even imagine.

I realized two things - that I was going to see my favorite band, which I thought would never happen, and that I manifested it! 

I’ve manifested so many things into my life since then, but still nothing tops it. The trip was safe and smooth, AND THE CONCERT WAS FANTASTIC!! They only performed 3 of their songs, but HOW CAN I COMPLAIN? I already received more than I’ve ever expected to receive.

So right now I am in process of manifesting another ticket to Bangtan show and I did the same trick - I printed myself a fake concert ticket and visualized myself on the concert. Now let’s just wait :)