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Name: Róisín
Age: 17
Country: Ireland

Hey! I like art, writing and languages. I speak Irish, English and French and i’m also studying Korean. I like lots of tv shows like supernatural, the flash, the walking dead, ect. I also watch a lot of anime. I would love to have a penpal to talk to, I’m a very open, friendly person. :))

Preferences: someone close to my age is possible. 16-18

slothssassin  asked:

Hey, sorry to send in 2 asks in a row, I just got a little bit obsessed over Zutara (again) and your blog has helped me to understand a lot of things that were going on behind the scences of A:TLA. I've send you a message containing a link to a picture (cause you know, no links in an ask). Soo apparently this picture was made by the korean art director of the show as a cover art for the planned book 4. Do you know anything about it?

Yes, I know about that poster. Here is a link to a Tumblr post talking about it. And here are a couple of livejournal posts.

It was a poster drawn by Yu Jae Myung, one of the animation directors. It shows what he imagined an older Zuko and Katara would look like. He was the director who was confused about why Bryke did not pair them together since he thought that the Book 2 finale was leading to Zuatara, and Katara liked Zuko in The Crossorads of Destiny. And he said that the Book 2 box art was drawn to parallel them as a reference to Zutara.

I’m sure many people working on the show, like the Korean animators, knew about the very real plans to make Zuko and Katara a couple, and how Book 2 was structured for Aang to eventually let Katara go. They apparently didn’t like the changes Bryke made to the story and they just carried on with the Zutara.