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The Signs as Gong Yoo Roles

Aquarius: Park Tae In (Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy)

Pisces: Kim Woo Jin (Age of Shadows)

Aries: Seo Yoon Jae (Big)

Taurus: Han Ki Hoon (Finding Mr Destiny)

Gemini: Kang In Ho (The Silenced)

Cancer: Yu In (S Diary)

Leo: Kim Shin (Goblin)

Virgo: Choi Han Gyul (Coffee Prince)

Libra: Ki Hong (A Man and A Woman)

Scorpio:  Seo Keon (One Fine Day)

Sagittarius: Kang No Young (She’s On Duty)

Capricorn: Seok Woo (Train to Busan)


Lockscreens - Lee Dong Wook pt.2

Requested by anon! You asked for a lock with a teddy but I also made a lock of him as a teddy lol. ; v ; ♥