When you think a group’s name is bad and then look at some of the names certain groups were almost going to debut with, suddenly their finalized names don’t seem so bad anymore. For example, B2ST was almost going to be called Gold Silver Bronze Bald Eagle, Sixcon, or Genghis Khan, Oh My Girl was almost going to be called Girl with Unknown Name, CLC was almost going to be called GoGo Girls or Gold Silver Jewelry Shop, and some of TVXQ’s tossed out debut names included The Legendary Whale, SM5, and 5 Viscerals 6 Entrails.

BTS reaction to “Netflix And Chill”

Jin would settle down for the movie, pulling a blanket over the two of you to keep you both warm. He would allow you to get close and comfy, seeing it as you just being affectionate, still paying more attention to the movie. However, when you start to lay gentle kisses over the skin of his neck, he would realise where it was headed, and what “chill” really meant. 

Suga would be relaxing with you, leaning his head on the top of yours. He couldn’t really pretend that he was into the chic flick that you picked out, so when your hand slowly moved up his inner thigh, Suga would shudder a little and turn to you. He had never heard of Netflix and chill before, so didn’t know what you were doing, however he didn’t complain either. He just sat there and let you do what you wanted, pretending to still watch the movie because he thought that was part of the theme here. Though, of course, once you were done, he was fully prepared to return the favour. 

Namjoon would already know what was coming when you said “Netflix and Chill”, and so didn’t spend too much time worrying about what movie it was you were going to put on. He simply chose one that would set the atmosphere a bit more, knowing it wouldn’t be too long before you made the first move. And of course, he would be ready to take it as far as you wanted.  

J-hope would understand why you sent this up, and got the concept of “Netflix and chill” as soon as you subtly kissed from his shoulder to his neck. He would tease and act shy at first, and make little whines about how he was embarrassed. Though, as soon as he had his fun, he would switch the movie off, stand up and hold out his hand. “Now lets go and do what you actually brought me here for.”

Jimin wouldn’t seem too interested in the chick flick that you had suggested putting on, but had nothing better to do, and so had decided just to sit down and watch the movie with you. He didn’t understand at first why you had begun to stop watching the telly, and was now continuously staring at him, not until your hand cheekily slipped up his shirt. A grin would appear on his face, as he gently slipped off the blanket, encouraging you to do more. 

V would already know what Netflix and chill was, and when he had sat down, he had full intentions with going along with it. However when he saw the film you had chosen, he got too into it. By the time you were starting to pull of your shirt, V was engrossed in the chic flick. “Y/N! Look! She’s choosing the wrong-” He would turn around to see you with your shirt off, having completely forgotten the point of the set up. 

Jungkook was thrilled when he got the choice of movie, picking out one of his all-time favourites. He sat down to enjoy the film, helping himself to the bag of popcorn that he’d prepared. “Jungkookie~” The teenager turned to you when he heard his name, slightly offended that you would talk through something he enjoyed so much. Though that didn’t last long, not after seeing the sexy lingerie you had put on for him. 

It sucks that people tend to be VERY judgemental about some group. Member of group A did a mistakes and that group will be being witch-hunted forever, eventhough he/she already reflects and it happened way long ago.Then member of group B recently did a mistakes, worse from A, but since he/she come from group B people just let it go. Same thing goes for musicality.Group A can release good music but people will give zero fuck about it because of their previous music. Otherwise although group B release bad music people will still praise it because it simply comes from group B. Dear you, people can changes, you know?