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Months and holidays in Korean

January- 일월 (ill-wul)
February- 이월 (ee-wul)
March- 삼월 (Sam-wul)
April- 사월 (sa-wul)
May- 오월 (oh-wul)
June- 육월 (yook-wul)
July- 칠월 (chil-wul)
August- 팔월 (pal-wul)
September- 구월 (goo-wul)
October- 십월 (ship-wul)
November- 십일월 (ship-ill-wul)
December- 십이월 (ship-ee-wul)
Christmas- 크리스마스 (same)
Easter- 부활절 (bu-hwal-jeol)
New Years- 설날 (seol-nal)
Halloween- 할로윈 (same)

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So I’m 15/100 hours into the challenge and I’m honestly learning so much. I haven’t gotten a textbook yet so it’s difficult for me to learn grammar for some sentences and @studypudding (who is patient and kind and a good teacher and basically amazing) has been teaching me many things and I’ve been learning a lot ( •⌄• ू )✧!! You should all go follow her if you’re studying Korean!!

Honestly Dr Music wins the award for the worse management. All they’ve done has made broken promises  put out vague statements and have left Rania stans completely in the dark. They didn’t make announcement about Di, Xia , and T-ae leaving the group or that they’ve already  3 new members or anything about Rania project which now MakeStar  has already refunded the participants .I’m surprised how long Xia , T-a and Di were able to stay under that kind of company.  Dr Music has truly ruined this group over the years and it’s sad because the remaining  girls are so talented and do not deserve this.

Portrait of Jeong Mong-Ju


Joseon dynasty

Chong Mong-Ju was known for his famous poem, “A Song of Loyalty”, written when he was asked to betray the old, Koryo government and join the new dynasty. 

Though I die, and die again; though I die one hundred deaths;
Long after my bones have turned to dust; whether I am reincarnated or not;
My one red heart, forever and always loyal to my lord, will never fade away.

From the Gyonggi Provincial Museum.