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anonymous asked:

One of my protagonists is Korean-American. Both her parents are Korean but she was born and raised in America before moving to England. Do you have any tips for writing a Korean-American character?

Korean American Characters

Hey, Anon! So, this is a very general question. It’s general to the point where I’m finding it difficult to give a good answer.

Being Korean-American means different things to different people. My experiences growing up as a Korean-American in coastal Southern California are very different from a Korean-American who grew up in Northern California or Illinois or New York. The time period matters, too.

So I think a better use of your time is to flesh out your character some more. There are many resources that you can use to learn about the experiences of Korean-Americans, including magazines like KoreAm Journal

Another thing I highly recommend is reading books that feature Korean-American characters by Korean-Americans! Not every Korean-American author writes Korean-American characters into their works, but the ones on this list have: YA reads Featuring Korean and Korean-American Protagonists Written by Korean-American Authors 

If you’re not into YA, then here are some other options:

  • Native Speaker by Chang-Rae Lee
  • Leonard Chung’s Choice series
  • Edinburgh by Alexander Chee
  • Person of Interest by Susan Choi
  • I’m the One I Want and I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight by Margaret Cho (nonfiction/autobio)

If you like comics, Derek Kirk Kim’s Same Difference and Other Stories may be a good fit for you~

There are many many more Korean-American authors and comic book creators, but their works don’t involve Korean-American protagonists. And there are many works that feature Korean-American characters that aren’t written by Korean-Americans! 

Not all of our experiences are the same, but these might give you a better insight into how to create a well-written Korean-American character. Do your research, be respectful, and find a good beta reader. Good luck, Anon!

~mod Stella