Meghan Trainor’s track “All About That Bass” caught plagiarizing Joo Younghoon’s composition for Koyote’s “Happy Mode”

“All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor, which has recently achieved the 4th place spot on Billboard, was found to have plagiarized famous producer and composer Joo Younghoon’s song composition for Koyote’s “Happy Mode.”

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Things k-pop/k-culture fans should avoid

1. Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)

2. Chad Future

3. Justifying your idol’s racist, sexist or other discriminatory comments/ actions and labelling them as just ignorance

4. Bashing girls who interact ( breathe the same air)with your ‘oppa’

5. Bashing other groups/ being salty when your faces don’t win

6. Developing a ‘sasaeng complex

7. Babbling random Korean words to people who don’t even understand it or want to hear it.

8. Equating Korean culture as just K-pop

9. Perpetuating the image of international fans as wannabe Asians or Koreaboos

10. Insulting new fans who don’t know about every k-pop scandal, idol, song or back story and telling them they’re ‘not real fans’

Idols who almost debuted with different names

If I’ve missed any groups/idols or got any incorrect, tell me. :) 


  • EXO - Boy’s Paradise
  • Infinite - The Big Dipper / Blackberry / ICONS / Super Sonic
  • BTOB - Chungdam Unbeatable / Sonic / Asian King / Arirang
  • BTS - Big Kids / Young Nation
  • VIXX - Blue Fish / Sight / J Dice / SEE SUN
  • BEAST - Sixcon / Keumeundong Eagles / Genghis Khan / 300 / K6
  • Big Bang - Diamond
  • SHINee - Luxury Boys / SM5
  • f(x) - Bomb / Flower / Meow
  • Wonder Girls - LC (Ladies Club)
  • Girl’s Day - Ice Cream / Diamond
  • Brown Eyed Girls - Do You Know Us / Monster / Crescendo
  • MAMAMOO - Wah Wah Girls
  • 9MUSES - Daughters of the Empire / Poppy
  • TVXQ - Oh Jak Yook Boo (internal organs) / Dong Bang Bul Pae / SM5 / The Legend of the Swordsman / JeonMuckGo (a whale that feeds on pancakes)
  • CNBLUE - Pine Tree
  • SNSD - Super Girls
  • OH MY GIRLS - Anonymous Girls
  • Lovelyz - Radiance
  • Monsta X - High Top
  • ZE:A - V9 / Vampire / WEB
  • SISTAR - DoorooDooroo DaraDara DiriDiri Bob
  • KNK - Must One / Kaiser / Guys / Rose of Sharon / To the O / Royal


  • Baekyun - Uto
  • Chanyeol - Pia
  • Sehun - Leo
  • L - Goan / Hwarang / MS Myungsoo
  • Hyunsik - Gaon
  • Changsub - Alpha
  • Ilhoon - JL
  • Minhyuk - Huta (this was his underground name)
  • Eunkwang - Silver Light
  • Sungjae - Ryu
  • V - Rex / Six
  • Jimin - Baby G
  • Jungkook - Seagull
  • Sunmi - Berry
  • Sunye - Sunny
  • Sohee - IC
  • Yeeun - Silver
  • Hyuna - Mint
  • Sojin - Wens Sojin
  • Leeteuk - Kang Soo
  • Shindong - Udon
  • Kangin - Woongdam (gallbladder of a bear…)
  • Kyuhyun - Gwee Hyun
  • T.O.P - Mark
  • Daesung - Big Castle
  • Seungri - Sonic
  • Taeyang - Taekwon
  • Jun Jin - Lee Gi Go
  • Minwoo - Parang / Taeyang
  • Dongwan - Ato
  • Lizzy - Deokie / Soonie / Deoksoonie
  • Hwasa - Patzzi
  • Solar - Doremi / Mipa
  • Minah - Thurs Minah
  • Sojin - Wednes Sojin


Congratulations to: @bitinglightning !!


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Koreaboo and Their EXO SLANDER

In the last 24 hours, Koreaboo has reported 3 EXO-related stories that were obviously biased and out for blood. I have always been rational and fair when stating my opinions in the comment threads, however it seems they have now banned me from their facebook page. EXO-L’s should be furious with them after the kind of slander they’ve been throwing around today and in general.

Today alone:

1. They reported that Tao left EXO because he was being bullied by the other members.Their “evidence” was a string of random gifs of the guys messing around on stage, them slapping Tao during the 007 game they played on Showtime etc etc. Gifs that were taken totally out of context.

2. They reported that Sehun was in a drunk driving accident with his “girlfriend” earlier in July. The only “evidence” of this is a blurry, dark-ass video that a random girl posted on instagram. There is no evidence the man in the video was drunk, there was no evidence that the girl who was with him was his girlfriend, and most importantly, NO EVIDENCE THAT IT WAS SEHUN AT ALL. The guy in the video never speaks and never shows his face. The only thing you can see is a shadowy figure of a slim guy with a dark bowl cut. Which may look sort of like Sehun, but it also looks like half of freaking male population in Korea in general.

3. Finally, they reported that Chanyeol made a “vulgar” hand gesture by using a still photo from a video. We have no idea if the hand gesture is actually as vulgar as they claim seeing as how it’s “only used in Korea” and we also don’t know what he was actually doing since it’s a still shot. Even if he was actually doing this hand gesture, how do we know he wasn’t doing it as a joke to another member? Finally, why does it matter? Are we going to tear apart every idol that flips up the middle finger now, too?

I made a statement on the Chanyeol post that Koreaboo was really harsh towards EXO lately and none of their reporting was based on fact, and they not only deleted my comment, but banned me from posting at all. They’re the shadiest kpop news source out there, are clearly anti-EXO, and more fans should be aware of it. Share this please to get the word out because too many people are swayed by those kinds of rumor-mill new stories and it’s ridiculous.

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EXO has been taking over charts, achieving an all-kill status and winning #1 on music shows. Meanwhile, EXO-M has also been receiving praise in China for their performances.

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American A.R.M.Ys, be prepared because the lovable boys of BTS (Bangtan Boys) will be bringing their latest concert series your way this summer!

Managed under Korean agency Big Hit Entertainment, it has been announced on March 16th PST that Korean group BTS will be stopping at four major cities with Episode II: The Red Bullet in the United States under American production company SubKulture Entertainment. While this is not their first trip to America, having participated in KCON andMAMA last year, it certainly is the first time they will be bringing a concert tour through the country.

BTS will be visiting New York City (New York), Dallas (Texas), Chicago (Illinois), and Los Angeles (California) this July.

Consisting of seven members — leader Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J­Hope, Jimin, V, andJungkook — BTS made their debut in June 2013 with “No More Dream,” and has since then released additional albums that has gained attention from fans all over the world. They have proven to be quite the fierce group and already has several major awards under their belt, including those at the MelOn Music Awards (2013),Golden Disk Awards (2014, 2015), Seoul Music Awards (2014, 2015), as well as the Gaon Chart K­-Pop Awards (2014, 2015).

The seven-member group reached an all-new high when they starred in their own reality show via Mnet called BTS American Hustle Life, where they met and worked with hip-hop legends Coolio and Warren G during their stay in Los Angeles.

Most recently, Warren G and Rap Monster worked together for the track “P.D.D (Please Don’t Die)” with the former taking charge in its production. Rap Monster is also set to release his first public mixtape, unveiling the music video to “Awakening” ahead of time, and had worked with hip-hop project group MFBTY (Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK, Bizzy) on a track in their upcoming album, Wondaland.

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So I am fucking angry.

What the hell is this? Huang Zitao has been filming 3 movies, various CFs and variety shows, holding a concert streamed live by 7 million people, attending fashion weeks,holding roadshows for his film promotions, releasing OSTs, topping the V Chart single sales with Adore, denying gender norms, holding Charity events, designing Tshirts and this is what gets reported? THIS is all he gets recognition for? CRYING?

He attended the film festival at Shanghai and walked the red carpet with Jackie Chan and I bet they won’t give a shit about his movie and report it as the possibility of a taoris showdown happening.

ALL of this is the reason why there is a general dislike among people about him. Nobody knows what he is doing and of all he is doing, THIS is what gets reported. Only bringing up more hatred, more mockery and more people sniggering at him for being a crybaby. 

He has grown so much as a person, I wish you could see that. I wish you could see the confident performances he gave at his concert. I wish you could see how dedicated he is towards CPop and how he always wants his fans to be proud of him. I wish you all saw the fearlessness in his eyes when facing the interviewers that try to take him down in everytime or how happy he gets when people appreciate his music. I wish you all felt how emotional he got when he talked about the support he got from his cast members and the love he had for BoXuan. I wish you knew he returned the money given to him by his fans while he was on a variety show, I wish you appreciated the fact that he is not afraid to show his respect for Luhan when he went to watch his movie on the only holiday he got in weeks. I wish you saw how much he really loves his mother and his family. I wish you understood that the wealthy cars and the watches he posts on Instagram are not to show off but because he really treasures them cause he bought them from the money he earns. I wish you appreciated his cheeky side when he tells haters that” he doesnt give a shit anymore”,holds competition for the best memes on him and frankly states on air that he is not a routine virgin plastic idol everyone expects him to be.I wish you heard him say “Love between two girls is not wrong” and “I like wearing girl’s clothes, but I rarely find my size”. 

Huang Zitao is so easily to misunderstand, so easy to hate- because he is like anyone of us, awkward, shy and quiet around new people, loud and cheeky around ones he gets comfortable with, whining and lazy at doing tasks, getting emotionally attached easily, constantly fighting negativity and people judging him, determined to prove himself , knowing his own faults, afraid and nervous at times, loving his mother to death, clicking thousands of selfies with his dog, moody, self conscious,cracking bad jokes,being sassy #sweg, loving new clothes, hating bugs, hating rumors….he is everything-he is infinite dimensional.

He is totally not a perfect person… because he is always the way he is and does not live his life just to please others. I am sorry if he does not fit the image you have of him.I am sorry if you are still sulking over him leaving. I am sorry if you did not like the Sina interview. I am sorry if you can’t respect him “the way you respect Kris and Luhan”. I am sorry if you are disappointed. But if you don’t really know what he is about and yet hate him, I am sorry for you.

As for Koreaboo,to whosoever is running this “news site”, either do not report “important news” like this or do not report about him at all. Ztao doesn’t need your sneering comments or your sympathy votes.He does not need this cheap publicity. He is doing fine on his own.


April Fools day is here lets let the trollin’ begin
1. Koreaboo you be lying I know
2. Onew fansite turned into SHINee’s manager fansite
3. Taemin’s fansite becoming a website for tampons
4.IKON’s Bobby fan account turned into an account for strawberry jam
5.Bangtan fan acc turned into the Davao City Mayor
6.Taemin fan acc as an OTAKU
7.VIXX Leo’s fan acc changed to Taemin
8./9. Onew turned into tofu and key, well, hes a key now.
10. I’m 100% so done with kpop.


Koreaboo will be giving away EXO’s “OVERDOSE" Album everyday for 14 days! To enter, all you have to do is follow our Tumblr blog and reblog this!



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