'BTS Schedule (rest of the month)'

September 2: Seo Taiji Concert
September 12: RapMon’s Birthday
September 18: Comeback
September 30: Soribada Awards
September 22: Fansign (Aladin)
September 24: S&F Music Festival
September 29: K-pop World Festival

October 13: Jimin’s Birthday
October 21: ‘THE WINGS TOUR’ in Taipei
October 22: ‘THE WINGS TOUR’ in Taipei

November 4: 'THE WINGS TOUR’ in Macao

December 4: Jin’s Birthday
December 8: 'THE WINGS TOUR’ in Korea (THE FINAL)
December 9: 'THE WINGS TOUR’ in Korea (THE FINAL)
December 10: 'THE WINGS TOUR’ in Korea (THE FINAL)
December 30: V’s Birthday

Ya’ll BTS looked so sad when they were watching girls being pulled out of the pit from passing out. I wish people didn’t push so much and everyone could have enjoyed themselves the way they wanted to. Now that BTS are leaving America I feel like I can say this. I don’t know about any other show but at the 03/24 Newark show….you guys were selfish as fuck. Whether it was skipping people in line for wristbands that had been there ALL NIGHT AND DAY and slept outside to get one, pushing so much in the pit that people were panicking and passing out, being rude to each other, among other things. It was a fucking mess. And people ruined it for some people. And you should be ashamed of yourselves tbh. We’re supposed to be a family and you all acted like fucking animals. Even Namjoon told you guys to back the fuck up and stop pushing and you still were pushing. There was an 8 year old girl in the pit and you were even pushing her. It was honestly disgusting and I have never had a concert experience like that in my life.

yjaybaby: 오늘 유럽투어 마지막 러시아에서 공연하고 한국으로 돌아갑니다. 이번 유럽투어 역시 즐거운 공연이었고 행복했어요. 여러분들도 다들 건강하고 즐거운 생활들 보내고 있죠? 보고 싶어요. 미세먼지 조심하고 행복한 하루하루 보내요. 안녕😋

We are performing in Russia for the last of our Europe tour and then returning to Korea. This Europe tour is indeed fun and I was happy. Everyone is also getting by healthily and having fun right? I miss you. Be careful of the fine dust and have a happy day everyday. Bye 😋

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Got7 aren't even established as a group to be doing this. Jype doesn't even promote them well enough as a group in the first place.

“Got7 aren’t even established as a group to be doing this”

JJ project aren’t starting from 0, the unit promoted before and it was mentioned many times when GOT7 debuted, JB and Jinyoung have many fans in Korean fandom what means they’re stan attractors. Showing them to the public through unit promotions to gain more fans is not a bad idea in my opinion. Many Korean fans who have been following JB & JY since JJP days have been waiting for their comeback too.

“Jype doesn’t even promote them well enough as a group in the first place“

I’d understand these concerns more if GOT7 had long breaks or one comeback a year in Korea. Instead they always have at least 2 long promotion cycles with 20 fansign events for every one of them. Market is overstaturated and it’s not easy to become a top group these days, but as someone who has been following JYPE for years I can say they’ve never put so much effort with groups in the past. They make GOT7 film shows during every promotion, organise different ways to meet fans (mini fanmeetings, fansign events), GOT7 members assure fans that they’re not going anywhere all the time. 

Jinyoung has been wanting to act for a long time now and he’ll finally have time to do it (as mentioned in the article). GOT7 members have been focusing on group promotions for a long time. JYPE wouldn’t force Jackson to go solo or JJ Project to make a comeback if they didn’t talk with the members. As for other members activities, they might have something planned too. People become idols because they like performing, they like being on stage, I believe that every member has a dream project they would like to pursue in the future while still being a part of GOT7.

Not long ago a producer working with Youngjae mentioned they recorded something until 4AM. Maybe Youngjae is preparing something too? Today only 4 members arrived in Korea and vocal line (JB, JY and YJ) stayed in Japan. 

Jackson mentioned wanting to show his ‘real style’ in one of the recent interviews. Jackson’s fandom in China is quite big. They’re not leaving us, they want us to support them. They’re still GOT7 members and already have group activities planned (rumored comeback in Korea and Japan tour at the end of the year).


1. 5 must-have things in bag when traveling?
- Bluetooth speaker, english learning device, phone, earphone, charger

2. Preferred mode of transport and reason when traveling?
- I’ve not travelled before.. and I don’t know what options are there to choose ㅠㅠ

3. Advice on long-flights?
Erm… As expected by lying down and sleeping well we won’t be tired right?! Go and sleep

4. Recommend songs to listen to when traveling?
- “Butterfly” & “Wings”. Because like a butterfly, we’re flying up the sky by taking the plane. When traveling, take all our songs to…. HAHA

5. When traveling, are you the type to plan and schedule or be spontaneous?
- Alrhough I’ll plan everything well but I don’t know why it somehow feels like it’s useless HAHAHA

6. Something you have to do when you reach the destination and why?
- Take pictures and listen to music

7. A place you’d want to travel to with the members?
- I want to go to places that is healing (relaxing) and to swim to my heart’s content

8. Eating, shopping, visiting tourist attractions, healing: Favourite traveling themes and reason?
- Ofcourse traveling is eating and visiting tourist attractions, and to take pictures!

9. Most memorable memory when traveling?
- Although it’s not recent but i’ve tried to tour Korea with hyungs for 2 days and 1 night and that time was really great

10. If you can time travel, where do you want to go to and reason?
- First year of elementary school, I want to learn everything again slowly

Disclaimer; May be a little inaccurate bc the pic isn’t really clear LOL
Pic source; BONBONNIERE | take out w full credits


Vielen Dank erstmal für Eure Geduld! Wir wissen ihr habt lange auf dieses Update gewartet und ihr müsst verstehen das es uns nicht anders ging (auch wenn es für euch nicht so wirkt).

Zunächst möchten wir euch mitteilen das wir zwar große Schritte vorangekommen sind, wir aber bisher noch keine offiziellen Termine für ein Konzert haben. Ihr müsst euch also weiterhin gedulden. Was wir euch aber mitteilen können und wollen ist die Tatsache, dass wir mit den Abwicklungen immer mehr vorankommen, auch wenn es ziemlich Zeitaufwendig ist. Dies ist übrigens auch der Grund, weshalb ihr mittlerweile relativ wenige Updates von uns erhaltet. Wir können euch aber bereits den Termin für das nächste Update nennen. Dies wird Anfang September veröffentlich. Warum im September klärt sich so ziemlich von alleine.

3 aus unserem Team haben nun ein Meeting mit unseren Event- Managern erwirkt und werden Mitte August für 2 Wochen nach Korea reisen. Wir versuchen wirklich so viele Punkte abzuarbeiten wie uns möglich ist. Die Besprechungen werden uns wirklich alles abverlangen und wir hoffen auf das Beste. Daher wird auch das neue Update direkt nach Korea veröffentlicht, im September. Wir haben sehr lange hin und her diskutiert und die Gründe für die fehlende Europa-Wings-Tour in Erfahrung zu bringen. Unsere Bemühungen dazu blieben bisher leider erfolglos. Stattdessen fokussieren wir uns derzeit darauf eine allgemeine Europa-Tour zu erwirken und vermuten, dass hinter all dem etwas mehr steckt. Wir werden jedoch weiterhin unermüdlich unser Glück versuchen und uns bemühen endlich große Erfolge für alle zu erzielen.

Daher bitten wir euch weiterhin geduldig zu bleiben und mit allem zu rechnen.

Nun möchten wir noch eine kurze Anmerkung bezüglich all den Fragen die wir in letzter Zeit erhalten haben machen.

-       Wir können Euch keine Ticket Auskünfte geben, da bisher noch kein Konzert ansteht.

-       Es wird bisher nur EIN EINZIGES Konzert in Deutschland geben, aber MEHRERE

Konzerte in Europa. (Wird zumindest so angestrebt)

-       Die Stadt wird erst bekannt gegeben, wenn das Konzert feststeht. Auch dazu werden alle gestellten Fragen ohne zu zögern gelöscht.

-       Alle die nicht an das Projekt glauben oder es nicht unterstützen steht es frei sich von unseren Seiten zu entfernen: Wir brauchen kein Hate.

-       An alle anderen: Vielen Dank für Eure Geduld!

„Teamwork makes the Dream work!”

Members comment relay. 

 Taeyeon to Yoona: I’m proud. As expected. 

 Yoona to Yuri: Let’s be healthy. You’re cool, you’re pretty. 

 Yuri to Hyoyeon: Thank you for being with me from 17 years ago until now.

 Hyoyeon to Seohyun: You’re my pride.

Seohyun to Tiffany: I’m thankful to unnies for dependably being by my side.

Tiffany to Sunny: I’m proud, we’re incredible. Let’s love each other without changing.

Sunny to Sooyoung: Thank you. I wanted to say this for a long time, I’m sorry. (Jokes) I’m actually a man.  

Sooyoung to Taeyeon: You can lean on me. Taeyeon is our pride. Who else in Korea tours Asia like Taeyeon?


BTS Reaction Masterlist

1) Meeting Them At A Fan Sign And It’s Love At First Sight

2) You Fangirling Over EXO

3) When Their Girlfriend Is Hyper

4) When You Do Aegyo

5) When You Laugh At Them Saying Something Sexual In Front Of The Others

6) You Being Their Date To The Mamas

7) Their Gf Telling Them Their Hair Looks Sexy Pushed Back

8) Walking In On You Killing Their Songs For The First Time

9) When Their Crush (You) Spills Coffee Over Them

10)  When Their Gf (You) Wants To Cuddle

11)  When You Kiss them In The Rain

12)  Their Gf Being Their Usual Self

13)  Kissing Them to Get Their Attention

14)  Attempting To Get their Attention In A Sexual Way

15)  When You Freak After Seeing A Rat

16)  When Your Stomach Is Hurting

17) You Being In An Accident

18)  Wanting To Share A Bed With You

19) Catching You Kiss A Pillow

20) When You Cheat On Them

21) Going To A Haunted House With Them

22) Wearing Their Shirt

23) You sleeping Bra-less And Your Shirt Rides Up

24) When You’re A Blanket Hog

25) Falling In Love With Jungkook’s Best Friend

26) Finding Out You’re Adopted And Your Parents Lied To You

27) Seeing You In A Bikini

28) When You Want Ice Cream

29) Giving Their Hoodie Back ‘Cause It Stopped Smelling Like Them

30) Seeing You Exercising Early In The Morning

31) When They Get Asked Why They Smell Like Female Perfume

32) Seeing Your Hair Straightened For The First Time When It’s Normally Really Curly

33) When They’re Dating You But Your Favourite Group Is Block B

34) Calling You A Name Playfully And You Pretend To Be Hurt

35) Cuddling Them In Your Sleep Unconsciously

36)  Asking Them For A Piggyback Ride

37) Their Girlfriend Seeing Them Off At The Airport

38) You Having Depression And Anxiety

39)  Finding Out That What They Thought Was Your Boyfriend Was Actually Your Best Friend

40) Your New Hairstyle

41) Finding Out You Have Many Fangirls And Boys

42)  Teaching You Dance Routines

43)  You Offering To Give Them A Foot Massage

44)  You Being Scared When People Suddenly Touch You

45)  You Being Extremely Scared Of Lightning

46)  You Being Lesbian

47)  You Being Not Skinny But Not Big

48) You Always Having Back Pain

49) Finding Out Their Gf Is A Kickboxer

50) Seeing How Talented You Are At Art

51) Comforting Their S/O Before A Dance Performance

52) Telling Them You’ve Never Been Kissed

53) You Moving Away From Them In The Night

54) Seeing You Rapping Along To Yoongi’s New Mixtape

55) You (Their S/O) Hangs Around With The Others And Your Bikini Accidentally Exposes you

56) You Being an Olympic Swimmer

57) You Playing Pokemon Go

58) When You Know How To Sing And Dance 

59) You Both Meeting Big Bang Together For The First Time

60) Catching You Reading A Fanfic With Them In It

61) You Accidentally Farting In Front Of Them

62) When Their Crush Is A Famous Youtuber And They Bump Into Her When She’s Touring Around Korea 

63) You Getting Into A Physical Fight With A Girl Who Annoys The Shit Out Of You

64)  Telling Them You Have Asthma And It Can Get Really Bad During Certain Times Of The Seasons

65) You Still Running A BTS Reaction Tumblr Account And You Still Make Them While You’re Dating

66) Their Gf Having A Very Protective Older Brother And Would Make Sure That They Were Suitable To Date His Sister

67) Their Best Friend (You) Kisses Them And Then You Run Away In Embarrassment

68) When Their Gf Is Carsick

69)  Their S/O feeling Insecure Of Her Small Breasts

Single member reactions



  1. Getting Jealous Over His New Girlfriend


  1. You Trying To Keep Him Healthy


  1. Suddenly Kissing Him
  2. You Cheering Him Up While He Works So Hard

Rap Monster

  1. Back Hugging Him Then Walking Away
  2. You Singing Along To Fools (By Troye Sivan)


  1. You Constantly Craving Gummy Bears


You Being More Sensitive To Cold Than Others And Anything Warm Will Do
When You hit Your Head And Loose Your Memory
Comforting You (Their Friend) After You’ve Had A Fight With Your Boyfriend
Their Girlfriend Wanting Them To Go With Her To All The Paranormal Places In the World
Their Friend Being A Fan And Wanting To See Them Privately If BigHit Allowed
Their Crush Chickening Out On Her Confession
When You’re 154 Cm (In Height) And You Swear, And Become Dorky When You Can’t Reach Something    
Their S/O Avoiding Them And Never Shows Their Body Because They Think their Stomach Is Too Big
You Getting Light Headed After Having Your Wisdom Teeth Removed
You (Their Youtube Crush) Going A Fan Meet After A Break Up To Feel Better
Their Daughter’s Boyfriend Breaking Up With Her
You Can Use A Gun Professionally
You Sending Them Specific Pictures Of Yourself
You Hugging Him Tightly And Your Head Is In His Chest (Taehyung Reaction)
Their Gf Having Natural big Breasts But An Average Sized Figure And Feels Insecure About Her Breasts
You Being In A Marching Band And Being Sore After Practice    
You’re On A Walk And You Ask For A Piggy-Back Because Your Legs Hurt
When their Girlfriend Is A Wiccan (Pagan Witch-Craft)
You Being A Popular Rock Singer
Your Full Body Tattoo (Traditional Japanese Tattoos)
You Asking Them To Shower With You
Having a Scar From Heart Surgery And When You Touch It, You Feel Sick
You Waking Up From A Nightmare Screaming And Crying
Seeing Their Gf’s Natural Eyes For The First Time
You Crying Over One Of Their Songs
Their Gf Having Breast Cancer *WARNING*
You Being Scared Of People Dressed Up As Mascots
The Maknae Line Choking On Water
Their Girlfriend Being Scared And Paranoid After Watching A Creepy Movie
When You’re 'In The Mood’ But They Aren’t
You Harming Yourself Intentionally
Finding Out Their Gf Secretly Likes 'Punk/Emo’ Music
You Singing The 'Cuppy Cake’ Song To Them In A Baby Voice
Their Idol Gf Being In A Girl*Girl Ship With One Of Her Members
You Coming Out As Asexual
PDA With Their S/O
Their S/O Having A Make-out Session For A Drama
Their Girlfriend Listening To Only 50s And 60s Music
You Have Low Self-Esteem
You Loving Food And Eats Lots Of It But Not Gaining Weight
You Don’t Get Scared While Watching A Horror Film But They Do
You Trying To Fight Off The Kidnappers In AHL
You Being A Terrible Dancer
You Wanting A Baby (Jungkook Reaction)
You Vaping
Being Insecure Because Not A Lot Of People On Your Side Would Show Up To The Wedding
Their S/O Tripping Over And Throwing Themselves At The Freezer To See That There’s No Ice Cream

Bts Reaction to their S/o telling them to smile more!~Hyung line

Seokjin would be in your newly beautifully decorated kitchen, smiling widely as he cooked and hummed to spring day while you sat at the island watching contently, maybe humming along, harmonising to certain parts. As he turned in your direction to use the counter space across from you, you sighed in awe and said “You should smile more Jin, it makes me fall in love with you even more. If thats even possible” His smile grew tremendously and his eyes widened freezing in shock at your remark. At his change of expression you smiled yourself and leaned over the counter to kiss him. Lets just say It would turn into an intense make out session in the kitchen that would only end due to black smoke rising from the food he was cooking.

Originally posted by jeonheart

Sitting in bed with you just lazing between the sheets, listening to quiet music together would be when Yoongi’s smile would be most calm and comfortable. You would cuddle more into his side, inhaling his sweet yet musky scent and whisper to him “You should smile more you know, its the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen” To that he would groan lightly, pull you even closer to kiss your cheek and whisper back “Then you’ll have to be around me even more since I smile for you.” in his grumbling morning voice that made your heart beat 20x harder than before.

Originally posted by beui

You were far away in Korea as Hoseok toured the world enjoying himself but he always tried to text you as much as possible to make sure you know he’s thinking of you. One night you were laying on your bed enwrapped in a conversation about the newest Bts comeback to Hobi over iMessage, you were gushing about how amazing it was and how beautiful he danced. You sent him a message over snapchat with a selfie of your grin saying “Your smile is my favourite, show it more!” You thought he had maybe fell asleep since it was late where he was but you were proven wrong when you received a spam of 5 or 6 snapchats from the maknae of Jhope dancing and singing about how much he loved you and hugging his phone adorably. He was extremely embarrassed when you told him you saw him doing so.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

You loved to poke Namjoon’s deep dimples when he was talking or mixing music or sleeping, basically whenever you could see them. There were certain times when this made him grin even more and others where it was distracting and he would frown at you like an angry puppy. You were sitting on his lap, facing him with your chest against his and your legs falling off the opposite side of the chair, kind of like a sloth clinging to a tree. You were reading a book and he was editing his music with a content smile on his face from the contact with you. After finishing an exciting chapter and dropping the book you looked up at him as he smiled and nodded to the music and began to poke his dimples making him frown slightly from the breaking of his concentration. “Smile more, Joonie… your smile makes my day” you said, using your fingers to lift the edges of his lips into a grin that grew to be real as the words left yours. He would blush deeply and hide his head in your hair to avoid the embarrassment of how flattered he was, whispering the words “Baby girl” repeatedly because in that moment he can’t form a real sentence.

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I split this request in half since it was SO long, it kind of turned into a scenario instead but I hope you like it @btswifi 

-Aylee <3

(W)rapped Around Her Finger

Originally posted by btsleepy

A/N: I had my first request sent into my inbox. Thanks for trusting me enough to write something for you, I feel like what I write is trash. I don’t want to make this a series but I can see this being longer than one part haha. ALSO I suck at coming up with titles as you can see

Request: can i request a yoongi or jhope fanfic? im not creative maybe where you’re both famous rappers and he has a huge crush on you i cant think of a plot (sorry) so surprise me! :) but i would like angst and fluff :)) thank you in advance if you decide to do it!! 💕💕

Pairing: J-hope x Reader (Ugh I love this little ball of sunshine so much I can’t stop writing about him.)

Summary: You and J-hope are both rappers and he seems to have a huge crush on you although you have always failed to see it. 

Genre: Angst,Fluff.

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“Forget Me.” pt. 10

Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

pt.1  pt.2  pt. 3  pt. 4  pt. 5  pt. 6  pt. 7 pt. 8  pt. 9  pt. 10  pt. 11  pt. 12  pt. 13  pt. 13.5 (End)

Originally posted by yoonmin

Tour was nearly over, which meant I could spare some time dedicated to looking for Y/N before going back to work. 

It’s been getting more difficult lately, I didn’t have Y/N around to keep me reassured when I was down, she wasn’t there when I felt insecure about certain things. I hated that. I hated only realising now how much I depended on her because now that I’m without her, I don’t know how to function properly.

The old days were so perfect, beyond perfect even. You wouldn’t even believe how well matched we were if I told you so. We loved the same food, we loved the same games at the arcade, we loved the same movies, same music, same clothing style, yes clothing style - that is why we matched unintentionally so often. There was only one thing that differed and that was her love for coffee and my love for hot chocolate. 

“Why don’t you try some of my latte? It’s good! I don’t get how you don’t like it when you like the smell of coffee.” she laughed whilst pushing her cup in my direction.

“I’ve tried it before and my opinion on it still hasn’t changed princess.” I say as I pushed her cup back to her. She loved it when I called her princess and she would blush every time, because I told her that one day I was going to make her my queen, and that one day was going to be the moment I stepped foot back into Korea after this years tour which was in a couple of days time, and when it was all over, I was going to ask her. I was going to ask if she would spend the rest of her life with me as my wife, but now she doesn’t even want me anymore.

It’s shoooort but here’s pt. 10 ~Request for pt. 11

[170216 INFO] GLOBAL LEADING B.A.P Special Fanmeeting in BUSAN

[T/N: Edited 170217!]

B.A.P will hold a GLOBAL LEADING B.A.P Special Fanmeeting in Busan.

Please experience the strong aura of B.A.P with the completeness of 6.

We’re awaiting your participation!

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