10일동안 한국 여행 하면서 많이 느꼈어요!
한국 사람들 엄청 친절하고 빛나요!
얼른 집에 가서 빨리 자고싶어요 ㅋㅋ ㅠㅠ
한국은 이게 좋아요!
인터넷 속도 엄청 빠르고,
음식도 맛있어요!
그리고 엄청 친절해요! ㅋㅋ
다음에 한번 더 가고싶어요~~


Video of Justin performing the changed lyrics to “Be Alright” in Seoul, Korea (Oct. 10) (FF 1:30)

He. Wanted. To. Leave.

I barely had any doubt him crying in that trailer had to be about the dating scandal, but if I wasn’t shaking my head enough at the behavior from fans and fansites before, I can say now that I am surely disappointed and disillusioned. I usually don’t say things like this, and I know how vindictive it is, but I hope they feel guilty and awful. I didn’t think it hit him this hard, and this is coming from someone who knows he’s a rather emotional kid. I hope it doesn’t deter him from dating in the future.