korea's next top model cycle 4

Korea's Next Top Model Cycle/Season 4 is giving me LIFE.

First of all, watch this:

DRAMATIC, RIGHT???  Just the way I like my Top Model.

Second, they have a good cast.  There’s a married mom who’s starting to do this a bit late, but she seems like she’ll last a while.  There’s also a deaf girl who gave it her all (she threw up in the middle of filming but said that she would keep going, and she made it through), a repeat contestant (from Cycle 2), and a girl that reminds me of Kim Soo Hyun, but in a good way.  (Let’s face it; we all know he’s pretty.)

There are no obvious front-runners so far, mostly because so little has been shown (and to be honest, during the semi-finals runway, I could barely tell who was who, not only because there were three groups of 10 similarly styled people, but also because only a few girls got much screen time).  You can see the girls below:

Go Eun-bi/고은비, the repeat contestant, is the first girl.
Ryu Ye-ri/류예리 (second row middle) is one of the older contestants (30!) but she stuck out to me, in a good way.
Shin Hyeon-ji/신현지 (third row, last) is the girl that reminds me of Kim Soo Hyun.
Im Hyeon-ju/임현주, the mom, is in the fourth row, middle.  Next to her is Hwang Hyeon-ju/황현주, who actually posed pretty well and is someone I remember.  (By the way, this list should be in Korean alphabetical order, but for some reason, these two were put together, probably because they have the same name.)

Also, doesn’t the host (Jang Yoon-ju/장윤주) look FABULOUS?  (She’s the chess player in the video.)


Korea's Next Top Model Cycle 4 ep 02 2/2
Korea's Next Top Model Cycle 4 ep 02 1/2