korea x china

a holiday to korea, china, japan..?


So my parents run a travel business and recently, there has been a reduction in interest. I really want to help them, and the most I can do at this moment in time is advertise it on here. As a fellow Kpop fan, I understand how amazing it would be to see our bias groups live and I will love to help incorporate that into a tour.

However, I understand not all of us have unlimited money to spend going on holidays, so if you do happen to book with us through my tumblr. We will be more than happy to give a discount. 

I hope you understand how I just really want to help my parents and if you do have interest in going to Asia, whether that’s Korea, Japan or somewhere like Cambodia. Please feel free to inbox me for more information.

Also, if you have any interest- despite whether you can afford or not. Please like this post so I can get an idea of any interest, this will help the company a lot.

(also I apologise if this is irrelevant to your tag, I just really want to create awareness ;) )

[VID] 151206 The 17th Korea-China Song Festival - 제17회 한중가요제 <Full Dailymontion> #Line-up:  BTS, AOA, VIXX, Red Velvet  ,F(x),  Im Chang Jung, The One, Ailee, Ali, Roy Kim,  SNH48, Henry Huo, Shang Wenjie, Tan Weiwei, Sha Baoliang, Jin Zenan, Zhang Lei, and Hanggai Band.