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Professions in Korean~

Hey everyone, I know I did a couple of posts in this but I figured it’d be nice to add another for some more vocab! Here are some more professions in Korean!~

*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~


의사 (eui sa) doctor
간호사 (gan ho sa) nurse
약사 (yak sa) pharmacist
군의관 (gun eui gwan) paramedic
외과 의사 (wae gwa eui sa) surgeon

병원 (byeong won) hospital
약국 (yak guk) medicine country (pharmacy!)


판사 (pan sa) judge
변호사 (byeon ho sa) attorney
검사 (geom sa) prosecutor
형사 (hyeong sa) detective
경찰 (gyeong chal) police officer

(geom chal chong jang nim)
Prosecutor General

법무부 장관님
(beob mu bu jang gwan nim)
Minister of Justice


선생님 (seon saeng nim) teacher
교수님 (gyo soo nim) professor

[Additional Occupations]

건축가 (geon chuk ga) architect
디자이너 (di ja yi neo) designer
소방관 (so bang gwan) firefighter
요리사 (yo ri sa) chef/cook
관리인 (gwan li yin) janitor

Hope this helps and happy studying!

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

I decided I liked my new neighborhood when I took this photograph.

TanCheon park, Bundang-gu

April 2017

이 사진 찍었던 순간에 우리 새 동네가 마음 들었다

분당구 탄천공원

2017년 4월

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Genre: Fluff/Angst

It had been a week since you’d seen him, your heart ripped out when he told you that he just didn’t feel it was fair for him to be gone so long and for you to just wait for him to come back. You’d spent 105 days waiting for him to have time, but the moments you’d stolen with him over kakao or face time were more than enough to tide you over. Three days with him, going on dates, cuddling on the couch and watching movies - and suddenly he is talking about how much easier your life would be without him. The bomb is dropped, he is getting off the couch - suddenly your life seems so much less bright now that Jackson isn’t in it. You’re left sitting on the couch with no explanation, no goodbye - just that he thinks you two should break up and thats the end of it. Before you could even get a word in or process what he’d said he was gone.

So you find yourself standing outside the dorm a week later - its late, but you know that at least a couple of members are awake since their lights are on. You walk over to the door buzzing their dorm hoping one of them will let you in, “Who is it?” it was Jaebum.

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Hetaween 2016 - part 9
  • America: hey, have you guys seen China or Japan?
  • Germany: oh, I received a text from him that he's coming-
  • South Korea: ladies and gentlemen, this amazing group will win the costume contest, with...
  • Taiwan: Valor~!!
  • Japan: Mystic.
  • South Korea: INSTINCT!!
  • Hong Kong: Go!!
  • America: WHOAH OMG OMG OMG!! CANADIA LOOKIE!! OMG! OMG! *fangirls*
  • England: you lot are Pokémon Go characters?? Wait, where's China?
  • China, from the corner: NO!!!
  • Taiwan: hehe, you look amazing, come on~ *drags China out*
  • South Korea: we present you, female Go! Or GoGo!!
  • Male countries: ... you actually look good with shorts...
  • China: *cries*

Admin Marie

A/N: I didn’t have any time to reread so I hope there aren’t any typos but if there are, I apologize!

Word Count: 1457

Genre: Angst

Member: Woozi (Seventeen)

Summary: Nothing would be the same if you could’ve slept and if Woozi came home for your anniversary.

Part 2

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You loved Jihoon. Sometimes, you weren’t always sure if Jihoon loved you as much as he said. He was hardly home, his priority was his job, not you. He used to live with you, but now he lives with the rest of his group, Seventeen in their dorm. You used to spend every night together, but now, you spent every night alone, watching your phone carefully, waiting for him to reply to a text of yours or even just to call. You were tired, not just of his crap, but everything in your life. You moved to South Korea after meeting Jihoon through your best friend, Joshua.

Joshua and you were neighbours growing up and best friends. He moved to Korea to follow his dream of being a singer, which was torture for you. He called you every day, no matter what he was doing because he promised you. After he debuted, he begged you to come visit you. Caving in with no resistance at all, you packed 2 weeks worth of clothes and you flew out to Seoul to see your best friend. When you got there, thirteen boys greeted you in the airport and you were shocked. You spent the two weeks staying in their dorm with them, even though they all knew if Pledis found out they would be screwed. They didn’t care though, because you were basically Joshua’s sister and if he cared about you, then they decided they did too.

All of the boys ended up liking you a lot. You were fun loving and laughed a lot, despite being so shy the first time you met them all. Jihoon took a special interest in you. One night he was up well past 4 in the morning and everyone else was asleep. You couldn’t sleep that night. It was about three days after you had arrived and you were still really jet lagged. You got of the bed you shared with Joshua and walked into the kitchen, hoping a glass of water would help with your current predicament. You heard the clicking of the keys on a keyboard coming from the living room. After you finished your water and had set the empty glass in the sink, you walked into the living room to see who was still up. Jihoon was sitting on the couch, glasses perched on his nose and typing away at a laptop. You observed his concentrated demeanor for a second and then decided to speak.

“Can’t sleep?” You asked. He jumped, his eyes flicking from his laptop screen to your face. “Sorry, didn’t mean to frighten you,” You said. He smiled after a second and patted the spot next to him. You walked over to him, sitting beside him.

“No, I can’t. I compose our music and I’m working on a new piece,” He replied.

“Can I hear it?” You asked. He shakes his head, looking frightened.

“No, not yet. Not until it’s perfect,” He replied.  After that, you two got closer and closer over the time you got to spend in Korea. On the second last day, Jihoon told you he was liked you. To you, that was a huge proclamation from someone you had known for two weeks. After persuasion from all of the boys, you ended up dropping your average life in LA and moving to South Korea. You got a job in as a waitress until you could find something more permanent. Exactly two years later, you had found a lot of things that were way more permanent but you loved you job and coworkers, so you stayed as a waitress.

Joshua and you have only become closer since you moved out, and now, you saw him more than your own boyfriend. You were happy you got to see your best friend, but it angered you that he made time for you and your boyfriend didn’t even do that.

Today, was Jihoon and your two year anniversary and you were spending it on your couch alone. After working a ten hour shift at the restaurant, you went back to your apartment and warmed up a pre made frozen meal, too tired and disappointed to actually cook. You picked up your phone, tapped on Jihoon’s contact name and typed a simple message. “Happy anniversary” is all it says. After you finish eating, you get up, deciding to make a change. You walk into the bedroom you and Jihoon share - or now shared - and open a bag. You collect all your stuff, throwing it into the bed without much care.

You slowly clear the apartment of your presence. He probably won’t even notice for a while. You clear all of your stuff into the boxes you kept in the closet for when you and Jihoon could move into a better home. The dream is erased though as you pack everything that is exclusively yours and doesn’t hold any sentimental value to him. Tears stream down your face as you finish packing, looking at your whole life packed up in front of you. You grab your phone and dial the number of one of your coworkers who is your closest friend besides Joshua. She picks up on the first ring.

“Jieun?” You ask.

“Yeah? Are you crying?” She asks. You start crying harder.

“I’m leaving him, Ji,” You say. She knows exactly who you’re talking about.

“I’ll be right there, you can stay with me as long as you need,” She says. You thank her profusely and she hangs up. You clean up your supper and your phone rings. It’s Joshua.

“Y/N?” His kind voice asks. “Y/N? What’s wrong?” He asks. You know he’ll tell Jihoon but you just don’t care.

“I’m leaving Jihoon, Josh,” You say. “Jieun is coming to pick me up. I’m going to stay with her until I find a new place.” Joshua is silent for a couple seconds.

“This is best for you?” He asks.

“Yes. It’s the best for both of us. He doesn’t need the stress I obviously cause him. Josh it’s been a week since we last spoke,” You cry into the phone.

“Text me Jieun’s address. I’ll be there,” He says.

“Please don’t tell him, Josh,” You say.

“I won’t. It’s not mine to share,” He assures.

“Thank you. Love you,” You say.

“Love you too. See you soon,” He says before you hang up the phone and sit on the couch. The front door slams open and the last person you want to see walks in. Jihoon’s eyes are scared as he looks at the boxes lying in front of the door. He scans them and then looks at you.

“There was something wrong when you texted me Happy Anniversary. I could tell,” He says. You don’t reply and stand up.

“So you saw my texts and just decided not to respond. I was thinking maybe you got a new phone,” You say.

“Are we going somewhere?” He asks.

“No, we aren’t. I am. I am leaving, right now,” You say shortly. Hi face twists into a look of shock.

“What? Why?” He asks.

“Because. Neither of us are happy, Jihoon. We barely even see each other anymore and what’s the point? I have texted you every day and the the past week you haven’t even bothered to respond. I get you’re busy and that your career is your priority and that’s okay, it just would’ve been nice to see an “I love you” once and awhile,” You say. He looks terrified and blocks the door.

“Can we talk this out? I’ll change for you, I’ll do better. Please, Y/N, I’ll do anything,” He begs. She shake your head, the tears coming again.

“I’m sorry. I am so so sorry. I don’t want to talk it out, I don’t want you to change. This isn’t working and that’s the truth,” You say. Your phone buzzes in your pocket displaying a text from Jieun, telling you she’s outside. You grab your duffle bag and two boxes. “I moved out here so we could be together. I gave up my life in LA for this and you couldn’t spare five seconds to text me,” You say. He steps out of the way and you open the door. His arms wrap around your frame, as he cries into the crook of your neck.

“Don’t go, Y/N, please don’t go,” He begs.

“Goodbye, Jihoon. Good luck in the future with Seventeen,” you say and walk away from him, the man you are completely in love with. That day you didn’t take everything of yours, in that apartment you left a part of your heart that belonged to Jihoon, one that you knew you would never get back.

Genesis | Chapter 2

The next few days passed without incident, no one knew what was going still but you were still concerned with the entire situation. There was no telling just how pissed off some of the fans might get, but for now you were dealing with the legal aspect - DNA testing was being run through a local clinic and you’d have the results within the week even if you knew what they’d be already. You were sat on the couch in your house with Paisley sat on your stomach as you watched t.v. Jaebum was still asleep but you couldn’t get comfortable so you just came down stairs, figuring you’d make breakfast soon and then get ready to go to work.  Barely thirty minutes after being awake you heard the floorboard creak from the doorway of the living room, and you looked over seeing a still half asleep Jaebum standing there rubbing his eyes then pushing the hair out of his face.

“You okay?” he asked softly, his voice was raspy and you could tell he wasn’t completely awake.

Shaking your head you sighed, “Yeah, I’m fine just couldn’t get comfortable is all,” you spoke then patted the couch next to you, a small smile curved his lips as he fell onto the couch then leaned over touching your stomach before kissing your cheek lightly.

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•Jungkook •Fluff Your first job in Korea was waitressing. It didnt pay very much but it got what you needed. Just like anywhere else, you had customers hitting on you and rude people but you knew how to deal with it. Well unexpectedly one day, you had a quite large party to serve. When taking their orders, you felt all 14 eyes on you. Some not as ravishingly as others. They were handsome young men, no doubt, but none of them your type as to your knowledge. “And for you?” You asked a small but buffer looking boy. His hair lightly tousled, bottom lip shining from being freshly rejuvenated. As his eyes met yours, you felt a tingle feeling in your stomach. A smile crept on his face, then he bit his succulent lip. “Yeah, I’ll take your special for the day.” He stated. You nodded and wrote down what he ordered. “Okay, your orders are coming right up.” They thanked you and continued with their conversation. Walking away, you hoped the boys eyes were still on you. After 10 minutes of preparing their food, you delivered them their food. “Oh, excuse me!” The boy said to get your attention. “Yes sir?” You answered. “This is cheesy but can i have your number?” He asked. A smirk was now to appear on your face. “What’s your name?” You asked now getting playfully sassy. “Jeon Jungkook.” “Well Mr Jeon, I’m actually really busy so no.” Jaws at the table dropped as you walked away. While out of sight, you wrote your number, name and note for Jungkook. Once they signaled they were done, you slid them all napkins and a bill. A smirk grew on Jungkooks face as he read the napkin. When they walked out, Jungkook turned and winked at you, signaling he would text later. You waved them good-bye and turned to your phone. Already, he had began calling. A move that neither of you would regret

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So Far Away pt 1

pt 2  pt 3 fluff ver.  pt 3 angst ver.  

Request summary: After moving to South Korea without any support from your family, you are forced to work three jobs in order to maintain an income and prove to them that you can make it on your own. Having the members of BTS as common customers to the restaurant and café you soon develop a strong friendship with a certain member who later requests for your help on a future song.

Yoongi X Reader


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You open the door to your third shift, a yawn escaping your body as you wish for the energy to rush back to you. You feel the cool metal mingling with the night air as you watch the coffee drip into the mug, soon to be removed and combined with warm, silky milk. You thank the customer, soon moving onto the next order.

“Skinny Flat White,” the business woman orders, not taking a glace away from her phone, too busy to be polite.  You nod in return, despite her not taking notice of you, watching as her attention is drawn towards two male figures walking through the doors.

“Hello Y/N,” one of the men smiles over to you.

“Hi Yoongi, hi Jimin,” you smile in return, “the usual?” They nod in response, sitting down by a table near the register, receiving glances by the public.

“Y-you know them?” the business woman asks, finally taking notice of you.

“Here’s your coffee,” you plaster a smile onto your face, handing the takeaway cup to her.

“Thank you for waiting,” you take the Iced Americanos over to the two members, feeling Yoongi’s fingertips touch yours as he receives them from your hands.

“Have a good night Y/N,” he smiles. You then watch them walk out of the store, just like the rest of the customers in the room.

The rest of the night ticks by as your tired body slowly becomes less responsive. You wait for the water to fill up the bucket before adding floor cleaner to the mixture. Pressing play on your playlist, you mop the floor to the rhythm of the songs that run through the speakers. Humming soon turns into singing as you attempt to compete with the flawless notes harmonising in BTS’ songs. Unaware of Yoongi’s presence outside, he lets the mist form around his lips from laughter, seeing you attempt the rapping in Cypher. He would stay for hours, observing your cute expressions and comical gestures if it weren’t for the load of his mixtape hanging near the date of release.  

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yuta; cheater

another special request from dis bitch @taeminshincten who asked me to @ her as my ‘special frand’ but she’s not so i won’t lmao

summary; you always wondered how long your relationship would last with Yuta. And the moment you caught him with another girl, your query was answered.

genre; angst (as per usual lmao)

a.n. I am taking request, just so everyone knows. I need something to distract me from sucky college and I have my week break next week yay. 

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[Getting Dean’s attention during a show]

You were only going to be in Seoul for a few days and your number one priority while being there was to at least go to a show. It was only by chance that a few of your favorite artist just so happened to have a show in Hongdae.

There was something slightly overwhelming about going to a show by yourself, but then again you’d been doing everything alone in Korea. It was your self discovery trip, a way for you to treat yourself after graduating college.

You wandered into the club, it wasn’t your first time in a club in Hongdae, but they were all uniquely different. The club was pretty packed, but then again the set list was really impressive; Dean and Zico were set to perform tonight.

You made your way to the stage after grabbing a drink from the bar. It wasn’t long before the show started and the opening acts came out; Doing well to getting the crowd hyped up. Then Dean came out, the music dimmed, and the crowd cheered his name.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! May I know the reason why you moved to Korea? :) did you move there by yourself? How's the people there?

Hi there! Long story short, I came to Korea because I wanted to combine my passion for the Korean language with my passion for education. What better way to do that than come to Korea to work a job in the education field, right? I did come on my own, and it was actually my first time ever leaving the time zone I was born in (I had traveled north and south before, but never far to the east or west)!

People in Korea are just like people everywhere else. Sorry if that seems like a lame answer, but it’s really true. Of course the culture that they grew up in might be different from what we’re used to, but just like anywhere else in the world, Korean people are so diverse in terms of their personalities, goals, etc. I wouldn’t want to make any broad generalizations about them.

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@heartachetosing​ thanks so much for tagging me! sorry this took forever ♥

Gender: Female
Star sign: Aries
Height: 5′0
Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Hogwarts house: uhhhm. >< 
Favorite color: black and red
Favorite animal: cats and rats ^^
Average hours of sleep: 6-7?
Cat or dog person: Cat, but I love dogs a lot also ♥
Favorite fictional character: so many. Nana Osaki from Nana, though ♥  Usagi Tsukino and Harley Quinn. 
Number of blankets: 3
Favorite singer/band: outside of kpop ~ I listen to a lot of alternative and indie. but some of my favorites are Nine Inch Nails, Jimmy eat world, something corporate, ellie goulding. 
Dream trip: I really want to visit New Zealand, South Korea and Germany :) 
Dream job: such a loaded question. i’d love to do something that involved music/art.
When was this blog made: uhhhhm, i think it was april 2016? happy year anni to my blog 😝🎉
Number of followers: around 400
What made you decide to create this blog: being passionate about bts and other groups, and wanting to find others who shared the same passion ^^

I tag: @drquinzelharleen @captainvictoryboat @mapibee @savingthekookiemonster@kyungminie @hongbombs @cutestminhyuk​ @heckacutehoseok @seunghyxb @kpopkek12@min-yoongini@suha-min@ycpspider@xxicenturygrl​  please no pressure! 🤗🌻💕