korea dog

“Unsuspecting Western tourists in Bali are being fed dog meat!”

Okay, but they knew they were eating an animal right lol so what’s the big deal. I mean, animals are food, right? Isn’t that like ordering french fries and getting sweet potato fries instead? Yes, you shouldn’t be lied to about what you’re eating, but if you were morally accepting of one, why the outrage of the other?

Oh, is it because your culture taught you certain animals have value over other animals, and when you see another culture eating those animals you get really mad? Well that doesn’t sound hypocritical at all.

"Those dogs were caught on the street and brutally beaten or poisoned!”

Yeah hate to tell you this sweetie but baby piglets on farms are routinely slammed against the floor until they die if they’re not growing fast enough. (They even have a term for it as it’s a standard practice, called “thumping.”)

Baby make chicks are ground up in macerators because they’re useless to the egg industry.

Cows are branded and have their horns cut off without anesthesia.

Male pigs are castrated without anesthesia to make the meat taste better.

Also, the Humane Slaughter Act in the US does not apply to chickens, turkeys, fish, and rabbits, which make up the large majority of animals who are killed for meat. (168 million chickens and around 9 billion broiler chickens are slaughtered in the US alone, each year, and none of them are required by law to be unconscious before their throats are slit by a mechanical blade as they hang upside down by their ankles.)

“But cows and chickens are bred for food and dogs are our pets!”

As an example, dog meat farms in South Korea has been around for centuries and the most common dog breed they raise for food is called the Nureongi. In the 1970′s, dogs reached full legal livestock status, and dog meat is subject to the Food Sanitation Act/Food Hygiene Act of 1962.

“Are you saying people should kill and eat dogs then?!”

Of course not, but that compassion should be extended to all animals, not just the ones you happen to relate to. We don’t need to eat them to survive, and they have every right to exist on this planet just as much as we do. And this outrage over Bali (and by extension, the Yulin Dog Meat festival) stinks of speciesism (putting value of some species of animals over others) and racism (if you don’t believe me, take a look at comments on these articles to see how many white folks use the terms “filthy barbarians”).

tl;dr If you have problem with Asian cultures killing animals and are completely fine with your own country doing the exact same thing, you need to take a real long, hard look at yourself.

got7 visits the USA!

mark, a native:

  • hugs his parents immediately (jackson calls his mom: “i miss you”)
  • this is where I eat things, and this is where I do things, and this is where I do other things 
  • ot6 follows mork like ducklings following a mama duck
  • aggressively yelp-ing


  • says “y’all” a lot bc he saw it in a movie once
  • is so over everyone asking where they’re from, who cares
  • decides that they’re all going to say they’re from Finland 
  • convinces everyone that it’s quintessential to visit ellis island + the statue of liberty
  • for history, guys
  • photo bombs all the pictures with derpy faces that you didn’t know a human face could make  


  • starts a U.S.A chant (just him: U.S.A…U.S.A…U.S.A)
  • strikes up conversation with protesters, often realizing he doesn’t know how to exit the convo
  • after everything bambam says, “so what he’s really trying to say is ___” 
  • duck lip selfies with the selfie stick
  • wore a basketball jersey bc appropriate 


  • is someone really called honey booboo?
  • fidgets with stupid trinkets at rest stops like those tiny music boxes that play music if you crank it
  • often searches for chairs or ledges to lean on 
  • should’ve worn more supportive loafers
  • what are miles even??? no metric?
  • ordered a “hot dog” expecting a corndog, but did not get a corndog 
  • shook’th


  • is super confident with his cute af broken english
  • gives whatever money he can to every single street performer and homeless person he sees 
  • doesn’t know how he should refer to the country 
  • USA, america, the states, united states of america, the US, US of A ??????
  • y


  • big mac
  • collects as many state-themed starbucks mugs 
  • OMG some stranger reply dabbed him
  • America is good 
  • should we go to the Mall of America (mark: that’s literally in Minnesota)
  • finds all the trendy food/dessert places via instagram


  • rehearses english phrases prior to landing in America
  • waits patiently in chris brown’s driveway
  • wow bald eagles really do look bald hahahahahaha
  • insists on trying LA galbi …in LA 
  • was accidentally left at the airbnb the morning of the flight

ot6 on the plane back to Korea: WHERE’S YUGYEOMMAH