korea cosplay

Korea Character Facts

🇰🇷He loves studying abroad

🇰🇷He took Kimchi to space because he loves it so much

🇰🇷He is very good at drawing

🇰🇷He is much smarter than he appears and once invented mind reading goggles

🇰🇷Korea was originally intended to be a female with a desire to travel to America. His second design also had no hair curl. 

🇰🇷Korea’s original design:


eremika of Korean traditional costumes <33  
This nice art is painted by 猫背 ( ♥д♥) ( great Japanese artist !!!! ) 
and I try to cosplay Korean style mikasa in her eremika art…..(´,,•ω•,,)
I don’t have this cos clothing…so use powerful PS (´,,•ω•,,)

 I LOVE any country traditional costumes !!( ♥д♥)