Korath: Ah, Ronan, look a Pokemon.

Groot: I am Groot.

Korath: Did you hear that Ronan, it’s a Groot! I’m going to catch it.

[Pulls out a pokeball]

Groot: I am Groot.

[Korath hits Groot with a pokeball.]

Korath: Aww, it didn’t work, Ronan.

Ronan: That’s cause you’ve got to damage it first.

Korath: Let’s see if I can get a critical.

[Groot flinches.]

#557: Everyone in Guardians of the Galaxy (minus Peter) is nonbinary in one way or another. Gender is an Earthly concept, but they still use she/her and he/him pronouns around Terrans to  make it less confusing.

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Power Infinity Stone

Color: Purple

Abilities: Increased strength and durability, enhances virtually any known superhuman ability, energy manipulation. It also supplies the other gems with their power / energies.

First Encountered: The Orb was hidden away inside Morag’s deep Temple Vault where it was eventually located by Yondu Udonta’s Ravagers. Before Udonta could claim it however, Star-Lord found it and took it for himself, only to be almost immediately confronted by Korath the Pursuer who had been ordered to find it by Ronan the Accuser. During their ensuing confrontation, Star-Lord escaped with the Orb, despite being chased down by Korath’s army of Sakaarans and becoming the target of Gamora, who had been sent by Thanos and Ronan to reclaim the Orb.

Current Location: Nova Corps

How will Thanos get the stone: Thanos and his Black order head to Xandar using the Space Stone. Nova Corps take notice and start defending themselves. Nova Corps then alerts the Guardians of the Galaxy and the come to the rescue…NOT. Thanos and Draax go at it but the mad titan is too much for the destroyer. Gamora and Hela get in a little brawl. The black order retrieve the power stone and hand it to Thanos. Thanos uses the stone to destroy Xandar and takes Gamora with him. Star Lord goes and finds the avengers for help..taking him and his guardians to planet earth.

Let’s talk about Mordo

You know what I love about Mordo? You know, besides his wonderful arc in Doctor Strange, besides the fact that Chiwetel Ejiofor played him wonderfully. Besides the fact that I now have another black character to stan for.

It’s the fact that Mordo, by simply existing as a black man within this new narrative, pretty much destroys the MCU’s favorite excuse for not giving love to Black characters (and really, every fandom is guilty of this). 

How many times have people said, “Well, I don’t look at the main characters because the villains are SO much more interesting”? Even though the “heroes” are given plenty of love in fandom spaces…but only if they’re white. People love Thor, and Captain America and Iron Man, but that same love is NEVER extended towards Falcon, or Heimdall, or War Machine. And when these characters (specifically black characters) are brought up, people always have the SAME excuses.

“They’re just not that interesting”

Despite Phil Coulson and Clint Barton (two characters who had very little to do in their respective roles besides dying/being mind controlled) having a huge fandom following post-Avengers. 

We’ve had black villains/antagonists in the MCU (see Raina, Mike Peterson, and  Korath the accuser) but those characters NEVER get the same love as Killgrave, or Loki. And when this issue is brought up people always have the same excuses:

“Korath was a one and done villain, no need to invest in him.”

“Mike and Raina were on TV shows, if they were on big budget films then it would be different” (despite Killgrave being on Netflix, and still receiving more love than either of them).

But now, we have Mordo. A black character/antagonist who is not only well acted, well-written, and interesting, but he’s also poised to be an important part of the MCU mythos moving forward. He has all the makings of a three-dimensional character (his views are well defined, and he has a code that he sticks to.)

And people are straight up ignoring him. He’s essesntially become the fandom’s new Rhodey (a wonderful black character who is ignored in favor of everything else…in the case of Doctor Strange, that “everything else” would be a sentient piece of cloth. 

And no, the excuse of Mordo being “badly written” (which I disagree with wholeheartedly) is not a sufficient excuse either. Not when fandom goes out of its way to assign intricate backstories to random characters (take Darcy Lewis, for example)

So, thank you Mordo. Thank you for providing another wonderful example of the MCU fandom’s fuckery, and providing a perfect retort to their tired old “Villains are just more interesting.” 

Well, if that were true, why am I not swimming in Mordo love? 

Why is Mordo either ignored within fan spaces, OR completely stripped of his nuance and character traits in order to easily vilify him?

Oh…yeah. That’s right.

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