That awkward moment where your crush says something alluring like "Maybe we should...get together sometime"

So you get all giddy and blush.

But then they tack on

“I’ll tell all our friends! We’ll have a whole get-together!”

Get out this is our time not our shitty friends’ who no longer exist.

Except for Koratah because she creeps <3

  • Koratah says:
  • *i'm a transminato
  • *you cannot fathom
  • i was born minato YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND
  • *i'm a horrible person
  • *but uh no don't lie em-ly
  • *lying is naughty
  • *or
  • or i
  • *i'd be okay being natsume too
  • *they are both cute babies
  • *i'll just casually become them shh it's okay
  • apricot-desu says:
  • *omg I can't
  • *Koratah I'm laughing so much
  • *You are the most presious bby

horribleville replied to your post: my gaomon can almost digivolve into machgaogamon just 1 more level(´・ω・`)

what game are you playing? I haven’t found a good digimon game since world 2/3

Digimon Masters

 koratah replied to your postmy gaomon can almost digivolve into machgaogamon just 1 more level(´・ω・`)

I have a Gaomon too ; u ; Digimon Masters, right? It’s sad that they’ll get wiped after CBT ends though.. :c

Yeah!…; _; 

I just had this weird dream that ribskulled and I shared an apartment room and there was a giant mcdonalds on the first floor that was sailor moon themed. We were sneaking back because it was past our curfew or something and one floor had nothing but sherlock posters that koratah had apparently put up. When we got to our room, koratah was the next door over. It would have been a nice dream except the doorknobs were decorated, ours was like hot pink or something. But Koratah’s was a banana with Martin Freeman’s name on it. And that was considered normal.

My friends don't get Tiger & Bunny
  • Koratah:Em-ly, screenshots of that anime confuse me a lot. it's like all srs and like oh no in some screenshots
  • Tolomer:no sense
  • Koratah:then like there's kotetsu riding a tiger thing and I don't understand
  • Tolomer:slowly through a mall
  • Me:YES He was doing that in the latest episode; it's christmas time in the T&B world~ ; vvvvvv ;
  • Koratah:and that makes it okay to ride a tiger thing through a mall
  • Tolomer:what even
  • Me:Yes, yes it does. His superhero name IS Wild Tiger~~~ it makes sense
  • Tolomer:I remember before it got popular and just came out I thought I might watch. Lol look what happened oops
  • Koratah:You sent em-ly into fan mode tolo. look what you did
  • Tolomer:pfft sorry