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The Korat (Khorat, Malet, Si sawat) is a slate blue-grey, short-haired breed of domestic cat with a small to medium build.  Its body is semi-cobby, and unusually heavy for its size. It is an intelligent and playful active cat that forms strong bonds with people. The Korat is a natural breed, and one of the oldest stable cat breeds. Originating in Phimai Thailand, it is named after its province of origin, Nakhon Ratchasima Province (typically called “Korat” by the Thai people). In Thailand, the breed is known as Si sawat, meaning “color of the sawat seed”. The Korat is known colloquially as the “good luck cat”. Traditionally, they are given in pairs to newlyweds or people who are highly esteemed, for good luck. Until recently, Korats were not sold, but only given as gifts.

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skartoargento  asked:

For that pic of the cats though, what about sarif being the one peeking around the corner? :)

  • Furridah Malik (Maine Coon), likes to play with birds, climbs stuff just to jump down and pretend she’s flying
  • Furrancis Purritchard Nucl3arK1tty (Abyssinian), smartest cat in the city, has all the receipts, misses his deceased owner
  • Adam (Bombay), eats straight from the dumpster, lives in a dumpster, smells like a dumpster, totally not stealing Furrancis’ catnip
  • Sarif (Korat), spoiled domesticated cat that tries to convince stray animals that pet life is the best life, clingy af

gb448  asked:

Hi! I'm new to your blog but I love it so much already! I was wondering if you could do RFA reacting to MC bringing home a cute pet. (For Jumin, make it another cat :3 but you can decide!)

I’m just going to make these where RFA reacts to MC bringing home a cat (I hope this is okay by you) ^^

I love cats so much. I used to have two kittens but my mom gave them away because I went off to college, so I couldn’t take care of them. I want new cats so much.



  • Is instantly suffering
  • MC knows he has a severe allergy
  • But it was so cute
  • MC couldn’t refuse to buy the adorable kitten
  • “Look how cuuute it is Zenny. It’s almost as cute as you”
  • Zen knows how cute it is
  • And how happy MC is to have a pet
  • But why a cat
  • Of all things
  • His one allergy
  • Zen offers to get MC a new pet instead of the kitten because he’s dying inside
  • MC realizes how much Zen doesn’t want a cat
  • But they’re glad Zen is okay with getting a different kind of pet
  • They go to the pet store together to give back the kitten
  • They opt for a cute puppy
  • Win-win-win situation


  • Yoosung would be kind of indifferent about a cat in the house, at first
  • His biggest concern would be the cat distracting him while he studies or plays LOLOL
  • He would cuddle with the new cat whenever MC left the house, though
  • Eventually, Yoosung became very fond of the cat
  • The cat reminded Yoosung of MC
  • He also knew how much MC loved their cat and how happy the cat made MC
  • Yoosung would be open to getting more pets so that cat had more friends
  • Sometimes Yoosung will talk to the cat while he’s gaming
  • He’ll share with the cat every time that he found something new and cool in the game
  • He would also ask the cat for advice without even thinking about it
  • Am I becoming Jumin


  • Would be kind of shocked
  • MC knew how she hated C-hair getting all over the place
  • But this cat was different
  • Mc explained:
  • “This is a Korat cat, which is known as one of the best cats to get if you want the least amount of shedding”
  • Jaehee wraps MC, who is still holding the cat (RIP new cat), in her arms
  • She loves that MC went out of their way to think of Jaehee’s issue with c-hair
  • Cats aren’t Jaehee’s favorite animal because all the trouble she went through with Elizabeth 3rd
  • She grows to really love her cat from MC, though


  • Jumin is a bit weary when he sees MC walk in the door holding a cat carrier
  • “Elizabeth 3rd doesn’t require a carrier. Why did you get one?”
  • MC is like: “This isn’t for Elizabeth, dear.”
  • Jumin is very confused
  • Why would MC get something for cats that’s not for Elizabeth? This doesn’t make sense
  • MC kneels down with the carrier and slowly opens the door to release what had been waiting inside the whole ride home
  • A black and white LaPerm cat
  • Jumin is a bit dumbfounded
  • “What is that little thing?”
  • MC is just like
  • Jumin pls it a cat just like Elizabeth 3rd
  • Jumin: “But why do we need two? Is Elizabeth not enough?”
  • MC explains that Elizabeth 3rd belongs to Jumin and the new cat belongs to [MC]
  • “I need someone to for while you’re away on business, Jumin. Plus, if we ever go away together, Elizabeth won’t be alone. She can befriend my cat”
  • Jumins just kind of sighs
  • “Alright, I suppose”
  • Jumin doesn’t like the idea of someone stealing Elizabeth’s spotlight, but he’s willing to let it go for MC’s sake


  • When MC walks in the door, Seven hears a purr come from the front room
  • “Wow, MC! You’re purring is getting better and better by the day. I can’t wait to hear it tonight” ;))))
  • MC, slightly annoyed, walks into the office where Seven is
  • MC smirks and says that they’ve got something Seven would like even better
  • Seven: BET
  • Seven looks and his jaw drops about 10 feet
  • Seven has always wanted Elizabeth 3rd a cat
  • A single tear leaves his right eye
  • He immediately looks at MC with eyes that pretty much ask “Can I hold her”
  • That cat is a fluffy grey-and-white striped Persian, the same breed as Elly
  • Seven loves MC for this
  • Almost as much as he loves new-Elly

First of all… I’m a cat person so this is a little hypocrisy on my part. Second of all, enjoy this beautiful picture of Cody with an animal other than Athena who always seems keen on blinding him.

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Prompt: Theo fluff maybe smut? Maybe with him being a cat person and you being a dog person it leads to a slight silly argument between you too and he thinks you look really cute when you’re angry&defending dogs and it leads to sweet smut and maybe they compromise and get both and the pets are like best friends and really cute and protective of each other like her and Theo’s relationship? And imagine being married to Theo and talking about having kids.

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anonymous asked:

I don't mean to insult your choice of Siamese Vriska, but I was looking through cat breeds on Wikipeda, and stumbled apon 'Korat' Cats. Quoted from the article - They are known colloquially as the "good luck cat" - which seemed, personally, very fitting.

Ohh! No, no insult what-so-ever! I love the fact that you considered another breed because I thought about the cats for awhile and talking about the why’s and why not’s is super fun! I considered a Korat cat for awhile but visually

External image

they look too sweet and far too much like a Russian blue

External image

The thing about an oriental Siamese is that they’re well known for being loud and obnoxious, they meow Constantly

External image

they also have this very elegant but angular look which matches Vriska better than a soft round cat, most importantly they are well known for their blue eyes

External image

*I also wanted diversity in the cats body types so a Siamese helped add more to the group

Thank you for this ask though!! I thought about the breeds for much longer than I probably needed to so I love talking about them!!