korangal valley


On 28 June, 2005, 19 service members lost their lives while conducting Operation Red Wings.

The result of the operation was that the insurgent presence left that area of the Korangal Valley with U.S. forces sustaining heavy casualties. Those anti-coalition forces later returned to the area three weeks later.

Read more about the operation here.

P2 JIM CAVIEZEL & ANDY BROWN (Oso Mudslide Foundation)

Here’s Part 2. Part 1 is here.

The rundown:

  • What role Jim’s faith plays in his involvement with this relief.
  • “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  • While Jim was growing up in Conway, his whole basement was demolished because of flooding. 
  • You can tell he genuinely loves his close friends.
  • He also has dear friends from the Special Forces and those who fought in the Korangal Valley. One of them was killed in Fellujah.
  • He admires their spirit. They don’t leave their comrades behind and he doesn’t leave his community behind.
  • When asked how it felt to know that Jim (who is stereotyped because he’s in the Hollywood industry <~ self-explanatory) was involved in something like this, Andy said he wasn’t very surprised. Jim has always been in touch and has donated to his community before. Andy has never doubted Jim whenever he feels like he needs a call. 
  • Apparently, he and Jaymie (sp?) are the ones who kept Jim’s ego in check when they were kids.