korake ti znam

Dolaziš ti ,korak ti znam..susret sa tobom tol'ko mi uljepša dan ,da više ne znam ni sam da možda nije san.. Zagrljaj moj ,poljubac tvoj ,sumnje sad nema nije to nikakav san..to dobro osjetih ja u svojim grudima..
—  Louis

“Korake ti Znam” - Maya Sar

A beautiful, classy ballad. Let’s hope it gets somewhere.

Eurovision 2012 Reviews: BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA

Ah the first song of the Battle of the Big Balkan Ballads. And a fairly strong contender too. The artistic music video will sure help in promoting Korake Ti Znam. Sar’s voice is very calming, which matches perfectly with the music. BiH usually can rely on political voting to get even a mediocre song to the final. (Case in point: Thunder and Lightning) Strangely, BiH may suffer from a lack of votes even for such a good song. All the 5 Big Balkan Ballads will be battling it out for the same pool of votes, sadly Korake Ti Znam is overshadowed by other stronger BBB.

My prediction: Final. And a top 15 finish. 

Eurovision 2015 is NOT a ballad year! Here's the reason...

Eurofans complained that the amount of ballads is too damn high this year!!! But literally, the amount is tolerable.

In fact there are 9 ballads so far (out of 40 songs)

  1. One Last Breath (GRE)
  2. Wars For Nothing (HUN)
  3. Playing With Numbers (IRE)
  4. Há um mar que nos separa (POR)
  5. One Thing I Should Have Done (CYP)
  6. N'oubliez pas (FRA)
  7. Grande Amore (ITA)
  8. In The Name Of Love (POL)
  9. Hope Never Dies (CZE)

Let’s compare that to the previous 6 Eurovision years (2009-2014)

2014 - 10 ballads (37)

  1. Rise Like a Phoenix (AUT)
  2. Calm After the Storm (NED)
  3. Undo (SWE)
  4. Silent Storm (NOR)
  5. Dancing in the Rain (ESP)
  6. Moj Svijet (MON)
  7. Start a Fire (AZE)
  8. Maybe (SM)
  9. Mother (BEL)
  10. One Night’s Anger (ALB)

2013 - 15 ballads (39)

  1. Hold Me (AZE)
  2. What If (RUS)
  3. L'essenziale (ITA)
  4. Birds (NED)
  5. O Mie (MD)
  6. Waterfall (GEO)
  7. Ég á líf (ICE)
  8. Believe in Me (UK)
  9. Et Uus Saaks Alguse (EST)
  10. Crisalide (SM)
  11. Rak Bishvilo (ISR)
  12. Pred da se razdeni (FYRM)
  13. Mižerja (CRO)
  14. Shine (AUT)
  15. An me thimase (CYP)

2012 - 11 ballads (42)

  1. Nije lujbav stvar (SER)
  2. When the Music Dies (AZE)
  3. Suus (ALB)
  4. Kuula (EST)
  5. Quédate conmigo (ESP)
  6. Crno i belo (FYRM)
  7. Love is Blind (LIT)
  8. Korake ti znam (BiH)
  9. Love Will Set You Free (UK)
  10. Nebo (CRO)
  11. Vida minha (POR)

2011 - 9 ballads (43)

  1. Running Scared (AZE)
  2. No One (SLO)
  3. Sognu (FRA)
  4. The Secret Is Love (AUT)
  5. C'est ma vie (LIT)
  6. Da Da Dam (FIN)
  7. I’m Still Alive (SLV)
  8. San Aggelos S'agapisa (CYP)
  9. Stand By (SM)

2010 - 13 ballads (39)

  1. Drip Drop (AZE)
  2. Me and My Guitar (BEL)
  3. Apricot Stone (ARM)
  4. Shine (GEO)
  5. Lost and Forgotten (RUS)
  6. Milim (ISR)
  7. Algo pequeñito (ESP)
  8. Há dias assim (POR)
  9. My Heart Is Yours (NOR)
  10. It’s For You (IRE)
  11. Butterflies (BLR)
  12. This Is My Life (SWE)
  13. My Dream (MAL)

2009 - 10 ballads (42)

  1. Is It True? (ICE)
  2. It’s My Time (UK)
  3. Et s'il fallait le faire (FRA)
  4. Bistra voda (BiH)
  5. Lijepa Tena (CRO)
  6. What If We (MAL)
  7. Love (LAT)
  8. I Don’t Wanna Leave (POL)
  9. Firefly (CYP)
  10. Let’ tmou (SLV)

You can conclude that it’s a year of ballads in Eurovision if the majority of the songs are ballads (50% + 1 song are ballads). This year we have 40 entries, so the amount of ballad needed to say that a Eurovision year is a ballad year is freakin’ 21 songs. And they haven’t reached that amount yet! 

Next time you complain, you should ask yourself “are the amount of ballads enough to call it a ballad year?”

But one could realize about the annoyance circulating in Eurovision community on ballads being sent to Eurovision 2015, that the quality of ballads really stands out from those of non-ballads.

There will never be a ballad year in Eurovision at this era (except in some years of the pre 21st century). We should call this year another Eurovision year! Appreciate every country’s music and enjoy!!!