korake ti znam


“Korake ti Znam” - Maya Sar

A beautiful, classy ballad. Let’s hope it gets somewhere.

Eurovision 2012 Reviews: BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA

Ah the first song of the Battle of the Big Balkan Ballads. And a fairly strong contender too. The artistic music video will sure help in promoting Korake Ti Znam. Sar’s voice is very calming, which matches perfectly with the music. BiH usually can rely on political voting to get even a mediocre song to the final. (Case in point: Thunder and Lightning) Strangely, BiH may suffer from a lack of votes even for such a good song. All the 5 Big Balkan Ballads will be battling it out for the same pool of votes, sadly Korake Ti Znam is overshadowed by other stronger BBB.

My prediction: Final. And a top 15 finish.