An 82-year-old grandfather was stabbed and killed by 25-year-old Pavlo Lapshyn in Birmingham, England. Why? That grandfather was walking home from his evening prayers at his mosque. Yes, this man was Muslim.

Bear in mind, this isn’t like the George Zimmerman case where it was claimed to be an act of “self-defense,” because Lapshyn right out admits that it’s about race. I’m quoting the New York Times article verbatim here…

“I have a racial hatred, so I have a motivation. I would like to increase racial conflict, because they are not white and I am white.”

British counter-terrorism authorities have said that he’s just “one man acting alone,” but is he really? The fact that he, a successful and educated young man, saw it necessary to go out of his way to kill someone and then BLATANTLY ADMIT his motives, shows that he thought he could get away with it. 

It’s as if he adopted the mentality of “Gah, fine, you caught me! It’s just one Muslim, what’s the big deal?” And it’s as if the authorities are responding similarly to the media. The only thing that they’re concerned about is that they’ll have to make it SEEM like they aren’t racial profiling. At least not until this story dies down.

The fact that the counter-terrorism unit IMMEDIATELY released a statement saying “This was one person” shows that they’re not about to change their Islamophobic behavior any time soon. They’re not reflecting upon what drove him to that within society. Islamophobia is sustained by the media and “counter” terrorism agencies worldwide, as it has been since 9/11.

If this man gets anything less than a life-sentence for what he’s done, then British authorities might as well have condoned the murder.

The blood of his victim, Mohammed Saleem, is on the hands of every media source that perpetuates Islamophobia anywhere in the world. It’s also on the hands of those who silently allow it to be perpetuated.