Ash - Post game. & Ash on the bench

Report from fan: Ash was back on the bench at the start of second half. Seems positive than some assumption about “season ending injury”. Hope to hear more good news soon.

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update: at this moment, 10 PM in Seattle. Team is leaving hotel. Red eye flight it seems like. Ash is walking ok, no limping .

Team will fly out tomorrow. But Ash has Umbro backpack on, so maybe she will leave for early flight to get tests done asap?

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Who is 'Kop'?

You mean THE Kop?  THE Haley Kopmeyer?

Well lemme just tell you a lil’ about this Michigan Native!

Born and raised in Troy, Michigan. Her parents signed her up as a kid to Rec, went to 5 tryouts but didn’t make a team until one needed a back-up.  Eventually became a starter and from then out performed for her team. In high school, she was named to the all-state first team, the all-district first team, the all-conference first team, and all-region first team. She then attended the University of Michigan! Go Blue!

She had a terrific career at Michigan. During her best season, which was her 1st after a season ending injury her freshman year, Kopmeyer led the Big Ten in saves (56), save percentage (.862) and saves-per-game (5.60) during conference play while topping the conference in overall save percentage (.848) and sharing the lead in saves (95). She played in 16 games, making 15 starts and set the school rookie record for shutouts with six.  She was awarded the University of Michigan Athletic Academic Achievement Award for the second year running and earned Academic All-Big Ten honors. 

After 4 incredible seasons, this Michigan product, to her surprise, was drafted 31st overall by the Seattle Reign in 2013. Kopmeyer didn’t believe she’d even be drafted and thus already had plans working somewhere else in marketing. She even watched the 2013 NWSL draft until the 29th pick and stopped there and went to work bc she thought she wasn’t going to be drafted only to get a call from her father to which she started bawling. 

Unfortunately, she was released from the team due to league roster constraints; however she was re-signed by the team for the 2014 season to back up Hope Solo.

In 2014, as back up to Hope, Kopmeyer believed it was a year she and Hope had began their relationship which was ‘massive’ , in her own words, in the sense that she had the opportunity to grow and learn from the best goal keeper in the world. She finally had someone who believed in her and thus from there on out kept improving as a GK. 

On her first ever start in 2014, something only our Kop would do, she went to the wrong goal and so ran the entire field to get to the right one. 

However, she did keep a clean sheet and the unbeaten streak while bringing the club to its fifth shutout in twelve games. Not to mention, some really good saves 

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Kopmeyer has been the back up since 2014 but in the years 2015-17, she’s taken a bigger role as Hope is in rehab now and taken a break from football. She is now the No.1 and has been putting on stellar performances for the Reign. 

From being rejected as a kid in rec games, to starting in the wrong goal as a professional to being Player of the Week and now Seattle Reign’s No.1, Haley Kopmeyer is a Seattle Reign FC Original and forever a gem to our team. 

P.S follow her Twitter for Gold quality content.


Kop being the most extra and crawling on the airplane floor to find out if Lu was in First Class

This has been a Haley Kopmeyer Appreciation Post. <3.


“(Solo) has been fantastic for me. I sing her praises very highly and I have nothing but good things to say about her,” Kopmeyer said. “She has been absolutely instrumental in my development. She believes in me and helps me. She is a student of the game herself and she watches me and says, ‘Think about doing this’ or ‘Get your feet moving’ or whatever it is. She is always trying to make herself better. I’ve learned from her how to train and how to be the best and what you need to do to be the best goalkeeper in the world,” she added. “She makes goaltending look so easy and I’ve tried to emulate her in that sense. She’s unbelievable to me both on and off the field.”

So I know we’re all probably excited and happy for Sam Kerr to be featured on Sportscenter and on their Instagram page, like how often does that happen with female athletes? Allow me to answer my own question. In the last month alone, Sportscenter has posted 421 posts on Instagram. Of those 421 posts, SIX (6) of them featured women, though one of the women featured was Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha who is not an athlete, but I’m fuckin’ counting it. That means that in the last month, 1.4% of their posts have featured women. 1.4%. That’s absolutely outrageous. So, after realizing how rare it is for female athletes to be featured on Sportscenter’s Instagram, I decided to scan through the comments and see how everyone was reacting to the video. And now I’m pissed. I’m going to put the rest under a read more so this won’t clog your dash.

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