koplow dice

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I reeeeally love those Koplow’s green glitter dice you've posted a few times and I'm looking into buying them but I'm not sure where. Do you know if thediceshoponline is reliable or is there somewhere else you would recommend?

TDSO is a great site! I’ve never had a bit of trouble with them. There’s also a bunch of Koplow glitters currently listed on Amazon, but it looks like TDSO’s prices are better.

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In that yellow set you just posted, what dice are those orange glittery ones (there's a d8 in the foreground) cos I neeeeed those in my life

Koplow gold glitter dice! :D I super love Koplow’s glitter line. They’re (imo) the best plain glitter dice on the market right now–super densely glittery.

My dice arrived way faster than I expected. I ordered them this past Saturday and did the cheapest shipping possible, so I’m really surprised that arrived so soon. The iphone pic really doesn’t do them justice. They’re a much brighter mint green, and really shiny and iridescent.
I’m almost done with their new home,a dragon egg dice bag I’ve been crocheting.