Anyone who still considers themselves a person to really love the creatures or cowchop, please listen for a moment to help out someone who never deserved to get any hate. Dan had been trying his hardest recently to find out what was going to happen with the channel and his financial/ living status. Jordan in the time not only us, but also Dan have been left in the dark about the future of the channel. Although Jordan managed to find a full time job at a game company. It does not seem fair for dan to receive any hate, he was in the dark as much as us, he shouldn’t have to pay for Jordan being a bad or irresponsible boss. So please, take a minute and go to any of Danz social media and just send some positivity, he could really use it right now.

i think i can speak for everyone when i say that it hurts seeing the creature hub coming to an end 


i think everyone else also agrees that they left an impact on us and helped us through a lot so we really do truly owe it all to them

heres to the future of each and every one of them <3

The Creatures

They, at a time were the perfect channel for everyone on YouTube what with Seamus with his sarcasm, Sly with his laugh, James with his rage, Aleks with, well just his memeness, Dan with his kindness, Jordan with his general craziness, Kevin with his mockery,Sp00n with his insane comedy and sketches, and Ze who although wasn’t always there was always remembered, and just how they worked together with each other just made it perfect but unfortunately perfect things have their time and the creatures had spent it.
But for all of us who spent our youth growing with the creatures I’m sure I’m not the only one who says they honestly helped me so much through life that at times it saved me, it was a safe place where day in and day out it was something to look forward to and it was wonderful so I would just like to say from myself and from the rest of the fans.

Thank you for all the memories

The Ending Of The Creatures

Pretty much everything has been said already, but I just want to put my two cents in.

The Creatures were a huge part of my late teen-hood, they helped me get through my moody days like no one else could. And for that, I’m extremely grateful. Their Golden Age was the best part of Youtube for me.

And then it went downhill. I genuinely cried the day I found out that Sly was leaving them cuz I believed (and still do) that he was the main source of motivation and positivity. The Creatures were never the same after that. All those horrible drama followed soon after. I think that most can agree that the main reason of their downfall was the lack of communication with us and among themselves. After James and Aleks left the Creatures fate has been sealed. It was like watching a mortally wounded animal dying while you can’t do anything to help it. We all knew it was coming to and end but it shouldn’t happen like this.

I watched their “The End” video, and then Dan’s one. When he started crying I tear up as well. All this time I thought he was a different person, “a clingy friend with a fake persona”. But now I see that he’s genuine in what he does, and The Creatures meant so much to him and now he’s left on ice by Jordan. I hope he quickly recovers and finds lots of new opportunities to do what he loves, because he deserves it, he truly does.

As for Jordan, it breaks my heart to say this but I’m greatly disappointed in him and how he handled things. I always stood behind him like Trump’s Great Dream Wall. But I can’t turn a blind eye this time, it’s too much. Of course, I don’t know their private lives or what really happened between the guys, but from what it seems… as much as it hurts me to say this… he’s the one that was mostly at fault here.

That’s it really, I don’t want to make this post any longer.

I’m gonna miss them a lot. Now I’m looking at my old Creature shirts and I’m on the verge of crying. It was a good run while it lasted.

hey guys if you haven’t heard there may be a LPer Mario Kart team tournament coming up after chilled did some tweeting! and there’s going to be a hell of a roster!

I can’t include all the screenshots because there’s maybe 20 of them. instead I’ll write the names of people who have agreed so far: ChilledChaos, ZeRoyalViking, TehSmarty, GalmHD, TomFawkes, AphexArcade, BryceMcQuaid, MiniLadd, GassyMexican, Sp00nerism, Trevor Collins + Jeremy Dooley (Achievement Hunter), GoldGlove, Kootra (but not DanzNewz rip), ProtonJon.