We have officially started work on our Cinderella Phenomenon Fandisk! Featured above is our current progress chart and timeline.

Kooriiko will be in charge of writing Waltz’s and Rod’s routes, and Tajina will be undertaking the task of writing Karma, Rumpel and Fritz’s routes.

Progress on art will be stagnant for awhile, and will probably not be started until the majority of the writing has been done. (As Kooriiko tends to change her style over long periods of time XD ) As shown on the timeline, the art portion of the FD will be started on July. The date is tentative, and may be moved to an earlier date if writing progress moves more smoothly than anticipated.

So, what changes will the FD feature besides a new storyline?

> All sprites will be redrawn. 

> All main characters (The five guys) will now have a second pose, as that stretch goal was reached on KS.

> New characters! 

> Blinking sprites!

While we originally stated on our KS that our FD would be released between April - June, the delay of the original game has inevitably caused a change in schedule for our release of the FD. In addition, we have decided to make the FD longer than we originally anticipated, which means it will most likely take us longer to write. Even given these changes, we will do our best to stick to our timeline; we hope to release the game before the year ends.

Thank you all very much for your support! We hope to update again as soon as we have made more progress.

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HAPPY (18th) BIRTHDAY TO LUCETTE! //throws confetti

“Here’s my crappy attempt at animating ;v;” - Kooriiko

Thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting us from our first game until CP! We hope that you guys will continue supporting us in our future games.

We’ve started writing for the FD so we’re gonna be busy once again.

We’ll do our best to slowly answer your asks! (Take note that we won’t be answering asks that have been answered in our FAQs!)


UPDATE 03/02/2017

Hi everyone! So coding is done for Karma and Rumpel (and so have some *spoiler free* screenshots from Rumpel’s route).

Now Kooriiko is coding in Waltz’s while Sitraxis is polishing and finalizing the GUI. Meanwhile, Tajina is slowly writing the chapters for the FD.

After Kooriiko finishes coding and checking everything, we’ll do a final beta check again before finally releasing it.

We mentioned before that per route will probably take 2-4 hours, but we stand corrected. During the speedplay it took us about 4+ hours to finish a route so to those who enjoy taking their time in reading, you’ll probably take more time to finish a route.

We’ll update everyone again soon! Thank you so much for all your support!:D


UPDATE 02/20/2017

Hi everyone! We are happy to announce that editing is finally done! Now we’re only going to focus on coding. Most of the routes have been encoded but they don’t have any sprites/music/sfx yet and that is what we’re working on now.

Right now Kooriiko is working on the codes for Karma’s route, thus the screenshots are from his route.

We did mentioned that CP may be ready by the end of February but because we have day jobs, we can’t work on CP 24/7 as much as we want to so coding is actually taking some time to finish. That being said, we probably won’t make it at the end of February so it’s definitely going to be released some time in March. We will announce the early release and official release dates soon.

We’re almost done now and we’re all working hard to code faster. So please be patient with us.

anonymous asked:

Can you tell us anything about the routes you were planning on but had to scrap?

Let’s see… Originally, there’s supposed to be only 4 routes (Rumpel isn’t included.) With that, it was planned that Emelaigne will have a friendship route and was supposed the have “The Ugly Duckling Curse” but Kooriiko decided to add another “guy” route instead and so this was scrapped off because of workload. The additional route was going to be Pinocchio but the backstory was lackluster so Kooriiko went for Rumpelstiltskin instead.
We were going to add the Emelaigne friendship route and a Mythros route as part of our KS stretchgoal but then it would be too much for a small team so we opted not to pursue it anymore.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I love CP so much and I'm trying to get my friend into it (she's scared because I warned her about all the incoming feels). But because of CP, we have joined the bandwagon of people whom you've inspired to try their hand at creating an otome! I was wondering how difficult it is to use Renpy, learn how to program with it (maybe at CP quality) and how'd you guys learn to program such an awesome visual novel? :) We await the CP fan-disc and more games. :D (PS: Varg deserves happiness)

Heyo~ Sitraxis here! I’ll be answering this one since I’m the programmer of Dicesuki. I usually do the heavy-duty functions that’d make script programming easier for our director, Kooriiko. I’m honored that we have inspired you to make your own otome game. We also hope your friend enjoys CP once she gets to play it. X) 💕 We’re also looking forward to doing the fandisc. (And I honestly loved that wolf too~)

Learning Ren'Py’s easy because it comes with a tutorial game, and a documentation (which also has a Quickstart Tutorial). For me, it’s a user-friendly engine and uses an understandable programming language compared to other programming languages in my experience. There are also game developers who only have one member and have released games of different scales. That’s how Ren'Py makes it accomplishable.

Aside from thorough studying and researching (and by that, I mean, intense google searches), there was never a time I had to apply mathematics for animation, and positions and such which I have learned to use it through constant practice or well, constant usage of Ren'Py. You practically learn something new as you program which usually makes the experience exciting (and rewarding after being so patient with errors); Be they shortcuts you’ve accidentally discovered or an epiphany from your observations. Don’t forget that you can always ask for help from other developers. (I suggest checking out
Lemmasoft Forums and their Discord Chat Server.)

In a programmer’s perspective, I would consider programming a game on the scale of CP intermediate since its production never dealt with something as intricate as multiplayer and tinkering with the engine’s source code. Having it ready for Steam required assistance with the creator of Ren'Py and creating achievements was made easy. Though, getting uploaded on Steam is another story is out of the question. You will see for yourself once you do. ;)

TL;DR: EASY AF to use Ren'Py and making a game CP is on an INTERMEDIATE LEVEL

Anyways, I wish you the best of luck in crafting your future games. Thorough studying, researching, mathematics, and last but not the least, practice will help you program a game like CP or even better. \>u🎉🎉

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I'm a little curious if you have headcannons to what the voices of the characters sound like? (Am also super excited for the full version of the game !!!)

To be honest, I really didn’t think about their voices, but since you asked, I will list the ones for the 5 guys using Japanese Seiyus as reference.

Waltz - Kenn

Rod - Yuuki Kaji

Fritz - Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Karma - Mamoru Miyano

Rumpel - Daisuke Ono

Thank you so much for the support!

– Kooriiko