We have officially started work on our Cinderella Phenomenon Fandisk! Featured above is our current progress chart and timeline.

Kooriiko will be in charge of writing Waltz’s and Rod’s routes, and Tajina will be undertaking the task of writing Karma, Rumpel and Fritz’s routes.

Progress on art will be stagnant for awhile, and will probably not be started until the majority of the writing has been done. (As Kooriiko tends to change her style over long periods of time XD ) As shown on the timeline, the art portion of the FD will be started on July. The date is tentative, and may be moved to an earlier date if writing progress moves more smoothly than anticipated.

So, what changes will the FD feature besides a new storyline?

> All sprites will be redrawn. 

> All main characters (The five guys) will now have a second pose, as that stretch goal was reached on KS.

> New characters! 

> Blinking sprites!

While we originally stated on our KS that our FD would be released between April - June, the delay of the original game has inevitably caused a change in schedule for our release of the FD. In addition, we have decided to make the FD longer than we originally anticipated, which means it will most likely take us longer to write. Even given these changes, we will do our best to stick to our timeline; we hope to release the game before the year ends.

Thank you all very much for your support! We hope to update again as soon as we have made more progress.

This is an Appreciation post for all the wonderfull artist’s I love and respect on tumblr I went to the doctor recently and they said I have Alopecia I was really self conscious about my hair falling out but their art cheered me up so much thank you please follow them if haved already their such wonderful people I don’t like myself very much but I love all of you >.<

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Please check them all out! their all so wonderfull! I wish I could be more like them ;__;


UPDATE 08/10

Long time no update! (Again) We’d like to apologize for our sparse updates. As of right now, our current progress is as such: Tajina has finished the first draft of Fritz’s FD route and is starting on Rumpel’s route and Kooriiko is still facing a writer’s block with Waltz’s route and has opted to move on to drawing FD art first in an attempt to refuel her inspiration. Reasons for our slowed progression? At the moment, Kooriiko and Sitraxis are busy creating merchandise for an upcoming local convention (Philippines); Kooriiko is working on a manga for a local publisher; and Tajina is currently in the middle of moving into a new state for her soon-to-be-starting grad school career. As you can see— all of us are very busy! While we are unfortunately working at a snail’s pace now, we do hope to speed things up soon once we get back into a steady groove. Please do look forward to our next update!

Anyway, here’s a quick sketch of Lucette’s design for the FD. :D