the if Morrigan wants to bang to save the world then why can’t I use my (Persuade) to make it a threesome to save the world??? 

I mean, my character went and got herself engaged to Alistair….. I’m just sayin’

it’s just because morrigan doesn’t like my lady lumps isn’t it :(((

Koorii: god i found this really fucking TERRIBLE davesol fic last night
Koorii: it was p obvious it was someone’s badly thrown together rp

Dragoon Sama: hahaha oh?

Koorii: god
Koorii: i could not even
Koorii: it was that one with the
Koorii: two Gemini’s and a Honeyblood in three paragraphs

Dragoon Sama: XDD

Koorii: i was like
Koorii: fucking NO

Dragoon Sama: Sollux, the gemini, said with a honeyblood blushu on his cheeks, “oh douchebag-sama, I the honeyblood gemini am completely flushed for you!  Except when I am waxing black, like a bipolar gemini should."  His bi-colored orbs that shone not with honeyblood color but brilliant ruby and sapphire brilliance looked demurely to the floor.

Koorii: yeah because god knows being bipolar means he switches how he feels about someone instead of just gets depressed or whatever

Why did this even come up–oh yes.

Koorii: i’m hoping for a robosuit myself

Dragoon Sama: drift compatible
Dragoon Sama: we’re already in each others brains enough

Koorii: we totally would be and you know it

Dragoon Sama: stop brain
Dragoon Sama: stop

Koorii: ok but…Pacific Rim/FF7 crossover

Dragoon Sama: yeah yeah yeah get out of my BRAin

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Koorii: talk CC to me
Koorii: :(

Dragoon Sama:

seph you asshat stop trying to burn the world downCloud, probably, all the time

ah damnit i should have checked behind meZack, definitely, with great regret

you did what ok that’s it you’re not going anywhere without me anymore Aerith, just like…with every breath she takes

who the fuck was that??  Genesis, act 4, scene 3

…can i go back to bed yet…  Vincent

fuck all this. fuck you. fuck that. fuck this in particular /tosses cloud over shoulder Seph(don’t you dare shorten my name)iroth

Koorii: thats it
Koorii: thats the story
Koorii: everyone go home

The sound of a guttural engine rumbles in the sky, a glint of sunlight catching along the reflective metal in a brief, eye catching flare.  A rectangular shape becomes larger and larger, until with a ‘poof’ a parachute abruptly opens up, slowing the descent of the object.  Within minutes the package alights upon the ground, and a shadow falls across it.

The girl had been expecting this.  With a smile stretching her face from ear to ear, she didn’t wait to bring the box to her home in the distance, instead choosing to rip it open with eager hands.  Inside was a tupperware container, the lid the bright red that the sender favored.  Nestled atop it was a card.

yeah so just wanted you to know why this is so late  B|

i went through a lot to get these cookies for you

theyre made of the ground bones and flesh of the batterwitch it was a real trial by dough and oven heat at 350 degrees

i hope youre appreciative of my efforts

it sucked

one of her giant muffin monsters ate my sword and lilcal suffered from severe butter spatter burns

anyway happy late birthday better late than never right


–gardenGnostic began pestering turntechGodhead–

GG: hi dave!!  i got your package!!  :D
GG: i put the card on my bedside table!  it is…ironic!!!  :)
GG: <3

(Seriously though thanks darling♥)