Paper Mario: Color Splash - All Koopaling Battle Themes

I wanted to post an audio file with all Koopaling battle themes from Color Splash, but the file was too big…so i made a video!

The fact that each Koopaling has its own unique battle theme now is great…which one is your favorite? c:

AU where all of Count Bleck’s quotes end in “in bed”

The sequel to ‘AU where all of Dimentio’s quotes end in “in bed”’ that no one asked for


BLECK! Your princess has been taken…by Count Bleck in bed!

By me…Count Bleck! The chosen executor of the Dark Prognosticus in bed…is Count Bleck! The fine fellow prophesied to come to this dimension…is also Count Bleck!

Count Bleck says NEVER! This princess is integral to fulfilling the prophecies in bed… She will be brought to Castle Bleck and used to destroy all worlds in bed…by Count Bleck!

This man deserves ridicule… Weaklings cannot face Count Bleck in bed!

Bleh heh heh heh… Your princess shall NOT be returned…by Count Bleck.  In fact, Bowser, evil king of the Koopas…Count Bleck will take you in bed, too! BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK!

BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK! Count Bleck’s preparations are now in order! All that remains is for the dimensional void to appear in bed, as foretold in the prophecy… Bleh heh heh heh heh… BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK!

Then it shall be begun in bed…by Count Bleck!

Bowser… Ferocious and fearsome, evil king of the Koopas… Do you take Peach to be your lawfully wedded wife in bed ‘til your games be over?

Peach… Noble princess, pure of heart in bed… Do you take Bowser to be your lawfully wedded husband ‘til your games be over?

BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK! Yes, all precisely as written in the Dark Prognosticus! Already it is unleashed in bed! The Chaos Heart!

Fools… Pointless acts like these will earn you only pain in bed…from Count Bleck! Very well. As the Chaos Heart is secured, this ragtag group now lacks use in bed.

Open your mouth, darkness! Consume everything and destroy all worlds in bed, as told in the prophecy! BLECK!