The Greg Universe cosplayer gave me a freebie: a guitar pick! Sadly I don’t play guitar, but I’m keeping it nonetheless~.

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Rosalina and R2-D2 video.

Signing with Dino Andrade.


It arrived! It’s actually not surprisingly bad for how cheap they are. The dog tag itself is made of a super lightweight metal, the image from what I see has a clear coating over it and the image itself is like a shiny metallic in some spots. I took a photo of the back which also has the name of the character. Also, the back is covered in a small piece of protective plastic that you can peel off. I left it on mine in the photo which is why it looks a bit odd.

Each tag comes with a checklist, a random card and a random sticker (the Koopalings have a sticker! It’s their group photo from NSMBU~).


If you have a comic idea but you can’t draw it, I am for hire. Each page, depending on complexity, is $40 - $50 dollars. I take your idea and work it to make a cute comic. 

Here’s a work in progress I’ve been doing for a friend.A little more tweeks, and it should be good to go, but I was happy with the progress so here you go.

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✚ with Byrd.

Larry had just finished running an errand for Ludwig and Kamek. Nothing major, just a lot of running around and collecting herbs and crystals for their tutoring sessions. Most of the herbs were no problem, but the petals of an Amayzee Dayzee is a tall task for one Koopa.

Shuffling about the meadows in search for the elusive Dayzee, he spotted a small figure. He swallowed up his nerves and approached it, hoping his search would be over. His face fell in disappointment, then cringed in worry. The figure, as it turned out, was a small child, identical in species and hair color as him, and appeared to be hurt. He stepped closer.

LARRY: A-are you okay? I can help you, if you want.

I started on those Koopa redesigns a few days ago, but because I am paranoid I most likely won’t share the sketches or anything until the final product is done. I’m glad I’m finally doing them though.  Why is this so important to me? Because I need a boost in self confidence.  Originally I felt like there was no point in doing them because I felt like my skills were shit compared to other talented Koopa artists.  But for one thing I know my skills aren’t shit, and for another thing I shouldn’t compare myself to them.  I have my own way of drawing and my own style.  And I should just do it.