koopa shells

In various levels throughout Super Mario World, bonus rooms where groups of three blocks must be hit in the correct order for a 1-Up can be found. There is a way to cheat at this mini-game and always collect every 1-Up by entering the bonus room as Cape Mario carrying a Koopa shell. By placing the shell on the ground and spinning Mario’s cape to make it hit the blocks, every hit registers as correct regardless of the order.


Ludwig: … That was you?! Why do you always do this to me?!

Iggy: Because it’s funny, Mr. Pompous McSaltwig!


New secret discovered in Super Mario Bros.

30 years after the games release, a new glitch has been found which grants near-unlimited lives on the classic Nintendo game.

You can see it in the video above starting at about 2:30. By dying at a strategic position on a beanstalk in level 5-2, the player is dropped back in to the start of level 1-2, somehow keeping the beanstalk from 5-2. By using it to drop down from and hit Koopa shells, almost the entire 400 seconds allocated for that level can be used to gain 1Up’s. If it sounds confusing, just check out the video, or even better, go and try it for yourself!


Never posted what I was making for Halloween last year hahaha. So here’s my finished Ludwig von Koopa shell!

The base is an official Koopa Troopa backpack. Then royal blue felt was fitted and sewn on top, and I made spikes and spike rings, all stuffed, sewn, and hot glued to the shell. Honestly a lot of work for just a Halloween costume but hey, it’s awesome!

I also made felt Koopa forearms with claws fitted to my fingers individually. I might post those later •v•


New Nerdy Nummies video with an amazing Surprise Guest at the end!