July Tasks (Placeholder) Collab by =MusicalCombusken


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 and I will be collabing for our July tasks!
I have surgery on August 12th and will be busy for the rest of the week of surgery. Mid comes back from vacation on that Monday so, I needed to make a place holder so we can at least get some points. WE WILL be making comics for our tasks!
If i have time, I might color or doodle other tasks that are not included in our comic. 
Anyhow, our July Tasks will feature our teams:


so I was livestreaming and midnite came over. I doodled Jude sometime and i said Jude can be the JUDGE if I drew him cool or not. Well, after many doodles we find out Jude Jude sent MC to jail.

That explains the graffiti.

As punishment, MC has to make an awesome epic painting of Fresh and Jude or another 1,000 dungeon with no trial. DON’T LOOK AT ME, IT’S WHAT JUDE DEMANDED (except the painting part. MC just gets no trial)

okay, have fun