So I got a text from a wrong number the other day and I decided to mess with them because I'm a terrible person...

I figured that they’d eventually text cancel, but they never did

Then I decided to change things up a bit

I don’t even know who this girl is, but she apparently thinks Cap’s birthday is kool

I figured, why not add another Avenger to the mix?

Then I said, what the heck, I’ll just send stuff about all of them

At that point, I knew this person was great (and I’m guessing she probably has a tumblr) but I wasn’t expecting them to respond at all, let alone in those amazing one word responses. 


Dog Fortress inspired by the amazing Dogs of the World! I’m not so good at this style, but it was fun at least ( ; 7 ; ) 

Edit: Please my friends, I know poodles are German ( ; ^ ; ) but I can’t help but think of France when I see them, such elegant doggies!

How pretty is Tabitha!

Tabitha is a special needs dog - she was born deaf. She’s a lovely cattle dog koolie cross who is already really obedient (look how nicely she sat for my photo).

Her profile is here: http://adoptapet.com.au/animal/animalDetails.asp?regionID=3&tpage=1&searchTypeId=4&pagesize=15&task=view&searchType=4&animalid=324894

© Michelle Ho (www.black-boots.net)


Dog Fortress doodle spam, sorry not sorry. I totally neglected Engie and Soldier, I feel bad :’D I love poodle Spy tho. They’re such devious and intelligent dogs, and so fun to draw!

 I imagine between Demoman’s and Scout’s barking, and Pyro’s constant howling and strange whimpers, Medic doesn’t get much sleep. Sniper’s there to tell them to shut up tho.


play wif me


lil thief