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happy murder playlist for a best girl :>

art by @koolaid-girl, if you’re not ok with me using ur art and want me to change the cover do tell me,,


you wouldnt believe it by klippa // now, now by st. vincent // DARE by gorillaz // another one bites the dust by queen // dont stop me now by queen // seven nation army by the white stripes // pumped up kicks by foster the people // & by tally hall 


So @koolaid-girl shared some really neat guides for designing demon characters, based on how they appear from her awesome webcomic Living When Dead.

I decided to give it a try by redesigning some of my personal/project OCs as fan-demons, and it was fun! Here’s Zuro, Khimore, Valor, and Set as they would appear in LWD’s world (you can check their tags for art with their usual designs haha)


Original Comic by @koolaid-girl

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1. I own a chinchilla named Hiro
2. I have really bad hypokalemia
3. I collect anything unicorn, Hello Kitty, Disney, and Pokemon ;u;
4. I have an eating disorder but it’s getting a little better
5. I’m almost full Native American except I got a little French thrown in there
6. I’ve shattered my entire left arm/hand and shoulder from falling off a horse
7. Have 3 tattoos, nose piercing and 4 ear piercings
8. I’m an only child
9. My fav movie when I a kid was Jaws
10. Fav color is chartreuse
11. I’m a huge nerd and very shy

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1) Winter is Coming by Petra Erika Nordlund aka Leppu on Tumblr

2) by Tomer Hanuka

3) Blackheart & Mephisto Vs. Wolverine, Ghost Rider & Punisher by John Romita Jr.

4) by Akira Toriyama

5) Wonder Woman by Dustin Nguyen on Tumblr

6) Akira by Tradd Moore on Tumblr

7) Mathilda by Brian Stelfreeze

8) by Rodrigo Luff on Tumblr

9) Princess Bubblegum & Marceline the Vampire Queen by Lauren Zuke on Tumblr

10) Korra by Koolaid-Girl on Tumblr

First Hijack Of The Year;

Title: Drunken New Years 
Word count: 1870
Pairing: Hijack

Maybe it was more then one drink, or … five. Either way, everything was spinning in a sickening yet wonderful way, and that included Astrid who had the most interesting of smirks on her face that on most days would make Hiccup shudder and run away with his hands over head in fear that she was going to use him as a test but anyhow, it was as Hiccup so wonderfully flirted with her and the wooden post she leaned on because it was a beautiful post. “You … are so strong, you know that? So very strong and study and reliable.” Wait was that to Astrid of the post? Either way, Hiccup wasn’t giving up on the awkward attempt at flirting.

Jack faired no better as he gave a small hiccup of a sound before he snickered oh so charmingly to Aiana who was slowly with small pushes and prods moving him away from the alcohol and open bar and to the living room … that was getting narrow. Ooh hey, it’s a hallway! “Your teeth sparkle.” He slurred.

She resisted the charming and cunning comment of her oral hygiene as she looked over her shoulder in what Jack could only assume drunkenly as a check to be sure she doesn’t knock into the side table the Haddock household had in the hall that years being friends with the Haddock youngster had never once brought an answer for it’s location. Wait … Jack blankly looked at the walls, what was he doing in this enclosing space again?

Oh right, seducing.

“They are like the diamonds of the sea, sparkling like fresh powdered sugar on the doughnut of life and how late do you think Denny’s is open?” Aiana snorted loudly and rolled her eyes as she reached out to the crooked star spangle tie that Jack wore and pulled him further to the hallway before suddenly oh so suddenly and wait, she was smiling. Was it going to work this time? Was … he was going to get lucky on this new years eve . . day … it was after midnight so fuck it all. Either way, Jack wasn’t sure if it would be of proper etiquette for him to take off his pants now or later as Aiana reached out to the door handle of some room behind her and pushed it open.

“That is either what the French call the loo or what the French call … a uh … closet. Or do they call the bathroom the wee wee? Or was that yes?” his nose scrunched in thought, opening his mouth once more only for a finger to press to his lips.

“Shhhhh, close your eyes, Jack. Now … I may be a bit rough but know it will all end up with things being right.” Aiana cooed. Jack let his eyes flutter oh so drunkenly closed and he pursued his lips out in the classic duck expression. He yelped as he was pushed into the closet. A body pressed to his own not long after, more of flattening him to the 50’s shag closet carpet but still.

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