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In fifth grade we had the best piano teacher ever. He was pretty old but he was super sweet. But at the end of the year he died from a stroke so next year we had a fat bitch as a teacher and she wouldn't let people go to the bathroom even if you were on your period. So one girl put koolaid on her chair and let the teacher find it. The teacher yelled at the girl for making a mess but the girl claimed it was the teacher's fault for not letting her go to the bathroom.

Chaotic good

alright i’m not really liking how my doodles are turning out so–

paranorman au ok

harrison would be norman and sk would be neil (wow)

and obviously jasper is aggie

ԃιҽ ̀ιɳ ̷α ϝιɾ̵ҽ, ̀α̵ʋ̧ά ͟ὶɾҽ̕

happy murder playlist for a best girl :>

art by @koolaid-girl, if you’re not ok with me using ur art and want me to change the cover do tell me,,


you wouldnt believe it by klippa // now, now by st. vincent // DARE by gorillaz // another one bites the dust by queen // dont stop me now by queen // seven nation army by the white stripes // pumped up kicks by foster the people // & by tally hall 


So @koolaid-girl shared some really neat guides for designing demon characters, based on how they appear from her awesome webcomic Living When Dead.

I decided to give it a try by redesigning some of my personal/project OCs as fan-demons, and it was fun! Here’s Zuro, Khimore, Valor, and Set as they would appear in LWD’s world (you can check their tags for art with their usual designs haha)


Sans brings the sweater game to euphoric levels.

Original Comic:



Original Comic by @koolaid-girl

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1. I own a chinchilla named Hiro
2. I have really bad hypokalemia
3. I collect anything unicorn, Hello Kitty, Disney, and Pokemon ;u;
4. I have an eating disorder but it’s getting a little better
5. I’m almost full Native American except I got a little French thrown in there
6. I’ve shattered my entire left arm/hand and shoulder from falling off a horse
7. Have 3 tattoos, nose piercing and 4 ear piercings
8. I’m an only child
9. My fav movie when I a kid was Jaws
10. Fav color is chartreuse
11. I’m a huge nerd and very shy

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1) Winter is Coming by Petra Erika Nordlund aka Leppu on Tumblr

2) by Tomer Hanuka

3) Blackheart & Mephisto Vs. Wolverine, Ghost Rider & Punisher by John Romita Jr.

4) by Akira Toriyama

5) Wonder Woman by Dustin Nguyen on Tumblr

6) Akira by Tradd Moore on Tumblr

7) Mathilda by Brian Stelfreeze

8) by Rodrigo Luff on Tumblr

9) Princess Bubblegum & Marceline the Vampire Queen by Lauren Zuke on Tumblr

10) Korra by Koolaid-Girl on Tumblr