koolaid girl


Original Comic by @koolaid-girl


So @koolaid-girl shared some really neat guides for designing demon characters, based on how they appear from her awesome webcomic Living When Dead.

I decided to give it a try by redesigning some of my personal/project OCs as fan-demons, and it was fun! Here’s Zuro, Khimore, Valor, and Set as they would appear in LWD’s world (you can check their tags for art with their usual designs haha)

Turned my demon OC Jay into a demon from @living-when-dead-comic !!


First full drawing using Photoshop only >V< I was kinda playing around with brushes and stuff the whole time and got carriiedd away- ouo’’ oops.

Tried to kinda match the style from the comic- //tried// 

Haha…. I worked on this non-stop XD and oh hey- almost 2 AM- welp-

*sorry for the watermarks- I just really like this piece and wanna keep it safe* qwq


I should make a list of artists whose styles are so completely unique that I’d recognize them even if I saw one of their pieces on the bottom of the ocean, starting with these:

@koolaid-girl - the mspaint goddess, amazing color pallettes and very distinct forms of lighting/shading, sometimes DELIGHTFULLY DARK

@the-nothing-maker - colored???? pencils????????? it reminds me of candy sometimes because none of those colors should go together but DAMN, so much detail

@polararts - striking skin tones, such soft fluid shapes, gREAT ANATOMY, u understand character design better than i understand myself, speedpaint vids to die for