koolaid dyeing


This is what turned out from my test run with dyeing yarn. The yarn is 80% lambswool and 20% nylon. It was dyed with tropical punch and grape koolaid.

I didn’t really have a set way of dyeing it, I just sort of dumped the koolaid on certain parts of the yarn. The red bled a lot, which I didn’t expect, so if I use red next time I’ll know to use less than what I want. 

I’m currently working on making a slouchy hat that I may either keep for myself, or sell once I’m finished. Hopefully there’s enough yarn, because I only ended up with 4.3 oz after ripping apart the sweater arm.

Overall I’m very pleased.


Pretty new hand dyed yarn. Because apparently it’s cool to name your yarn colors, I’ve named this one “Ocean Waves”. I didn’t name my first yarn, perhaps I should have.

There’s a little over 16 oz there, and I’m not sure what to do with it. If I should make something or if I should just sell it. I DUNNO.

For now I’m going to stare at how pretty it is.