kool bursts

This is one of those strips where I had an idea for a visual and had to work backwards to come up with a good set up for the overall idea.

It was originally inspired by a thread on Facebook I was in where a very butthurt cisgender guy just had to chime in to cissplain that not ALL cis people were transphobic. A fact I obviously know, but one that nevertheless prompted me to make a meme of the Kool-Aid man bursting through a wall yelling “Not All Cis People!”

So since The Cask of Amontillado is apparently the meme of the day this seems like the perfect opportunity to tell a stupid anecdote related to the story that happened to me in 10th grade.

So we had just read the story in English class, and my teacher, rather than actually, like, teaching us anything, had us draw up a comic of it. But we had to make some kind of change to it to make it our own. So I started drawing, and I got really focused on it (in that way that really should have foreshadowed my ADHD diagnosis, but I digress). So I’m at, like, the very end of the story (like, the guy’s getting sealed in the wall) and I still haven’t done anything to actually change anything, other than mocking the dialogue in a really ham-handed and not-actually-funny-in-hindsight kinda way. So I was sitting there at my desk just, like, “oh shit shit shit what can I change at this late in the story I don’t want to have to do this whole fucking thing again.”

So I decided that the best course of action was to just have Fortunato reveal at the very last second that he’s a werewolf and burst out of the wall, killing  Montresor. This literally took the form of Fortunato bursting Kool-Aid Man style out of the almost-sealed wall saying “oh by the way I’m a werewolf,” to which Montresor replied “oh no!” before getting mauled. This happened in the last two panels.

I’m pretty sure I got an A.

one time when i was little i was gonna go on a field trip with my class and so my dad went to the store to buy me a few things to bring with me for my lunch and be brought back one of those kool aid bursts things (or something similar) and i freaked out and started crying and hid from him and basically had a meltdown because it was blue and since it was blue i somehow concluded it was poison or something or i was gonna turn into a monster

i also refused to eat gushers because the commercials led me to believe if i ate one my head would turn into a giant fruit and then my life would be ruined forever


Alright, because everyone is doing these, and because ‘tis the season, I figured I’d make one of my own so that I wouldn’t be left behind. This is also to show my thanks and gratitude to y’all for sticking around and dealing with all my bad grammar, stupid remarks, awkward posts & etc. Special shoutouts to those who have been with me for years, y”all the real MVP’s and I couldn’t have done it without any of you. This one’s for you all!


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